Official Basic Instinct Parody by Zero Tolerance - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

Our most basic instinct!

Basic Instinct has a good plot, and some very good looking performers, but it unfortunately has its set backs. To be considered a Parody, the film must attempt comedy on a regular occurrence, and unfortunately the few comedic gems contained within this film are so few and far between. Michael Vegas and Breanne Benson shine in this film and may be enough to keep people coming back for more.
Very beautiful actors and actress, good plot, and good costumes and sets.
Not enough comedy to qualify this as a parody.
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Covers & Presentation
The front cover shows the two main characters Catherine Trammell and Nick Curran (Breanne Benson and Michael Vegas), embracing on the front, it appears that Catherine is about to claw Nick's back in a wicked and evil way.

While the front featured no visible nudity and was more along the lines of many mainstream DVD covers, the back is a huge deviation and is standard among porn. The back cover has the same format (with different color schemes) as the covers of “Sanatorium” and “The Official Friday the Thirteenth Parody”, which is not an entirely bad thing, the format works and is very eye pleasing.

The menus are attractive and very easy to navigate, which is always a plus, and one can not ask for much more than that. The background consists of a picture of San Francisco.

Film overview - with potential plot spoilers
The film starts out with a gorgeous blonde woman grinding and riding on a guy, who oddly enough looks like Davy Havok (I am a huge AFI fan, probably always will be), in the midst of banging (sorry, guess I am not very proper), the blonde (Breanne Benson) swiftly reaches for a long sharp objects and murders her unfortunate lover.

While the investigators are doing their thing, we find out that the Davy Havok look-a-like is a Rock Star (wow, just like Davy Havok) The investigators get into an argument, and Nick Curran (Michael Vegas) tells an Internal Affairs agent to lick his hairy balls (almost as classy as me!).

A lead sends them the Catherine Trammell (Breanne Benson). Catherine tells Nick that she was “fucking” Johnny (The Davy Havok look-a-like rockstar with a heart of gold that turned into a human pincushion.), after a short exchange Catherine tells the investigators to beat it. Catherine finds her female lover Lexi (Belle) and lots of kissing, fingering and oral sex follows to make this a very steamy sex scene.

After discovering that Catherine is an author and that one of her books describes the main character killing a rockstar, the investigators decide to bring her in for questioning. After answering all the investigator's questions and revealing herself artfully, Catherine takes and passes a lie detector.

Nick goes back to his office and discovers the departments therapist (Lyla Storm), she questions him and accuses him of being a sex addict, to which he denies. Nick tells her that he has had a boner all day, she tells him to show her, he tells her to show hers first. The therapist strips down, in one of the sexiest strip teases ever filmed and the two have oral and vaginal sex, the scene ending with him ejaculating over her face.

Back at the station, the uptight Christian and morally upright internal affairs agent questions Nick about his sex addiction. The Internal affairs agent leaves and goes into a room where a prostitute is waiting, after some convincing from the prostitute (Brandy Aniston), the two have oral and vaginal sex.

Meanwhile Nick pays Catherine a visit. After a short conversation, Catherine tells nick that she is writing a book about him. Back at the Police station Nick finds out the IA agent was found dead, and Nick is suspended pending investigation.

Back at the precinct, Nicks Partner and a female investigator (Francesca Le) engage in conversation and move on to oral and vaginal sex.

The following day, a news broadcast is overheard, announcing that the police shrink was behind the murders of the rockstar, and the case pronounced as solved. Nick pays Catherine a visit, and the two begin to make love. After Nick ejaculates onto Catherine's stomach, Catherine is show leaning over to pick up an ice pick (similar to the murder weapon used in all the other murders). The credits then role.

Camera work:
The camera angles were really good for the most part. The picture quality was very good with no noticeable issues.

Sound work:
The background music in some of the scenes seemed like an odd choice, but typical for a Gary Orona production. It would have been more effective to play the creepy music near the end of the scene and not throughout the entirety of the scene. Let the viewer enjoy the scene without adding a creepy factor.

Bonus Features:
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes
Auto Restart (most annoying feature ever devised and past off as something good?)
Personal Comments:
I can not begin to tell you how frustrating it is trying to get the disc to read on my laptop. The disc works fine on my DVD player, but absolutely refuses to read on my laptop, while tons of other movies (of all kinds) play fine. Perhaps this is a hardware issue, or perhaps the DVDs used and their decryptions are not readable on all DVD-Roms. This would be the second in a month from Zero Tolerance that had this issue. In the past, I have had no problems watching Zero Tolerance films on my laptop, for example “The official Friday the thirteenth Parody” and “Sanatorium” read and I could watch them without a hint of a problem. Perhaps Zero Tolerance is using a new Anti-Piracy coding system, or perhaps not. There are many factors that could lead to this, and it is entirely possible it is my system, which is extremely hard for me to admit, or even type, because like so many my system is “perfect”, and I often call it my “baby”. Finding the time and space to watch this on the only DVD player in the house can be very tricky, especially when roommates or housemates are involved. After awhile, I busted out a relic from my late teens, an ancient portable DVD Player.

Now that we got that out of the way, how was the film? It was not bad, but I thought that Parody was an indication that this was to be comedic in nature. There were a few funny parts, but not enough to call this a Parody, more like homage to the original. Michael Vegas did a pretty good job, probably the best actor of the film. In terms of the original, I can give no information, due to the fact I have never watched the first.

The film seemed to one to make a political point at times, especially with the use of an uptight Christian Internal affairs agent. Michael Vegas's character stated that he knows those types and they are all a bunch of hypocrites. That is fine by me, you got people saying all sorts of stuff in film, and characters are going to have opinions, however the next scene proves him right when the IA agent has unprotected sex with a prostitute. It just seemed to me like another political statement from Gary, similar to the statement he made in “Sanatorium” via Senator. Too me, as a person who really could not care less about faith and religion, as something tacky and overused everyone wants to make a statement, I just am tired of hearing everyone else's. Perhaps something similar was in the original film, and he is taking that knocking it up a few notches.

How annoying is the autostart feature? I see no use for it, unless you have a broken remote and cannot start the film normally. Sometimes I'd like to let the menu play while I leave the room, or maybe I like the music.

I am going to give this film a three star rating, an interesting plot, some good action, some good gems of humor, but not much comedy.
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  • Jobthingy
    How annoying is the autostart feature? I know. I hate it also.
  • namelesschaos
    Great review as always. i think they just called this a parody because they are all the rage now a days.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Yeah, I haven't seen the original either, so I don't know if the whole "religious people are hypocrites" thing was in that one too, but it is pretty annoying. I'm watching porn. I don't need political or any other opinions. Just good sex.
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