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What Are Your Instincts Telling You???

It wasn't, by any means, the worse porn I have seen! But given the choice out of this or the original Basic Instinct movie, I'd have to go with the original even though I have seen it around 30 times. Perhaps loving the original so much and my hope for a full on sex packed one, lead to the slight downfall in this version.
~ Facials
~ Little anal
~ Decent looking stars
~ Drastic scene jumps
~ ATM - for most
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I was absolutely blown away when I saw Basic Instinct as one of the porn DVDs this month. The original has been a big favorite in my ‘normal' DVD collection. I'm a massive Sharon Stone fan so when I saw this on offer there was no way in hell that I was going to decline it! It really doesn't get any better than this UNLESS they offer a Sliver parody.

Basic Instinct Parody is directed by Gary Orona and produced by Tabitha Stevens for the Zero Tolerance.

Just like the original, the movie starts out with a couple going at it. The girl appears to be one of our main stars Catherine Trammel... but is it really? Rock ‘n' roll star Johnny Bos has his hands tied with a scarf before his sex partner stabs him to death with an ice pick.

At the crime scene we meet the other main star of the movie – Detective Nick Curran, also known as Shooter. They quickly learn that Catherine Trammel is Johnny's girlfriend, making her high on the suspect list. When they turn up at Catherine's home they are greeted by her girlfriend, Roxy.

Catherine plays cool, calm and collected as she tells the two guys that Johnny was nothing more than a good fuck. This is where she starts her toying with Nick, who can't seem to keep his eyes off her.

1st: Girl on girl, oral, fingering

Catherine meets Roxy at the top of the stairs where she escapes her see-through robe and the two start kissing. The music is very faint in the background which adds just enough so the scene isn't totally boring while they kiss. But then all of a sudden there's a boom as some very drastic and horrendous music begins. It startled me at first and brings back bad memories of the movie Sanatorium! The two of them get down and dirty with each other right on the floor at the top of the stairs.

Detective Headquarters:

Nick walks into his office to find his colleague Lieutenant Nielsen going through his paperwork. There is plenty of hostility between these two. Nick's work partner, Gus, walks in with information on Miss Trammel's unfortunate past. It turns out her parents were both killed when she was a child and later she went on to write a novel about a kid who killed her parents. Naturally, the pair are even more suspicious that Catherine is responsible for Johnny's tragic death when they also learn her recent novel is about a retired rock ‘n' roll star being killed with an ice pick.

They turn up at her house and ask her to accompany them down town for questioning. She begins to strip in front of the detectives as she walks away to change. Unfortunately the scenes jump drastically and we next see Catherine sitting in front of a row of detectives in an interrogation situation.

Captain tells her there's no smoking in the building but Miss Trammel seems to be a law upon herself. The room starts to heat up as she uncrosses her legs and spreads wide enough to expose a naked vagina. She asks for a lie detector test to prove her innocence, which she passes with flying colors. Even so Nick believes she lied to beat the test and refuses to give up the investigation.

He returns home later that day to find his ex girlfriend, Dr. Beth Garner, who is also his sex therapist, sitting in his lounge. Internal Affairs insists on Nick seeing a therapist because of his lack of sexual control. The alternative is losing his badge. These two have some unfinished business...

2nd: Oral, fingering, spitting, vaginal penetration, facial

There's more drastic music as Beth performs a strip tease for Nick. It's not long before Nick can't take any more and throws her down on the coffee table. He starts by taking a long tour of exploring Beth's clit before she performs oral on him. The two of them enjoy a variety of positions before he cums over her face.

Afterwards, Beth questions Nick on who the chick was that he had been interrogating. She then proceeds to tell him that she had a onetime thing with Catherine back in college. She becomes jealous when she thinks Nick was worked up and hot over Catherine. The scene doesn't end well with Beth storming out.

Detective Headquarters:

Again, Nick returns to his office to find Nielsen looking into his files as though they were his own. The tension between them grows as he starts questioning and accuses Nick of screwing around with their main suspect. Gus informs Nick of Catherine's socializing with convicted killers – including Roxy, who slaughtered her entire family when she was young.
3rd: Oral, fingering, spitting, vaginal penetration

Lieutenant Nielsen enters the interrogation room where a hooker is waiting to be questioned. She tries to flirt to work him up but before long decides to strip down. Being a good Christian man, he encourages her to put her clothing back on. When this fails, he gives into temptation and the two of them interrogate the hell out of a few different positions. Each takes turn in orally pleasuring the other before getting into the heavier action. Another sex scene ends with a facial.

Detective Headquarters:

Nick returns to his office to find Gus who gives it to him when he reveals he's been keeping an eye on Catherine. Captain enters the office and demands Nicks badge after Nielsen is found dead. Because of their argument earlier that afternoon, Nick is placed on leave as a suspect. This leaves just two detectives running the show – Captain and Gus.

4th: Oral, spitting, vaginal penetration, ATM

Captain can't wait to get it on with Gus as she starts undressing while climbing over his desk. While the cat's away the mice will play and these two KNOW how to play dirty. After both enjoying some oral, they end up clearing the desk with their penetrating positions. Gus explodes over Captain's face.

News Announcement:

As we get a bird's eye view on the city of Fransancisco a news report comes in saying Dr. Beth Garna was found dead after attempting to kill six spring break college girls with an ice pick. Detectives now suspect she was the one responsible for the stabbing of Johnny Bos. Although Nick had too close of a relationship with Beth, he is reinstated and placed on the case.

5th: Oral, spitting, vaginal penetration

Nick turns up at Catherine's house where she is sitting naked on the couch. He is finally going to get what he has been craving since he first laid eyes on her. She begins by performing oral on him on a naked mattress. So before any nasty business could happen, a green towel is laid down. The explore a few different positions before he erupts over her stomach. Catherine then reaches down beside the mattress to grab an ice pick. Does she stab him or has he had a big enough effect on her that he is worth keeping around???


Basic Instinct Parody features bonuses such as:

~ Popshots
~ Photo gallery
~ Trailers
~ Behind the scenes
~ Auto restart

Play time ~ 1hr and 49 minutes

Breanne Benson
Michael Vegas
Lexi Belle
Cheyne Collins
Francesca Le
Will Powers
Ryan McLane
Brandy Aniston
Lyla Storm
Frank News

My experience is in the comments section due to the extremely limited word allowance. Sorry, I also wasn't able to fit the packaging in either. But figured it was better to cut that section and give a thorough review on the actual movie.
Follow-up commentary
It's still not my favorite movie from my collection, but I do enjoy it from time to time and I think it's growing on me more.
I still prefer the original version more and I can't see that changing any time soon. At the same time, it's cool to have a porn version of one of my all time favorite movies.
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  • Shellz31

    I have to admit, I was a little bummed that they didn’t include one of my favourite lines from the original movie in the first crime scene –
    “He got off, before he got off”.
    I wish that stars would have their hair roots touched up if they have very dark natural hair and colour it blonde. It’s not sexy looking down upon regrowth. I wasn’t keen on how the scenes jumped to the next one so much. It tended to make me feel like I missed something at times. A smooth transition into the next scene makes for a more pleasant viewing experience. The sex wasn’t too much, but I think I’m more aroused when I was the original version – even though you don’t see the detail that you do in this one.
    There is one ass to mouth scene (4th) for those who find such a vision disturbing. I have only put it down as a con because most people are turned off by this activity – not for my own preference.

    I giving this DVD a rating of 3 stars.

  • Linga
    Love the review, can't wait to watch my copy. Great job as usual
  • El-Jaro
    I dunno, you kinda ruined the story for me by retelling the whole thing...
  • Shellz31
    Thanks LingaLoo - I hope you enjoy it!
  • JessCee
    I absolutely love this movie! I have to have the porn version for myself! Great job on the review, Shellz!
  • Shellz31
    The original is a huge favourite of mine. Although I love Sharon Stone's Sliver even more. Friggin' hot movie! I love her movies.
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