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You've Got the (finnicky, quirky) Touch

Awesome rumbly vibes! If the issues were fixed, 5*. As is 4*. The Touch is a fantastic clit vibe but she's got a few very annoying quirks including power decreasing at the application of any pressure and charging issues. It feels like We-Vibe had a good idea but failed on the actual production.
Fairly quiet
Super rumbly vibrations
Easy-to-use controls
Stays put during sex
Power decrease
Only one button
Magnetic charger is awful
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The We-Vibe Touch is a clitoral vibrator, but can be used to tease or stimulate any erogenous zone. Touch is definitely one of those clit vibes that I think everyone can have fun with due to the shape, texture and the way the vibrations feel. The shape feels like it was well thought out and it stays put during sex, for the most part.

Material / Texture

The We-Vibe Touch is made of medical grade silicone and is non-porous (and waterproof too!). It is smooth to the touch and feels like one of those big rubbery playground balls (you know, the ones that are brightly colored and cost like $1). While it is smooth, it's got a TON of drag due to the tackiness of the silicone. I actually like the texture (or lack of) a lot because it stays put nicely. It's a total lint magnet, but a quick rinse under the faucet removes any lint.

At first, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy a clit vibe with so much drag, but I love the way it feels. It doesn't slip out of place during sex and when I use it by myself, I can keep it in one place if I choose. The tackiness also helps me keep a good grip on the Touch, even if my hands are all lubed up.

Design / Shape / Size

Okay so I got the Touch because it was supposed to be a rumbly clit vibe (and it is), but the shape is what is really impressive to me. It's pretty unique and seems to be the perfect combination between size and functionality that anyone can appreciate. The Touch has an hourglass figure with a pointy, yet bendable tip with an indent to cup the clit. The tip portion of the toy is flexible but not soft. At the base of the Touch, it's 4.5" around and then narrows to 3.75" in the middle and bulges out a bit before narrowing to the tip. From tip to base the Touch is 4".

Similar in size to a granola bar (but thicker), the Touch can be easily hidden. Some other real-world size comparisons: about the size of index and middle finger put together, a tongue, travel-sized tube of toothpaste, a little narrower and longer than a debit card.

The satin pouch that ships with the Touch is a nice way to store the Touch and it keeps it hidden. If left out in the open, I'd assume that most people would know what it is.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Touch has 8 different vibrations - 4 are steady vibrations increasing in intensity and the last 4 are different patterns.
1) Pulsing/throbbing followed by very fast pulses that feel like they are comprable to the 1st level of vibration.
2) A sort of roller coaster: very high intensity steady vibrations slow down to a really low deep vibration. The longer you leave it on this setting, the faster the cycle occurs.
3) Pulses so fast and intense that they are hard to distinguish.
4) Pulses similar to and SOS sort of rhythm. 2 long pulses followed by 3 short pulses.

The vibrations are very rumbly and seem to be centered in the middle of the body, however they do travel to the tip very well. The controls are located at the base of the Touch and it's just a simple push button. To turn it on, hold the button for a couple seconds and it will start up on the last setting used. The only real downside to the controls are that you have to cycle through the patterns to decrease intensity. To power off the Touch, simply hold the button down for a couple of seconds.

When the Touch is squeezed or pressed firmly against the body, the motor seems to lose power. I know this isn't just a defective unit as I've read that other reviewers have encountered the same issue. It's not a deal-breaker, but it IS annoying!

Care and Maintenance

The We-Vibe Touch is very easy to care for since it's waterproof. I just clean it with soap and water after using, or an Eden toy wipe if I don't want to get up. I wipe it down with a flour sack towel after cleaning to avoid getting too much lint getting on it. Paper towels, regular towels - neither of those are too friendly with the Touch because they will just cover it in lint! I store my Touch in the satiny pouch that it came with and that does keep it lint-free.

To charge, just plug in the charger and attach it to the Touch via the magnets that are located on the base, right by the controls. Wow, sounds so easy right?! Wrong! The little magnets are so tiny and definitely are NOT strong enough. The charger falls off the Touch with the slightest bump. I swear if I even look at it, it just falls right off! Once you actually get the magnets to hold onto each other, and they stay put, you're good. It doesn't take long to fully charge. I typically just charge mine for about an hour.

The Touch is a silicone toy, so no silicone-based lubes should be used with it. However, I have used Wet Platinum and have encountered no issues. Please take into consideration that this is only my experience and what worked for me. Water-based lubes are safer to use with a silicone toy.


The packaging was okay, nothing special but not completely cheap feeling either. The box is a trapezoid shape that opens on the side. Inside you will find the Touch sitting on a plastic tray that hides the user manual, storage pouch and charger. It could have been designed to look more attractive but at least some effort was made in the packaging. I'm not too much into packaging so this aspect didn't bother me. I just recycled it. As for gifting, I think the package is adequate.

Personal comments

The issue with the motor on the Touch is leaving me with a somewhat mixed reaction. While I don't mind the decrease in power, it can be annoying. I've found that if I hold the touch very lightly at the base (by the controls) the motor will not lose as much power. I hold it with my thumb and index finger as close to the controls as possible. ANY sort of pressure will cause the decrease of power, but I think if you can manage to hold it lightly, it will be satisfying. That said, I shouldn't have to hold it so lightly for it to perform as intended. At nearly $100, I think it's way overpriced and We-Vibe needs to seriously look into this.

The charging port is another MAJOR gripe that I have...it's horrible! The magnetic connections are awful and far too weak, as the slightest bump and the charger just falls off. I don't understand why it was designed this way. While it's not as annoying as the power loss, it's still something that annoys me.

All in all, the Touch is an awesome clit vibe if you can get past it's quirks. Honestly it feels like We-Vibe had a fantastic IDEA and design (as far as the shape and rumbly vibes) but totally failed in the production. I'm so torn between 3 and 4 stars on this product, but ultimately I'm going to rate it a 4. It's a fantastic product, but the work I have to go through in order to use it is pretty ridiculous. If the power loss and charger were fixed and the Touch was re-released, this would be a solid 5 stars.
Follow-up commentary
Oh yeah, I still love this! It's still quirky and finnicky, but the pros outweigh the cons. I've also discovered that I like a light, teasing touch too when playing with the Touch. I had to get creative and find different ways of enjoying the Touch since the motor loses power when pressure is applied. Lightly touching my clit with the tip of the Touch is the most pleasurable as there is no decrease in power and the teasing aspect just does me in. There are times (like during sex especially) that I have it pushed onto me and the motor loses power, but the deepness of those rumbly vibrations make up for any power loss.

I still stand by my 4* rating. The Touch is the most used toy in my rotation and I don't see that ending anytime soon. When I wrote my original review, I wasn't sure if I would end up loving the Touch or hating it by the time I decided to write my follow-up. Well, I plan on buying another one when they're back in stock just in case something happens to this one. I love it that much!
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