Jenna Jameson extreme doll - female love doll by Doc Johnson - review by Carrie Ann

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Extremely Uncomfortable

The Jenna Jameson extreme doll has some premium features; a vinyl head, hands and feet, UR3 nipples and anal/vaginal sleeve and two bullet vibrators. In spite of these features, it's still a blow up doll and quality suffers due to bad design.
Ribbed sleeve, soft and lifelike UR3 material, decent bullet vibes
Vaginal/anal sleeve doesn't stay put, sharp edges along vinyl holes, mouth is useless
Rating by reviewer:
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The Jenna Jameson extreme doll comes in the typical porn store box, a picture of a splayed real Jenna splashed across the front.

Inside the box is a deflated love doll, a UR3 pussy and ass insert, a patch kit and two bullet vibrators; one the standard cream colored bullet with a dial intensity adjustment, the other a tiny (1 inch) vibe shaped much like a real bullet. The standard bullet takes two AA batteries, the other takes three watch batteries. Six watch batteries were included, the AA were not.

All pieces were individually wrapped in sealed plastic baggies, except the UR3 piece; it's bag wasn't sealed.

The first thing I noticed after pulling everything out of the box and bags was that there was no pump included even though the instructions said there was. The second thing I noticed is that the instructions seemed to be sort of universal and not specific to this doll.

The Jenna extreme doll has a strong vinyl odor, much like an air mattress or swimming pool toy. It wasn't horrible but it was definitely noticeable and it doesn't fade.

The doll is easily blown up by mouth so lack of a pump wasn't an issue. It filled up in less than two minutes.

You're instructed to insert the pussy/ass masturbator while the doll is deflated. The masturbator is fairly life like. Typical UR3 softness with supple labia and a fairly snug channel. The anal entrance and vaginal entrance use the same channel so it's basically a tube with a vagina on one end and an anal opening on the other. Very realistic in look and feel; the anal opening is even slightly puckered.

Once the doll is inflated you immediately notice that the masturbator is too large. The tube-like part hangs out the anal entrance on the doll and the vaginal entrance sticks out a bit too. Not attractive but it appeared workable.

The Jenna doll is a typical blow up doll despite some premium features. The face is latex with painted on features, a smiling mouth and pale blond hair. Upon exploring it we IMMEDIATELY realized the mouth was never going to work. It was painful to insert two fingers into it. The lips and teeth had absolutely no give. There are ridges/ribs on the inside of the mouth but we never got to experience what they felt like since actually penetrating her mouth was impossible. My partner couldn't even get the head of his penis in there.

The hands and feet are also latex though the fingers do not bend or move. In fact, they are both quite heavy and hard to the touch and painful when you're positioning the doll and get whacked in the head!

The rest of the doll is vinyl with the exception being the UR3 nipples. They felt as realistic as possible but they were almost disturbing compared to the vinyl of the breasts themselves.
The ill fitting pussy/ass insert ended up being disappointing. With thrusting and pressure it pushed into the hole in the doll, exposing my partner to the unpleasant sharp vinyl edges. The anal entry on the vinyl part of the doll was also no where near large enough to accommodate his penis. We ended up removing it from the doll and using it as a pocket pussy and that worked quite well. It's slightly ribbed inside which added a lot to my partners enjoyment. Both holes were tight yet large enough for my partner to get his above average sized penis into them and not feel uncomfortable. The UR3 is soft and stretchy with lots of give.

The Jenna Jameson Love Doll can be wiped down with a toy cleaner wipe or a cloth with soap and water. The UR3 vaginal/anal masturbator should be cleaned with soap and water and dusted with corn starch to prevent it from becoming sticky. UR3 is highly porous so using a condom would be ideal; less to clean up and better for safety.

The Jenna Jameson Extreme doll is also quite a bit shorter than we expected. I believe it's advertised as being 5'3" but fully inflated I'm guessing it was barely 5 foot.

His view: If the Jenna doll were an accurate representation of the woman her porn career would have tanked about ten seconds into her very first scene.

Out of the box I was immediately hit with the scent of an air mattress. But, what more can you expect? It's a blow up doll.

Some assembly required, but not to hard to figure out. There's a hole for the pussy/anus sleeve. There's a hole in the back for the standard bullet vibrator, a hole at the back of her head for the mini bullet. Neither could be felt very well thru the doll but both were strong when not inserted.

With the pussy/anus sleeve installed the ass end of the sleeve hangs out a bit, looking like a prolapse. The "anal" opening of the doll was too small to facilitate penetration for me. When I attempted to penetrate the pussy it collapsed into the doll, which made it impossible to get much more than the head of my penis into the sleeve.

In short actually banging this doll was impossible for me. And forget about her mouth. To put it bluntly, unless your thumb is bigger than your schlong you aren't getting head from this sex doll.

The sleeve on it's own as a simple masturbatory aid, however, was a pleasant surprise. The ribbed interior felt great. I enjoyed it much more than the smooth-interiored Cyber Suck sleeve.

As a whole the doll was fun to horse around with but for an enjoyable sexual experience, not so much. While the sleeve was indeed great, for it's price the overall package was a disappointment.

The sex doll gets one star, the masturbator gets 5. Overall two stars since the price is high for what you get.

If you want to see pictures of the doll and her various bits, they can be found on my blog.
Follow-up commentary
Not much to say about the doll itself other than she's still almost fully inflated - except some minor air loss in her legs - a full month after we did the initial review.

Friends have flocked to the house to inspect Jenna and the overwhelming consensus is that her mouth is completely worthless. We've stretched it, pulled her teeth, squished her face, tugged and mushed and yanked on her mouth and you can still only get two heavily lubed fingers in there - and they get painfully stuck when you try to pull them out!

Taylor is still very, very happy with the realistic pussy/ass masturbator that came with the doll, however. He simply loves the ribbed texture inside of it.
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