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Fun wand Fun wand

Contoured double ended dildo by Njoy

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Fun wand reviews

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32 reviews

The Fun Wand addresses multiple specific needs excellently, and its versatility gives room for lots of experimentation. Just don't expect this beauty to provide similar thrusting possibilities and filling sensations as nearly every other dildo on the market. It's a specialized tool--not magic--even if it is a wand.

If you are looking to try out metal toys the fun wand is a good choice, because it is really two toys in one. There is a nice beaded end and a lovely dildo end. The toy looks great, is durable, is well balanced, and have lovely curves. Overall just a very good beginner friendly toy that is a great introduction into the world of stainless steel toys.

I'm not totally down on the Fun Wand, but if you’re on the fence between this and the Pure Wand, I would just suggest you spend the extra bucks on the Pure Wand because of its versatility. At the same time, the Fun Wand can be fun with the right person. I will still keep on reaching for it, just because it's so lovely. I want it to work.

You want your toys to wow you. The Fun Wand didn’t do that for me. It’s not a total dud. I do enjoy using it. It just didn’t rock my world or anything. I’m left thinking that I should have chosen the Pure Wand instead.

The Fun Wand is best used where you are comfortable. The toy is great for foreplay and she will be ready for you to use its smooth curved sides to go deeper and harder inside her, and possibly into you as well. The double penetration will have the both of you climaxing together in no time!

The Fun wand is a versatile, stainless steel, dual-ended dildo. While the 3 bulbs on the thinner end are great for anal, the larger, single bulb is appropriate for vaginal or anal insertion. As long as you are careful not to get it hooked on a pelvic bone or bruise you or your partner, it is quite a different feeling than most dildos. Clean up and storage are quite simple and this toy is well worth the value a you will have both it and the gorgeous box it comes in for years to cum.

I have debated the sense of spending serious cash for a sex toy. I realize after four years of thinking about the metal toys that they are definitely worth the cost and really should be on everyone's wish list. This wand will last forever, do incredible things to my body and look damned fine sitting on my dresser. From the packaging to the toy itself it screams elegance and good taste. If it weren't for the steep price tag I'd give this toy 6 stars.

The Fun Wand from Njoy is a lovely piece of stainless steel which will delight users who love to experiment with new sensations and use their toys in creative ways. It's the best toy I've used yet for stimulating the Anterior Fornix, and it pleases in a number of other ways as well.

overall a great toy. If you enjoy anal play as well as g-spot pleasure; then this is the toy for you. You cant go wrong with a njoy toy. they are such high quality, and will last you a life time.

The dual ends of the Fun Wand make the toy a multipurpose pleasure tool, the single head end can be fabulous for G-spot stimulation, while the triple headed end makes a great anal probe. Male and female users alike can njoy pleasures from the Fun Wand as it is up for G-spot or P-spot exploration. Made from medical grade stainless steel, this toy is perfectly safe and great for temperature play. If you are looking for a high-quality multipurpose toy Njoy's Fun Wand is a fantastic investment.

The Fun Wand, like all of njoy's products, is a cold, hard piece of metal. This is not a supple, soft, silicon like toy. This a a firm as hell, cold as steel (obviously), pleasure "instrument". But when you want to experience something that is more than just vibrations and tickling, step right up to the Fun Wand. It's truly an experience in sexual sensory.

This piece is worth every penny you will spend. It is design is nearly perfect for both vaginal and anal play. The insertion and removal are equally pleasurable and it can be used by both men and women.

The Fun Wand is another flawless creation from njoy. This one is made of super high-quality stainless steel which features a sexy chrome finish. Each end offers a very different experience, but it's something that can be enjoyed whether you're a boy or a girl. It works as an anal probe, for G-spot and P-spot stimulation. Take this one on your next trip and leave all those other toys at home. This will be all you need.

The Fun Wand is one of the best purchases we’ve made on sex toys so far. It will last a lifetime with proper use and care, and we do intend on using it for a long time to come. Superbly versatile for sensation and temperature play, there’s something for everyone in this very njoy-able toy. It’s also one of the most environmentally-friendly toys, requiring no electricity, reusable indefinitely, and conserving resources with minimal cleanup required. The quality and craftsmanship are impeccable.

The Fun Wand from Njoy really is tons of Fun. It's a high quality material in a unique design with a gorgeous finish. The two ends make it pretty versatile as well, allowing for different sensations while g-spotting, p-spotting, or just messing around. If you know you like smaller thicknesses, the Fun Wand is a wonderful addition to any collection.

I sincerely love this wand and there isn't one bad thing I can say about it. I highly recommend it to anyone, as it is so versatile, the packaging is exquisite, and the product is just as simplistically beautiful as it looks online.

The Njoy Fun Wand is a work of solid steel art, both in appearance and functionality. I could leave it on my mantle and call it an art piece, but it's so wonderfully orgasmic that if I could only own one toy, it would be the Fun Wand. The bulb end never misses it's mark and the beaded end is simply wonderful to insert and remove.

My g-spot hasn't been the same since the fun wand came into my life. With beads on one end for vaginal and anal exercising as well as a smooth shaft with a bulbous head to pleasure my hidden spot, the fun wand is definitely a go to toy in my collection. This is by far an excellent product for those experienced with steel and those who are seeking their first steel toy. The fun wand is sure to blow you out of the water as well as the sheets.

This toy is definitely worth the price. Njoy obviously takes the time to consider the customer when producing their products. The toys are made of quality material, come in great packaging, and provide lots of pleasure!

If you're as picky about the look of your toys as the functionality, then you need to add the Njoy Fun Wand to your collection. It's a drool-worthy stainless steel probe with dual ends that can both be used vaginally AND anally, making it a 4-in 1 toy! When you add in that it works great for temperature play, is completely non-porous, easy to completely sterilize, and it has gorgeous packing you'll want to show off, it's hard to find a reason NOT to buy the Fun Wand.

The Fun Wand's smooth, easy-to-clean stainless surface and comfortable curves make it a modern art piece among anal toys. There's no doubt it's sure to impress your friends!

The Fun Wand is beautiful and elegant with multiple uses. Since it's on the modest size and offers two different ends to play with, it's an ideal first metal toy while at the same time offering more experienced users plenty of stimulation and play options.

The Fun Wand is a gorgeous, high-quality stainless steel toy that provides two unique sensations including g-spot stimulation. It's easily worth the price because the pleasure it provides will last for years as long as the dildo is taken care of.

As the thinnest wand in the Njoy toy line, it is easy to let this toy fall through the cracks. Even though I don't use this toy as much as I should, the Fun Wand is an effective g-spotting tool, and a marvelous anal dildo.

The Fun Wand is a luxurious toy that's as fun to look at as it is to use. Solid stainless steel, it's excellent for both g-spot stimulation and anal play, the curve easily giving you the best angle for the best sensations.

Pricey, yes, but well worth the ride. Shiny, sexy, easy to clean, and a good friend of the g-spot. The Fun Wand lives up to its simplistic name. Squirting all over while having an amazing orgasm is so much fun. Every time.

This fun wand will give you a life time of G-spot joy! Whether you warm it or leave it cool, you'll enjoy the smooth stainless steel sensations.

The Fun Wand produces unique sensations. It's great for lovers of g-spot stimulation or anal play, or even interesting toys!

If you are new to anal or even just new to toys in general, this would be the one to pick! It's slender and not in the least bit intimidating plus it's stainless steel so there's a wide variety of temperature play available with this one! It's also easy to clean and should last a very, very long time!

Great toy, has one end that's great for vaginal and another that's great for anal. Excellent G-spot stimulation. Easy to clean and care for, but a little expensive.

The Fun Wand is an excellent toy for those new to stainless steel because of its slim design and versatile nature. This is a toy that would be equally effective for men and women alike!

The Fun wand feels delicious on the way in, fantastic in fact.  So good that you'll find yourself moaning into the lovely little vibe that you have stuck on your clit.  So good you get three little steel knobs inside you without really noticing.

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