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Crystal jellies anal delight reviews

28 reviews
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Average review rating
28 reviews

It's worth it simply due to its comfortable nature. It's a nice addition to anyone's collection if you know how to take care of your jelly toys. (And hey, if not, these bad boys aren't all that expensive at any rate and there are several different styles and colors.)

I enjoyed and continue to enjoy this analicious delight! It is really a good toy for those of any level of anal play. You should try it and the price is not bad!

This jelly butt plug is well worth the money. It is a wonderful toy for women and men alike and we give it 5 stars.

This toy is really mediocre. Not really any great selling points, but also not any great downsides. If you are interested in a very basic anal toy, this may be something that will interest you. The design and shape is nice, but the material is actually too pliable, making it difficult to notice the texture during intense play.

If you're looking for an intermediate to advanced plug that will gobble up all of your condoms, you've found the right toy. The Crystal Jellies Plug is a highly porous toy that will require extra special care and time. The graduated ridges do give interesting sensations, but there are other toys available with the same shape that will be a 10 on the safety scale, unlike this one.

If you want to experiment with more stimulating anal penetration, this is a great starter toy. If you don't like it, it didn't cost you much to try!

I would highly suggest this item to anyone who is looking for a great first anal toy! It's easy to work with and can be used just as a plug or you and your partner can use it like a hand held dildo and keep it moving! Either way, it feels great.

This toy is worth it for the texture alone. If you're an anal beginner, it will provide a great introduction!

This toy was great for prostate stimulation and even better for couples double penetration. I always come to a great orgasm and so does my girlfriend while we use this toy.

I love the full feeling from this toy, and it's so fun to work with. However, it has TOO much flexibility for me and sometimes it's difficult to get it in, but once it's in, it's comfortably in. DPing myself or even with my partner feels amazing. Despite its porous properties, I'd recommend this to someone beginning to dabble in anal play.

I am really happy that I purchased this toy and would do so again. I highly recommend this toy for double penetration play. It has brought me to orgasm just from anal play alone, which I had never experienced before.

This item should be in any beginning ass players toy box. It's a good size, and made of a comfortable anti-bacterial material. I've pleasurably worn this thing for hours at a time and in public, as it is conveniently discreet.

Overall the price for the toy well justifies buying it. Those interested in beginning anal play will love this toy. It's great for those starting because the size is smaller and expands as you go further down almost as if it was made for those wanting to expand in more then one way. The toy may seem dull due to the lack of vibrations and other gizmos but when it comes down to it, gets the job done.

This toy is a very affordable price and a good introduction to anal play if you are just getting started.

Overall I know this is advertised as an Anal Sex toy, but personally(and this is just my opinion) I don't recommend it for "first time" users. Meaning if you have never had anal sex, used an Anal toy, or haven't had anything inserted into your Anus then I don't think this is for you. But it does feel good in the Vaginal area. And though I have no problem with the jelly, I personally prefer silicone and I would be much happier if it was made out of silicone.

For the price, you can't beat this anal bead shaped butt plug. It feels awesome going in and out and held comfortably in place during intercourse. It was easy to get clean afterwards. In short, I plan to use it often and I think anyone looking for anal beads but also wants the usability of a butt plug or anal probe will love this toy! If you wanted, you could wear this around under your clothes and no one would know how much fun you were having.

This toy is worth its price and is very nice to have in on outings - romantic time or at work. Being as flexible as it is makes it very comfortable to do things like that.

This is a great product; affordable, and feels good when using it. Definitely adds that extra "oomph" during sex. Great for intermediates as well as advanced users who are looking for something a bit more relaxed than the advanced toys. Great for couples or solo play.

The Anal Delight is a good anal probe for beginners. For me, it works well for double penetration without harming my partner or I. It works well for solo DP as well. If you can get past the smell, it might make it into your permenant collection, just make sure you have plenty of condoms on hand.

Anal Delight is a very good toy for beginners. It is small and comfortable while still providing stimulation. It works well as a plug, can be worn during sex, and is good preparation for larger toys. The only downside is that it is made of jelly, so condoms should be used. It can discolor.

This is perfect for you beginners! You can work your way up to the larger bulbs and the flared base is perfect. I have the pink one and it gives this toy a cute like factor. This is a very comfortable probe. It can be used like a butt plug. A condom with this toy is a must in my opinion because of the jelly (Sil-a-gel) material. All in all its a great price for what it is. For first time users it is a great starter. This toy will more than likely be a let down for the more advanced user.

If you are looking for a toy to take up temporary residence in the backside of your property, this may be the one. While you may not want this to be the first toy you ever insert, novice anal players will get a thrill out of this perfectly sized probe.

So all in all, I feel that this is a great choice for beginners to anal play. It's a perfect size with graduating bulbs and it's flared base makes it the right choice for an anal toy. If you are just getting into anal and are leery about paying a pretty penny, try the Anal Delight, but make sure you have condoms to use in unison!

I bought mine as an entry level anal toy, only to find it has a permanent place in my toy box, easy to clean and store.

This is the perfect beginner toy and preparatory toy to move on to bigger butt plugs. Very easy to clean. Very comfortable for both partners during intercourse and is sure to be used again and again even once you move to bigger toys, you always crave for more.

The anal delight is in my sex toy top 10 list! This toy works just as good as a plug if not better. It is a toy that brings more pleasure than most for an excellent price. I would recommend this to anyone. There are steps that are necessary to use it safely, but they do not interfere with how well this toy performs.

Feels REALLY good! Can be used as a plug during vaginal sex for more pleasure. Great for beginners and advanced.

This is the perfect beginner toy and preparatory toy to move on to bigger butt plugs. If used with a condom it can last a very long time and it is easy to clean. Very comfortable for both partners during intercourse and is sure to be used again and again even once you move to bigger toys, you always crave for more.

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