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Teal With A Touch Of Lint

If you're yet to experience the joys of a luxury clitoral vibe but don't want to spend over the $100 mark, then I recommend giving the Touch a try. With a smooth texture, so in no way irritating, and having four constant intensity levels, this one should be able to please most users. Of course, if you require Hitachi power I'd look elsewhere.
~ Silicone
~ Magnetic charger
~ Cute small shape
~ Flexible tip
~ Major lint collector
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review



I have to admit that it was the delicious teal colour that really made me drool over this vibrator. I've had a clitoral vibe addiction ever since joining Eden, so this one was a must. But it really was the eye candy factor that made me finally purchase it. My eyes didn't deceive me!



Being that this one is a clitoral vibrator and not really meant for insertion, any one, of any sex, at any stage of their toy adventure can get extreme pleasure from the Touch. If you're female; this vibrator can be use to stimulate the clitoris, vaginal opening, anus, nipples and the tip could be slightly inserted if that does anything for you. For men; use it to tease the penis, perineum, scrotum, anus and nipples.
Never try to insert this one anally, as there is no flared base and not a lot of length for gripping. If you use it with someone you're not fluid bonded with or even around the anal opening, it's advisable to use a condom.
It isn't as quiet as some vibrators, but it won't be heard through a closed door. If you share a room, you may want to turn some music on and use it under the covers.

Material / Texture


Touch is a We-Vibe creation designed in Canada, but as with most things, it's made in China. Apart from a small circle of plastic on the base, the vibrator is made from premium silicone and is hypoallergenic, food grade as well as being latex and phthalates free. Unless you perform a small test first, only use water based lubricants. Applying silicone lube to a silicone toy can result in a sticky mess.
There was no noticeable odour to the Touch when I plucked it from the packaging.


The Touch is completely shiny and smooth, apart from the slightly raised toy's name near the base. It creates a lot of drag across the skin and because of the smooth, almost tacky texture, it attracts every little piece of lint that happens to cross its path. It has a seam that runs down each side and around the tip, but I haven't had any issues with it. On the very base is a matte silicone control button, surrounded by a thin circle of plastic. Also in this location are two tiny raised magnetic nubs for charging. The Touch has a rigid core, but becomes flexible and squishy at the curved tip.


Design / Shape / Size


To me, it kind of looks like a giant flattish finger that curves in on each side. On what I refer to as the underside is a small finger print indent. It fits comfortably if you place your index finger into the indent with your thumb along the side and nestled into the curve, while your middle finger hugs the curve on the other side. From the side view, the tip of the vibrator curves towards the underside. The base is semi-rounded, but will stand up on its own. Because of the two magnetic numbs, it leans either forward or back depending on your preference.

Touch measures 3 ¾” from base to tip with circumferences of 4 ½” (base), 3 ¾” and just over 3 ½” at the widest tip area.

The charger is a small white (with a silver strip around the middle) plastic dome with two magnetic spots on the flat side and a port for the cable to plug in on the rounded top.




Eden sells the Touch in purple, red and the teal that I chose to go with. Each has the one solid colour with a small ring of white plastic around the control button at the base. In person, the teal is darker and more green/teal than the blue/teal on the product page.

Functions / Performance / Controls


We-Vibe kept things simple when they made the Touch. The vibrator is operated by a single round, slightly raised button on the very bottom of the base. I've never been a fan of vibrators that don't have a separate on/off buttons, but the need for one has been eliminated with this one. No matter what speed or pattern you're on, by pressing the button for two seconds it will shut the vibe down. When you turn the vibrator back on, it will start off on the speed/pattern it was on when turned off. There are four steady vibration levels and four patterns described below.

1. Several rapid pulses followed by nine medium drawn out pulses
2. Very long slow pulses
3. Short rapid pulses
4. Two medium pulses followed by three short pulses

There doesn't seem to be any kind of locking system for travelling. I would tend to drain the battery before packing it in luggage, otherwise you run the risk of it accidentally starting if the button happens to press against something else.



Touch is rechargeable by mains power (AV) and will take up to 90 minutes for the initial charge. The little white base magnetises to the two metal nubs on the base of the vibrator. An orange LED will emit a glow while the charge is in progress and disappears when it's completed. It's suppose to last up to 2 hours of play time on a full charge – depending on the setting you choose.

Charge dock

Care and Maintenance


This vibrator is fully waterproof making it extremely easy to clean and care for. It is a major lint collector, so chances are it will require a wash before using as well as the after clean up. I have found anti-bacterial wipes to be perfect for ridding the vibrator of lint before using. Afterwards use an anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner and warm water. Boiling and the dishwasher are not sterilizing options available to the Touch due to the motor, but a 10% bleach solution could be wiped over. Make sure to rinse any residue off. Then allow it to drip dry somewhere protected, as much as possible, from dust and lint.



The Touch arrived in an unusual shaped cardboard box. From the ends it looks like a triangle with sloped sides, but with the top point cut off flat. The box is white with an almost life sized Touch image on the front in the colour I chose. Below it says “Personal Massager”. The back features basic information about the toy in six different languages. On one end is a tag that needs to be slid out in order to be able to lift the lid. Inside the Touch sits in a moulded piece of white plastic alongside the charging dome. Taking up one end is a cardboard box, shaped to match the external packaging, that houses the charging cable and an over sized white satin drawstring storage pouch. It's so big that it could house three to four Touch vibes. Also included is a very basic user manual. This vibe has a 1 year limited warranty.
The box could be used for storage short term, but the pouch takes up far less room and is more discreet.


inside box




I can't say I'm thrilled about the way this one gathers lint like it's going out of fashion, but I'm in love with the colour and the shape. It fits perfectly in my fingers/hand. There's no uncomfortable cramping or difficulty holding it at all while in use. I find the finger indent to be useless (if that's what it's even for), as I use the vibrator so the curved tip is facing down on my clitoris while the base nestles into my palm. I have yet to accidentally press the button with my palm while playing. It requires more prominent pressure to change the speed or pattern.
I haven't used it for inserting, as I prefer my internal toys to be round rather than flat and longer for some thrusting. To me, this is simply an external vibrator.

A 5 star rating for Touch.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy the Touch from time to time, but it's not a favourite. It's really starting to annoy me that it collects every single bit of hair and lint that's anywhere near it.
Actually, it might serve well as a lint roller if one was in desperate need.
It would be a more appreciated and used toy if only they had used the matte silicone like used by Lelo.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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