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Basically Average

The Basic Instinct parody does an admirable job of including the plot of a serious movie into a porn parody. This movie will be difficult to follow if you haven't seen the original movie. Some of the acting was good, but some wasn't. The sex scenes didn't stand out as memorable.
More plot than is typical in porn, beautiful sets, actors
Requires seeing the original, sets were too cold
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The Basic Instinct parody is a takeoff of the dramatic thriller by the same name. Its probably nearly impossible to make a porn adaptation of a movie like this and not leave viewers puzzled. Having seen the original movie is almost a requirement for getting the most out of this movie. Why else would you choose to watch it? It is not a comical adaptation, as parodies usually are.

The fact that so much more time was spent on plot development than is usually seen in porn made this movie more interesting than most. The sex scenes did not drag on too long and there weren't endless closeups.

The movie begins with a brief scene with Catherine and Johnny in bed where we see that Catherine takes an ice pick to her lover. No actual violence is shown. Next we see detectives investigating, including going to Catherine's posh house where her 'girl' attempts to give her an alibi. The detectives briefly interview her then leave. We can see the sexual tension between Nick and Catherine immediately.

Scene 1 Brianne Benson and Lexi Belle
Catherine and her girlfriend are together in this scene. There is lots of oral and finger fucking, but usually just one finger is used. Sometimes that one finger was inserted so it curved toward the back wall of the vagina, leaving one to wonder how much fun they were really having. I'm reminded of the saying "One finger is a pelvic exam. Two is a party."

Next we learn that Catherine's parents died when she was a child. She inherited over 100 million dollars. She is a writer whose first book was about a rock star killed with an ice pick, just like the murder we saw in the opening scene. Her second book was about someone killing their parents.

Detectives return to her house and take the chain smoking Catherine in for questioning. She passes a lie detector test.

We then see Beth, Nick's shrink, saying she wants to help him with the internal investigation against him for having sex with six college students on Spring break while on duty. He is accused of sex addiction. She's intrigued by the sexual abilities Nick claims as he tries to defend his actions so she begins a slow striptease for him. The striptease lasts a long time. Finally he begins undressing.

Scene 2 Lyla Storm and Micheal Vegas
Beth is LOUD. I had to turn the sound off. It was never made clear how she planned to help him or whether she is also his girlfriend, since this scene takes place in his house.

Scene 3 Brandy Aniston and Ryan McLane
The detective is in a police room with a suspect. She removes her clothes supposedly to make the strip search she will have later easier and manages to seduce the detective, who initially resists. They don't even bother to close the door. He takes all of his clothes off - except his badge. Her breasts hardly move during reverse cowgirl. The door is left open as though no one in a busy police department will walk by.

Scene 4 Francesca Le and Will Powers
The police woman in charge has sex with one of the officers. He is enormous. All the action happens on his desk. Only at the very end do they hop off so he can come in her mouth.

Next we hear a news announcement that Beth, the shrink, murdered the six college girls with an ice pick. Beth also now thought to be responsible for death of the rock star. Nick is reinstated. The case against Catherine is closed so Nick is free to sleep with her. He wastes no time.

Scene 5 Breanne Benson and Micheal Vegas
Dramatic music plays during the beginning of their scene. He finishes on her abdomen, then the creepy dramatic music plays again as we see that Catherine is contemplating murder once again.

Her breasts in the first scene looked terrific. Her aereolas are so expanded. So sexy. But it must have been cold in Catherine's big luxurious house. In every scene after that they are much smaller and not half as sexy. I do wish they had kept their sets warmer.
This movie does an admirable job of incorporating a substantial plot, but many details were not explained. Why do the cops think Beth murdered the rock star? We know she didn't. Why would she murder the college students? What was her motive? Just to help Nick? Was Beth Nick's girlfriend? She was at his apartment as he's watching videos and jerking off so clearly they are not sticking to standard psychiatrist/patient roles. We never learn the names of the detectives other than Nick. It would no doubt take too long to answer these details.

Clearly this movie is meant for those who have already seen Basic Instinct, the non-parody, which I haven't. This no doubt explains my confusion.

No condoms were used in this movie. All the sex was vanilla except for a few hands placed on various necks and the fact that the rock star's hands were lightly bound to the headboard.

The extras include Scene Selection, Gallery, Pop Shots and Trailers.
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  • married with children
    thanks for the review. All the reviews I have seen for this have not ratted it highly. I think I will have to pass on this one. Shame too, I liked the orginal movie.
  • sexyintexas
    Great review, yeah I think they could have done a better job as well.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Good review. I haven't seen the original either, so I was as confused as you were.
  • KnK
    Thanks for the review. You happen to share my sentiments on the porn.
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