Quick Guide to G-spot

All about G-spot pleasure

G-Spot Vagina
  • G-Spot is a small area of tissue measuring 8.1mm by 3.6mm by 1.5mm, rich in nerve endings and located 2 inches inside on the upper inner wall.
  • Stimulating G-spot can lead to deep long lasting pleasure and powerful climax.
  • Because of G-spot tricky location it might be easier to find using special G-spot toys.

Best G-spot Shape

To better hit G-spot use curved toys. Angled shape allows for better G-spot reach and control. Enlarged bulbous toy ends provide pressure which is great for G-spot stimulation.

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"The Amethyst is a specialized glass wand meant for exploring and discovering the g-spot. Whether you need a pinpoint or general stimulation, the Amethyst will deliver the goods".

- Kynky Kytty
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Best Stimulation for G-spot

The best movement to stimulate G-spot is the «come hither» motion as well as firm pressure. That’s why we recommend to use toys that feature thrusting or rotating movement functions. Some women report that deep throbbing vibration delivers fantastic results for G-spot stimulation.

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Treat yourself to fantastic blended orgasm with this unique silicone rabbit vibrator. While energetic rabbit vibrates in 7 modes, the tickler covered tip moves like a finger delivering G-spot stimulation for the delightful release.

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Firm materials are best for G-spot. We recommend using firm silicone toys as well as adult toys made from hard plastic. For more adventurous users glass and metal toys can be an exciting alternative as they are very firm and easy to control for exact amount of pressure.

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Silicone G and C-spot vibrator with 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation and waterproof body.

Plastic G-spot vibrator with 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation and waterproof body.

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G-spot Stimulation for Couples

C-shaped vibes are designed for use during intercourse, while delivering toe-curling vibrations to your extra sensitive spots like G-spot and C-spot, they create firm pressure on G-spot. C-shape vibes are perfect for couples exploring G-spot stimulation.

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Exquisitely designed, this multi-functional vibrator could simultaneously satisfy all the happy endings. With 30 fantastic vibrating patterns, ultra-quiet performance, luxurious materials, and conveniently waterproof, Unity g-spot and clitoral vibrator will amaze and leave you satisfied beyond your expectations.

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