Goodbye, Tango. Hello, Touch.

If you're looking for a clitoral vibe that won't go missing in action if you're using it with a partner and is easy to keep a grip on in long sessions without hand cramps. Try the Touch.
Ergonomic, Easy to charge. Powerful rumbly vibrations.
None come to mind.
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First impression

When I received my We-Vibe Touch, I was surprised at the packaging. The box offers a little silk ribbon that you old on to separate the two (think of a shoe box) and inside is the Touch which appears to be hovering over a white background. Inside the clamshell-like plastic are the Touch, a silky bag, instructional brochure and the charging cable which is a USB to Micro-USB that attaches to the charger (that takes a micro-usb). Pretty snazzy if you ask me. Have a cell phone charger? Done. I love USB charging.

I opted for the purple Touch forgetting that it matches my trusty purple Tango. Good news for y'all with old Tango, the magnetic charger seems to be universal for the products and did work for my circa 2012 Tango. Aside from the SUPER easy charging options, the Touch is fun to, well, touch! The medical grade soft silicone is amazing. I didn't feel much drag against my skin, and I'd describe it as silky. A huge upgrade from my plastic Tango, in my opinion, and helps a lot in use, but more on that later.

First Use

After charging the Touch up which I feel is recommended, I tried it out. The first difference between this and the other clit vibes from We-Vibe that I have tried out, especially the Tango which I enjoyed so much I bought two is the size. It's larger than my Tango but easier to hold and ergonomic for longer sessions and very beneficial with a partner. I have a better grip on the toy, and it doesn't cause my hand to cramp when I'm trying to position it, and my hand doesn't tire from longer sessions. With the Tango I'd end up with the buzzy vibe hand for a few minutes after, and the way I held it would cause my thumb to cramp (thanks to an old crochet injury, just say no to Amigurumi).

So, I put the Touch to the test. The lowest setting felt rather strong, and the rumble made me think I bit off a more than I could chew. I was going from 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds which can border on a bit of overstimulation, BUT the soft silicone acted as almost a dampener for the toy to keep me from getting that "ache". Even though that ache can be good sometimes ;)

My first orgasm of two was soft but intense. The closest sensation I can compare it to is the orgasm you get when someone is going down on you. It was intense, but gentle and keeping you hovering at orgasm afterward, and I found it didn't overstimulate my clit post orgasm like my Tango can. I was able to orgasm a second time fairly quickly.

One more thing. Noise! This is the quietest vibrator I own currently, and the noise level doesn't reflect the intensity of the vibrations. It packs a punch and can be used discreetly, barely a hum under your covers.

Further Experience

After more "research", I really like the silicone. I was a bit concerned because I did read it could be a bit "draggy", but to me it was firm and kind of felt like a finger more than a hard piece of plastic covered in silicone. The texture or drag that it did have added to the orgasm as I moved it around causing friction, sometimes when I'm rubbing a toy on my clit when it's too slick or smooth, I miss the spot. When you're close to orgasm, this can be VERY frustrating.

Vibration Map

Vibrations can be felt through the entire toy, but it doesn't make your hand feel buzzy. I feel the more intense vibrations are at the tip as with any bullet, but that is to be expected.

The Touch comes with 4 settings which I felt were all very rumbly and pleasing. It also comes with 4 vibration patterns which start with a wave pattern that builds from the lowest setting to the highest then there is a steady pulse at the highest setting and the dance patterns that go high-high-high-high low-low-low-low and the cha-cha which is more of a high-high low-low-low.
  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

As I mentioned before, the orgasm was intense but gentle without needing to quickly pull the toy away because of that post clitoral orgasm ouch that some vibes can cause. I can also see myself having multiple orgasms with little downtime, even using the toy on the first setting.

Along with being easy to hold, the Touch has a rounded tip perfect for pinpointing vibrations, let's say on the clitoral hood, and it also offers a curve which can hug the clit which depending on your anatomy will vibrate the vaginal opening as well. Double trouble!
Pleasure Meter

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Follow-up commentary
There needs to be a "I don't like it as much" choice. I'm not completely soured on it, but I feel that the sensation is a bit harder to work with. I'm used to a full clit experience where as it doesn't fit my anatomy to achieve this. The pin-point sensations are still amazing, but do kind of over stimulate (which can be good, but sometimes I have a couple duds.)

More testing is required, but I'm still happy with the toy either way. It's just for a specific type of play.
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  • Contributor: Gunsmoke
    Thank you - I never considered buying this one, but now I'm intrigued.
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