Great as probe or plug

Feels REALLY good! Can be used as a plug during vaginal sex for more pleasure. Great for beginners and advanced.
Price and size
Material, should be kept away from other toys
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Have I mentioned how much I love Doc Johnson? I believe I have only found 2 items from this line that I didn't really care for... but THIS is NOT one of them! This toy seems to keep my sex drive up (which is GREAT for us busy people!)

I just recently started to experiment with anal play and this seemed to be just the toy I was looking for! If you're a beginner like myself, this may end up being your favorite toy ever!

The graduated ball size as they slid in feel absolutely heavenly. I suggest lubing it up 1st of course. The size in length isn't too big but surely big enough. The width gives you a good full feeling but not tight or uncomfortable.

We decided to use it as a plug during sex, my guy absolutely loved it! He said he could feel every knob of this crystal delight as he slid in and out, almost making him orgasm WELL before he normally does! I'm surely not "big" nor "tight", I guess I'm somewhere in between where comfortable and pleasurable for me is 5 1/2 long and 1.5 in diameter, so when my guy was going in and out of my vagina, he said the anal delight made it feel tight inside... which was why he got pretty close.

The anal delight stayed put just fine without having to move it or shove it back in.

This one comes out just about every time I have sex now, we BOTH like it!

Cleanup: Very easy. I clean my toys with antibacterial soap and warm water.

Storing: Doesn't play nice with others: Keep away from other toys, I'm not sure which one it had touched, but it seemed to have discolored AND disfigured again. For the price though, I'll just replace it and keep it away from others.

I would highly recommend this one to anyone!
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  • Contributor: Beautiful Dreamer
    Because this toy is jelly, it contains phthalates. As a med student, I'm sure you know that phthalates can cause a lot of physical harm, though its still being studied. Jelly is also porous- meaning its really hard to clean. ALWAYS cover this toy with a condom. I'm glad this toy stays in place well for you! Smile
  • Contributor: Medchic
    Hi Dreamer! Thanks for the comment.
    Being a 3rd year med student towards my MD/PHD, I could go into details about each toy on the site, scaring everyone senseless with examples of what I actually see when people use certain products along with condoms (some have bad chemical interactions. We had one girl at the ER about 2 weeks ago with a chemical burn...) or I could debunk that false sense safety that the newer so called medical grade toys push, what they don't tell you is that the majority of the population does not own any type of autoclave system and although they are probably better than other toys, it's far from as sterile as they'd have you believe. (I know even after the hottest setting in my dishwasher, its NOT sterile and then, the towels we use when it comes out is not sterile, the counter/table we put it on, not sterile...etc..) My forte is immunology and microbiology, so I'm well versed in the cool lil bugs you'd find on any of your toys at a given time... plus, keep in mind, all of these toys are marketed as "novelty toys" for a reason.

    BUT, I'm reviewing these things NOT at a medical perspective...of COURSE, I will tell you if I think a particular material is dangerous..but then again, I wouldn't have purchased it and been stupid enough to put it inside my body... but the things I do try, I'll give honest PERSONAL reviews of what I thought of the products since THAT is usually one of my criteria in purchasing something new, I look to see what other people had to say about their experience with it.

    so, bottom line, as a female using this product...I REALLY enjoyed it! Smile
  • Contributor: Beautiful Dreamer
    Trust me I understand about the sterility aspect. Just trying to help out. Smile
  • Contributor: Medchic
    LOL, I know, I really appreciate it! I love your reviews and I'm impressed you actually know alot about the materials..not many people do!
    I still can't get over that you paid over $200 for the liberator mat thing! I keep considering it but keep thinking, is it REALLY better than pillows? Im having a hard time justifying it..but Im getting there! LOL
  • Contributor: Victoria
    You ladies have it covered Winking ~ I suggest ziploc bags for separate storage. Easy, cheap and effective. Thanks.
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    I think you made a good point in the comments. I really don't care for the safety spiel anymore.

    As far as liberator shaped - they're just memory foam. Maybe find a cheaper memory foam pillow and add it with the Liberator throw for a more cost effective solution?

    OTher than that, good review.
  • Contributor: Mydildo
    Thanks for the review!

  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
  • Contributor: Allstars316
    Thank you for the review!
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