Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me

After being impressed with my Salsa, I decided to try some more of We Vibe's line. My bottom line is that I really like the Touch, but I'm not completely in love with it. I think it will be my new go to for sex because the curve works well for that use in terms of maintaining its position and not getting in the way. For solo use, however, I don't see myself grabbing this that much. The vibrations are about a speed below where I'd like them to be and when I apply pressure I can almost stop th
Higher level vibrations
Curved shape
Comfortable to use during sex
Might not be strong enough for all users
Tacky feeling silicone
Loses power with pressure
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Touch is one of We Vibe's luxury clitoral vibrators. This one, unlike the others, is made of silicone. While it's design lends itself best to clitoral use, it can also be used for external stimulation anywhere you so desire. It technically can be inserted vaginally, but it's small size and different shape make it less than ideal for this use. It should not be inserted anally as it lacks a flared base.

Touch can be used either by yourself or with a partner. I actually found that this worked best during sex over any other use. It can also be used in conjunction with a favorite vibrator or dildo.

Material / Texture

The Touch is made from silicone, putting it at a 10 on the safety scale. We Vibe has some odd silicone, I must say. The Touch is made from the same silicone as the We Vibe II, so if you have that you'll know what to expect. The silicone is super glossy, like it was sprayed down with a high shine finish. It's a draggy silicone. In fact, it has so much drag that it's difficult to run my finger across it. It's not a jump across the silicone, but a pull almost. It feels a little tacky, but not overly so. It's completely smooth with no texture added. The silicone also attracts lint and hair. I guess this is because of the slight tackiness it has.

It has a slight silicone smell. I had to hold this to my nose and sniff a few times to detect it. It a silicone taste to it and I would not recommend putting it in your mouth.

I'm not sure how I feel about We Vibe's silicone. If you plan to insert this vaginally, I recommend a lot of lube because the drag is significant. Externally, I was able to use this without lube and the drag wasn't an issue. I just don't know that I like this silicone as much as others I've felt. The glossy, tacky feel just doesn't sit quite right with me for some reason. It seems off.

I think beginners can use this, but I should caution that if you haven't used anything with drag externally before then start off with lube. If you decide there's too much glide, you can always try less lube or no lube the next time. Internally, I recommend lube to everyone. For advanced users, I suppose it will come down to if you end up liking the different feel of the this silicone. I tend to like my silicone on the velvety side, which I guess is why I'm indifferent to this silicone.

Design / Shape / Size

Touch is 3.75 inches long. It is 1.5 inches wide at the middle of the curve and .75 wide near the top of the curve. It is a bit larger than an average sized bullet.

It fits nicely in my hand. It's a little longer than my middle finger for size reference.

I like the size of the Touch. It's not so big that it borders the bulky side and not so small that it's difficult to hold and move around. It's easy to hold and not get an awkward feel.

What sets the Touch apart from other vibrators is the unique shape. Where most clitoral vibrators are shaped like a traditional bullet or an egg, this one has a tip and then a wider head with an inset curve. This allows a variety of ways to use it.

The curve is the most different thing you will find on The Touch. The curve is very slight, about the size of my thumb. This curve can be used by those that don't like pinpoint stimulation. You can lay it across the desired area and it will curve to fit your anatomy. As opposed to having something straight that doesn't quite meld, this one is contoured to fit the body. Personally, this wasn't my preferred method of use. It did do what it was supposed to do in terms of fitting my body.

The tip is pointed on the Touch, which allows for pinpoint stimulation. This is how I use mine, as I'm a fan of precision in my vibrators. It comes to a nice tip at the end but because of the silicone isn't as hard as a traditional bullet.

The great thing about the design here is that there's something for both types of stimulation - broad and pinpoint. It's hard to merge these two worlds together and get a vibrator that caters to everyone's needs, but the Touch does precisely that. Because of that, I think this is a great toy for beginners who are not sure which type they prefer. No matter which it ends up being, this toy won't go to waste. Advanced users who know their preference already can also use this.

It doesn't look phallic or like a traditional bullet, but it does look a bit like a tongue. When I look at this, it does say "sex toy" to me for some reason, even though I know it's trying not to. The tongue shape just seems sexual. It is small and easy to hide though so you can keep it out of sight from visitors that might question this vibration tongue shaped toy.

Functions / Performance / Controls

A one button control at the bottom of the vibrator operates the Touch. Press once to turn on, scroll through the functions, and hold down to turn off or cycle through all the settings. It also has a memory feature that remembers the last function you used. It then turns on to the last used pattern. If you find a setting you like, you can leave it on this setting forever and never have to scroll through any of the other ones. The only problem I've ever had with this is not holding it down long enough to turn it off and instead changing the setting. Then I have to scroll all the way back through, get it where I want it, and turn it off. I seem to do this a lot.

Touch has four speeds. I would say each of these steps up about one vroom, offering a wide variety of strength for many users. The first speed starts at two vrooms. The next two are three vrooms, one low level and one high level. The last one ends up at a mid-level four. I was hoping this would be a five vroom toy, as I was very impressed with the power of my Salsa. This very well may have the same power level, but the silicone dissipates a lot of the strength.

The Touch also comes with preset patterns. The first is a moderate level pulse that follows with a quick pulse after a few seconds. The next goes through the speeds, from high to low and back down. It's not jerky and you can't feel the jump from speed to speed. The next is a faster pulse. The next is a pulse that goes 1-2-1-2-3.

The vibrations of the Touch are rumbly and deep. They do not have a buzzy feel to them. If you dislike buzzy toys, take a look at the Touch. It's a little less rumbly than my Mimi but not by a lot. They are deeper in pitch than most clitoral vibrators and should be pleasing to most users.

Here's the bad thing about the vibrations. The second you apply pressure, they drop. If I apply enough pressure, I can almost stop them all together. I've had vibrators lose power with pressure before but almost shut off? I love pressure, so it's intensely annoying to me to apply pressure and suddenly have almost no power.

The vibrations are strongest at the tip but do radiate upward. My hand does feel the vibrations when I use this, but because they are rumbly vibrations I do not notice that my hand goes numb.

Touch is a quiet toy. I can silence it through covers and it cannot be heard through a closed door. It is slightly less noisy than a cell phone on vibrate but not completely silent.

It's also waterproof. It passed a submersion test with no issues. This makes it easy to clean as well as safe to use anywhere you'd like.

The Touch is rechargeable. It takes about two hours to charge which powers the vibrator for about two hours. Personally, I think that's a short amount of time. Most of my two hour charge time toys seem to last longer than that. It would be nice to see an improvement here. It's a magnetic charger that connects with a small, circular charging port. It looks like it should be a stand but it's not.

Care and Maintenance

Since the Touch is waterproof, it is very easy to care for. Simply wash with your favorite toy cleaner or simple soap and water. I use my toy spray with water. It does attract lint, hair, and dirt so I would recommend washing it both before and after use.

Only water based lube should be used with the Touch. Since it is silicone, there is a possibility that silicone based lubes may deteriorate the material.

We Vibe includes a pouch with the Touch for storage. This is what I use for storing mine. However, you can store this in any pouch you like. Do keep it away from other silicone toys. Just like the lube, silicone next to silicone can destroy the material.


The Touch comes in a triangular (sort of) shaped box. It's not exactly a triangle, but I've forgotten all my shapes since I was in school and I'm not sure exactly what to label this one. It's flat on the front with two larger, angled sides. The back is wider than the front. It doesn't come to a perfect tip, so thus not exactly a triangle. Someone better at shapes can fill me in, maybe.

The front of the box shows a picture of the vibrator with the words "We Vibe" and "Touch" in big lettering. It also says "personal massager." The back has some information about the toy, that it's rechargeable and waterproof and so on.

The packaging is okay. It's not up to par with some other luxury companies, but it's not terrible. I wish it was nicer. I feel like if I'm spending more than average on a vibrator, the packaging should show that. This does look like you spent more than $20, but perhaps not that you spent as much as you did. It's not a $150-$200 vibrator, so I'm slightly less annoyed than I would be if it were.

It comes with an instruction manual that tells you how to use the toy and to use water based lubes only. There's not much in the manual, but since it's one button, I suppose there's not all that much to say in a manual.

I would not use the packaging itself for storage, as there is no inset place for the vibrator to rest. The box is twice the size of the toy itself and you'd be left with a small toy jiggling around in a large, not so pretty box.

As mentioned, it comes with a pouch. The material of the pouch feels scratchy to me and isn't my favorite pouch. The inside isn't sewn in so when you take the vibrator out, the inside of the pouch often comes with it. Basically, I'm not all that impressed. Nevertheless, I do use it.

Personal comments

I would call this toy a pretty solid recommend. I would especially recommend this to beginners who are looking to find out what they like, since this lovely little toy had the consideration to offer both options. I would also recommend this to those looking for a clitoral stimulator to add to sex. Advanced users should also like this granted that you don't need the highest levels of power.

However, there are some instances I would call this a pass. If you know you need five vrooms or that you need a lot of pressure, this toy will be a disappointment. If you had the We Vibe II and hated the silicone, this is probably a pass. I hated the silicone on my II because part of it was inserted and I found it uncomfortable. Since this is external, it didn't bother me as much. If the II's silicone bothered you internally and externally, don't buy this.


My first We Vibe was a II and I had an awful experience with it. After swearing off all things We Vibe for years, the Salsa was recommended to me not that long ago. I got it and it has since become one of my favorite toys. I decided that I would give some other We Vibe toys a shot again and went with the Touch. I was hoping that it would boast the same power as my Salsa did but in a silicone version with a nice shape.

I found that it worked better and worse than my expectations. Let me explain. The power is muted by the thick silicone and doesn't transfer well to the body. I'm a power hog, so less than five vrooms makes me sad. I can, however, get off to a mid-to-high level four vroom toy. This one fit nicely in that range and so I can use this and get an orgasm with it. It's just not exactly the mind blowing orgasm I was hoping for. I also hated that when I applied pressure, the thing almost shut down. I like a lot of pressure, especially right before I cum. The fact that I would reduce the strength right at the wrong moment by applying pressure was frustrating.

My original intent with this was mostly for solo play or foreplay. I didn't get it with the intention of incorporating it into actual sex, since my Mimi has been my go to for that purpose. I decided I wanted to try this one night just to see and I found that the shape of this lent itself well to use during sex. Since at that point I'm not trying to get as focused of stimulation or as worried about the strength as I would be if I were using this by itself or with a vibrator, it went from a good toy to a great toy. I actually used the curve a little during sex as well and found that it worked very well to hug onto me without me having to constantly stop and rearrange the way it was positioned to get the best stimulation.

I wish I could rate this 4.5 stars. I can't quite give it five because it's not where I'd like it to be strength wise and the pressure issue is a problem for me. I'm also not over the heels in love with the silicone We Vibe uses. However, it's great during sex and I think this may be my go to for that purpose. I seemed to have to readjust a lot less with this and it made clitoral stimulation a lot easier. For during sex use, I would give this a five. For on its own use, I would give it a four. Thus, a 4.5 Sadly, that's not an option on here. I feel my few qualms with this are big enough to warrant a round down rather than a round up in this case. If it was a four vroom and weird silicone only, I'd probably round up. The pressure issue is an almost deal breaker for me, and thus why I'm not willing to round up to five.
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