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Official Basic Instinct Parody reviews

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28 reviews

Buyers beware. I was extremely disappointed in this film and am happy to say I will never watch it again, even if I was paid to!

The only part of this movie I actually enjoyed was the one and only lesbian scene. The rest of the movie was "bleh" at best. I wasn't really into any of the actors or actresses at all. It also was a dark and bleak movie, there was no parody in it, so it's misleading.

Good movie for couples. This is a sexy and thrilling movie filled with allot of suspense. The scenes were hot and steamy with sinister touch. The sex scenes where enjoyable to watch. The audio on the other hand was not that great.

For a parody this is quite boring. I didn't even watch the whole movie, it was that exciting! The women actors in the movie are sexy and enjoyable to look at, but other then that this movie is a waste. It might have been a better movie if the sound wasn't terrible, that you could actually understand the movie. If you're interested in a sexy movie, this isn't it. If you want to watch just the porn scenes, then knock yourself out!

This movie was more talk than action. Really, I would really rather watch the actual movie. This is the first parody I have ever watched. I am not sure I will watch another; they are more of a gag than anything.

I wouldn't call this movie a parody at all. There was nothing funny about it. It was more of a sexy remake, very close to the original storyline. I enjoyed it; the scenes were good, as was the acting. I'd watch it again.

The Basic Instinct Parody is not a comedic adaptation of the original film, but rather a porno version. Since I have never seen the original, I can't accurately rate how well it either stayed true to the plot, but I enjoyed the erotica of the femme fatale. Other than that erotic aspect, that's really the only thing I liked. The scenes are basic vanilla and incredibly predictable. Some of the performers had chemistry, but I wasn't impressed.

I have mixed feelings about this film. I really do. While I do appreciate the more serious execution for the parody and the decent acting, I was not at all crazy about the music going in and out unexpectedly or the very predictable sex 'choreography'. I figure it could be amazing for some and disappointing to others. If you want some plot and acting with your sex, give this one a try! If you want just hot, hard sex and won't settle for less than great chemistry then look elsewhere.

I think you'll enjoy this film most if you've seen the original, but if you haven't it's still hot and watchable. The sex scenes are nothing new or exciting, but if you like PIV and oral sex I think you'll find this to be an enjoyable flick. The acting, plot and cinematography are very good, overall.

The movie is worth watching, but be forewarned it is not a parody. The actresses and their co stars had very good chemistry. This movie did make me want to be a bad girl.. for at least a little while.

Basic Instinct has a good plot, and some very good looking performers, but it unfortunately has its set backs. To be considered a Parody, the film must attempt comedy on a regular occurrence, and unfortunately the few comedic gems contained within this film are so few and far between. Michael Vegas and Breanne Benson shine in this film and may be enough to keep people coming back for more.

It wasn't, by any means, the worse porn I have seen! But given the choice out of this or the original Basic Instinct movie, I'd have to go with the original even though I have seen it around 30 times. Perhaps loving the original so much and my hope for a full on sex packed one, lead to the slight downfall in this version.

This parody is both funny and hot. The sex is interesting and not too 'a, then b, then c' and the dialogue between the scenes is hilarious. The famous vag shot in the interview room is perfect! This will be enjoyable to anyone who is familiar with the original movie for the dialogue and anyone who isn't for the sex scenes.

If you're in the mood for a porn film that isn't just sex and also adds a dangerous thrill to the plot, the Basic Instincts parody is for you. Your heart will be pumping - and not just during the steamy scenes - but you'll also find yourself laughing at the tongue-in-cheek tone of the script.

A parody of a classic thriller like Basic Instinct seems a contradiction, but Zero Tolerance attempts to make one. They succeed in retelling the story, but it is neither funny nor satirical. The actors try too hard to capture the feel of the original movie and make it difficult to watch at times. The sex offers nothing new, and the scenes become long and repetitive. If you loved the original, you might want to skip this one.

This is a sexy remake of the popular 1992 erotic thriller, but with some hot sex added. It’s not a true parody, as no humor is added, and viewers who have not seen the original film may have some trouble following the plot. But they will enjoy the sex scenes, which are all fairly good.

I enjoyed this movie and will definitely watch it again. I enjoyed all the sex scenes. Zero Tolerance did a great job with this movie! It is very close to the original storyline. I would not classify it as a parody at all though. It was not funny; it was sexy suspense!

Nice movie for couples, and there was a nice variety in the cast. The scenes were hot and steamy with dark undertones. The audio on the other hand was horrible; I was going up and down with the remote the whole time.

Zero Tolerance's Basic Instinct Parody is both sexy and sinister. It's not one of those silly comedy parodies. This rendition strives to keep the atmosphere and dramatic tension of the original. Though the sex scenes are pretty typical for the most part, they are spiced up with some fun contexts. Cops fucking on their desk or while wearing their badge, anyone? This is a rare porno in that you can watch it for the acting and not just the sex.

I think that this movie is fair if I had not been given the dvd I would not have run out and bought it because it is a must have. It is a serious porno and I personally prefer the funnier ones.

If you are a Basic Instinct Fan, this porn will brighten your day. Enter the world of a troubled writer, Catherin, and she goes on a journey of being accused of murder. Watch as surprise suspects come aboard and enjoy some great sex on the journey.

Aside from it not being your traditional parody, it is an alright movie. You may easily get lost if you haven't seen the original movie.

The Basic Instinct parody does an admirable job of including the plot of a serious movie into a porn parody. This movie will be difficult to follow if you haven't seen the original movie. Some of the acting was good, but some wasn't. The sex scenes didn't stand out as memorable.

{italic|The Official Basic Instinct Parody] does a very good job at paying homage to the original. While it might be deemed a dark comedy, I didn't find it particularly amusing. I did find it to be well-made, to have a cast of hot actresses, and to be filled with intense and enthusiastic sex.

I am not keen on porn thrillers, I guess. When I see the word parody, I think funny and this movie was not at all laughable. This is not one that I can see us watching during a night of fun. It would totally kill the mood.

If you liked Basic Instinct, then don't expect great cinema here. But it has good moments and some sexy scenes.

It was pretty good, but could have been better I think. I thought it was funny in the last scene in Catherine's bedroom that before she and Nick go at it they lay down a green towel over the white bedspread before they have sex.

There is a murder and Catherine Trammel is the lead suspect. She is sexy and good at messing with everyone's head which makes it hard to pin the charges on her.

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