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The dual ends of the Fun Wand make the toy a multipurpose pleasure tool, the single head end can be fabulous for G-spot stimulation, while the triple headed end makes a great anal probe. Male and female users alike can njoy pleasures from the Fun Wand as it is up for G-spot or P-spot exploration. Made from medical grade stainless steel, this toy is perfectly safe and great for temperature play. If you are looking for a high-quality multipurpose toy Njoy's Fun Wand is a fantastic investment.
Stainless Steel
Dual ends
G-spot or P-spot stimulation
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The Fun Wand by Njoy is a multipurpose steel wand with a variety of different uses. Females and males can seek pleasure from the Fun Wand's dual ends for either G-spot stimulation or P-spot exploration, as it can be used either vaginally or as an anal probe. Being made from medical grade stainless steel the Fun Wand is a perfect option for those who like temperature play as the steel retains and transmits heat or cold very well.

Material / Texture

The Fun Wand is made from two pounds of pure stainless steel. Rating a perfect 10 on the Eden Fantasys' safety scale, stainless steel is latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. However it is not hypo-allergenic, as some people have been known to have allergic reactions to metal, but it is rare. At two pounds the Fun Wand is very heavy, stainless steel is also very firm and ridged. Care must be taken to not thrust too hard with the Fun Wand as the material can cause injuries if things get a little too rough. Stainless steel is a fantastic option for temperature play, as it transmits and hold temperature very well. You can cool the wand down in a glass of cold water or heat it up in warm water. It is also compatible with any type of lube you wish to use, whether it be water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based.
fun wand
The stainless steel that makes up the Fun Wand is polished to a mirror finish and is perfectly smooth. There is no texture to the steel, however there are graduated heads on the ends of the Fun Wand. These provide delightful stimulation when used for anal penetration, similar to the sensations caused by anal beads.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Overall the Fun Wand is about 8 inches long, there are two ends to the Fun Wand, both of which are insertable. The end with a single head is 4.5 inches long. The head on this end is 3.5 inches in circumference, and 1 inch in diameter. The head is connected to a curved shaft that gradually decreases in size from 1.5 inches in circumference right under the head, to 1.25 inches in circumference where the curve of the shaft then changes directions and meets with the opposite end of the Fun Wand where there are three heads. Now the shaft does not have a perfectly circular shape to it, it is slightly more oval in shape.

The end with three graduated tear-shaped heads is 3.5 inches long, and curves in an opposite direction than the other end giving the Fun Wand an "S" shape. The heads are tapered in size and have a slightly pointed tip for easy insertion. The first head on the tip of the wand is 2.25 inches in circumference, and one inch long. Then there is a half inch long by 3/4 inch circumference neck between the first and second heads. The second head is 2.5 inches in circumference, and one inch long. There is a half inch long by one inch circumference neck, and then the third head is 3 inches in circumference and one inch long. This end then meets with the previous end of the wand.

The design of the Fun Wand is ergonomic and very artistic, as it is not phallic shaped it does not immediately scream "I'm a sex toy!" yet if you were to leave it out on the office table you probably will not be able to pass it off as a simple paper weight.
    • Whimsical / artistic


The Fun Wand is petite in size, making it a good choice for users of any experience level. I love firm toy materials, and up until now glass has been one of my favorites, but after using the Fun Wand, and the results it produced, steel now tops the list. I also love toys that can do double duty, as such the Fun Wand fits all my wants and needs perfectly.

The firm steel and curve of the wand make it great choice for firm G-spot stimulation. The "S" curve of the wand makes it easy to get a handle on and really get some leverage on the toy to rub it against the G-spot just right. For those that prefer girthy toys the Fun Wand may be a little slim for your liking, but the firmness of the steel is something that should really be experienced.

The triple-headed end makes a fabulous anal probe for female and male users alike. The three graduated bugles produce a nice popping sensation when inserted in and then gently tugged out. The curve of the wand and firmness of the steel makes it a nice choice for males who wish to experience some P-spot stimulation I would imagine, as I myslef do not have a P-spot. For anal use I personally like to surrender control of the toy to my partner and allow him to pleasure me with the Fun Wand. To say that Njoy did a good job naming this toy is putting it lightly.

As the Fun Wand does not have any motors or moving parts there is never any need to worry about having batteries on hand or if the toy is charged up prior to play. Also it's 100% waterproof so you can play with the Fun Wand anywhere you wish. Just take care when around water as not only is it heavy, but it gets slippery when wet and lubed up. The only noise you have to worry about when needing to be discreet is the noise that the Fun Wand will have you making.
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

Stainless steel is very simple to care for, it can be easily cleaned and sanitized, and with proper care it can last a lifetime. Stainless steel will not rust or corrode. To clean stainless steel you can boil, run through the dishwasher, soak in bleach, use a toy wipe, or use good 'ol soap and water. Just don't use any abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, as they could scratch the surface of the toy and damage the mirror-like surface of the steel. Once the wand is dry a good wipe down with a lint free cloth will return the mirror-like brilliant shine to the toy. As a bonus the Fun Wand is also compatible with any type of lube you wish to use. When it comes time to store your Fun Wand away between uses the box that the wand comes in makes a perfect choice, but if you chose not to keep the box store the wand somewhere where its beautiful finish will not get dinged up or scratched.
    • Easy to clean


The Njoy Fun Wand came exquisitely packaged. There was a white cardboard sleeve over the black box containing the Fun Wand. Extremely discreet, the only wording on the box was the brand name "njoy" and the tiny words "pure/fun" printed above the Njoy name. There was a small pink sticker with the shape of the Fun Wand on a lower side corner of the white sleeve, this could be peeled off if needed. The black box that contains the Fun Wand is something that I would expect fancy jewelry to come packaged in. Again the only wording on the black box are the words "pure/fun" and "njoy". Opening the box revels the Fun Wand laying in a bed of pink satin. Also inside of the box is a pamphlet showcasing the entire Njoy line of toys. I absolutely love Njoy's packaging, it oozes luxury and quality. It would make a great gift presentation for that special someone in your life.
outer box
inner box
satin lining
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage


I knew I had been wanting a Njoy wand for a while now, and I was drawn to the Fun Wand because of the two different ends; one for the G-spot and one for anal. I already knew that I liked firm, hard, and heavy toys as I have been building a sizable glass toy collection, but I had no idea the pleasures I was in for. Shortly after receiving the package with the Fun Wand I took the first opportunity to sneak away for some quiet time with my new toy. After all I had already been lusting after it for months, I just had to try it out as soon as I could. Shortly into my play session something happened to me that had never happened before, I squirted, oh my God I have never done that, I didn't even think it would be possible for me to do that! I was so proud of myself I ran down stairs to tell my partner what I had been up to and what had happened, he was just as surprised as I was. The firm G-spot stimulation that the Fun Wand can provide is out of this world. I will be adding the Pure Wand to my collection as soon as possible.
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