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Jill kelly sex doll reviews
Price: $126.99

Jill kelly sex doll

extremely useful
If your looking for something a little bit better than an average blow up doll, this would be good for you! The doll really doesn't look all that much like Jill Kelly, but I have seen worse! The mouth is fairly pleasurable, if you are of average size. The removable vagina feels pretty good as a jack off sleeve, but don't expect it to stay in the doll. It's quite an investment and I'm not convinced this is the best you can do for the price.
Nice suction, removable vagina
Senso material, rough edges, Vagina wouldn't stay in doll
Kristy myst doll reviews
Price: $25.99

Kristy myst doll

Mr Happy
Mr Happy
It appeared that the mouth was going to be too small for insertion, but after I had filled the doll with air, I decided I had to try it out. Who wants to waste a pretty face like that anyway? The mouth was a little on the snug side, but when you have the visual of the eyes looking up at you, it helps get your senses in the right place.
Published:January 22, 2008