Official Basic Instinct Parody by Zero Tolerance - review by M121212

A dark and atmospheric parody

Zero Tolerance's Basic Instinct Parody is both sexy and sinister. It's not one of those silly comedy parodies. This rendition strives to keep the atmosphere and dramatic tension of the original. Though the sex scenes are pretty typical for the most part, they are spiced up with some fun contexts. Cops fucking on their desk or while wearing their badge, anyone? This is a rare porno in that you can watch it for the acting and not just the sex.
Exceptional acting & non-sex scenes, great lighting, great music, hot atmosphere
Typical mainstream sex scenes
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Director Gary Orona did a great job at creating a creepy atmospheric feeling throughout this film. It reminds me of old X-files episodes because of the slightly surreal, slightly sinister feeling throughout. I can only assume this choice was made to mimic the original Basic Instinct which I have not seen.

The lighting is beautiful in this film, especially in sex scenes. Bodies are lit in a slightly over-exposed way. Instead of looking harsh and bright, however, they seem to be glowing. The performers look like they are in a fantasy, and it gave me the feeling like we might actually be inside lead character Nick's head. There are some sexy psychological mind games going on in this film, and it is not a silly comedy rendition of the original.

The music in this film also really enhanced the experience for me, and I'll be noting some of the music throughout my descriptions of the sex scenes.

Non-Sex Scenes

The Official Basic Instinct Parody from Zero Tolerance has some of the strongest acting and non-sex scenes of any porno I've watched to date. I actually enjoyed the acting scenes more than the sex scenes for the most part. There's plenty of swearing and double-entendres. The storytelling was strong, and the actors stayed in character. More than any other parody I've seen, this one really could be enjoyed with the sex scenes removed. Not only that but it would still be sexy and alluring.

Sex Scene 1 - Brianne Benson as Catherine Trammel & Lexi Belle as Roxy

This first scene is between lead Catherine Trammel and her girlfriend Roxy. They fuck and suck in the upper floor of Trammel's mansion. There is plenty of tit grabbing & sucking, kissing, cunnilingus, hand jobs and pussy fingering. There's also a good balance of close up shots and full body shots. Overall it's a decent example of typical F-on-F mainstream porn.

Sex Scene 2 - Lyla Storm as the Beth the Shrink & Micheal Vegas as Nick Curran

Nick comes home to find Beth sitting on his couch waiting for him. After discussing how he should have his badge taken away due to some bad behavior, they get down to some bad behavior themselves. First Beth does a really steamy strip tease for him. This strip was a highlight of the film for me. It's underscored by minimal industrial music that just adds to the atmosphere. Beth has beautiful light mocha skin and pubic hair trimmed into a heart shape. Nick eats her out. She giggles and gives out little girl squeals of delight. He finger fucks her. She blows him. There's a little bit of spitting. They get into reverse cowgirl, then most of the rest of the scene is with her open legged lying back on the couch while he stands and fucks her. In this way we get to see her whole body undulating. Sometimes he holds her neck dominantly while fucking her. It ends with him cuming on her face and her sucking his dick a little. Overall a strong scene, especially the strip tease.

Sex Scene 3 - Brandy Aniston as the Hooker & Ryan McLane as the Christian Cop

Ryan McLane gets teased by his co-workers for being so Christian and virginal. Then he walks into another room where a prostitute is being held. She seduces him by talking and taking her clothes off, and they go at it. The scene is underscored by some minimal porno breaks. First he eats her out and finger fucks her. Then she blows him while he's naked but still wearing his cop badge on a string around his neck. Yum. Also, may I add that Brandy Aniston is gorgeous in this scene. She has big yearning lips, blue strappy stilettos and turquoise eye shadow. They cycle through a few different PIV positions using the interrogation chair that's in the room. My favourite is her sitting in the chair with one leg up while he fucks her. This is one of my favourite positions when I'm fucking, and I can tell that Brandy enjoys it too! He comes in her mouth, then a little spurts right over her head! Quite the finish.
Sex Scene 4 - Francesca Le as the Captain & Will Powers as the Cop

Now there's only one cop left in the shop, and the female captain. Clearly there is only one direction this could be headed. They fuck on the cop's desk, which is hot. They start off by touching and undressing each other. He eats her, the she blows him. He fucks her face and tits. They have some PIV on the desk while she plays with her clit. He come on her face. A pretty typical scene made hotter because they're both cops and are fucking on a work desk.

Sex Scene 5 - Breanne Benson as Catherine Trammel & Micheal Vegas as Nick Curran

The sexual tension between Catherine Trammel and Nick Curran finally comes to a banging grand finale. There is some sexy foreplay with Catherine scratching Nick's chest in long luxurious strokes. She blows him, and then they do PIV in various positions. There is one particularly gorgeous shot that's a close up of him penetrating her. It's shot from below and the lighting is really lovely. He comes on her stomach, and then there's a twist ending that I'm not going to spoil for you.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy the strange, slightly tense atmosphere in this flick. That said, I still haven't watched the original and maybe that's were that atmosphere is coming from. As with most story-based films, it's not quite as exciting as the first time around. That said some of the scenes are still hot. I don't like it quite as much as the first time around, but it's still fine.
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