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The Fun Wand is a gorgeous, high-quality stainless steel toy that provides two unique sensations including g-spot stimulation. It's easily worth the price because the pleasure it provides will last for years as long as the dildo is taken care of.
Both sides provide different sensations, stainless steel, gorgeous toy and packaging
A little hefty
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The NJoy Fun Wand is a stainless steel dildo made from Njoy. It's about seven and a half inches long and has a diameter of less than an inch. It weighs about two pounds, which is to be expected from a stainless steel toy. The body of the toy ends up with nice opposing curves on each side. One side just has a bulb on the end of the toy while the other side has three different bulbs. There are no visible seams on the body of the Fun Wand. However, on the middle of the toy, along one side, is a a nice engraving of the "Njoy" brand right in the body of the toy. It can't be felt during use, but you can feel it with your finger. It just looks classy.

Helping the classy image is the packaging. Like all Njoy Toys (except the Eleven), the Fun Wand comes in a gorgeous black box engraved with "Njoy" on the outside. On the inside, there's nice gorgeous foam lined with pink satin for the toy to sit in. It's extremely easy to get the toy to come out of the packaging as well, so that's not a problem. Overall, it's just a gorgeous way to store this toy.

Really, the one end with the one bulb just reminds me of the Pure Wand honestly. It looks like the smaller end of the Pure Wand, and honestly, during use, it actually feels mostly like it too except this Fun Wand end is actually a little bit smaller than the actual PureWand itself. However, it does have the nice curve that is needed to reach the g-spot and actually does do so quite well. However, it doesn't feel filling. I'm not one to usually enjoy penetration though, so something this small is actually pleasurable and feels just fine to me, but someone who does penetration on a regular basis may find this just too small to actually enjoy.

I found that, when using the one-bulb end, the three-bulb end actually functions really nicely as a handle. Because of the texture and the change in shape on the three-bulb end, it really allowed me to keep a grasp on the Fun Wand even when it was covered in lubricant.

The other end, the end with the three bulbs on it, definitely felt a little bit more interesting. I found that thrusting it with force actually ended up being painful, so that end was much more pleasurable when used to rock against. Leaving it in while doing clitoral pleasure feels great, as well because the muscles tighten around the sex toy even though you aren't actually moving it. Did it hit the g-spot? Yes, because it has the same curve, but I found that the thrusting motion of the one-bulb end actually pleasured the g-spot more than rocking up against it with the three-bulb end but the three-bulb end felt better overall - not just g-spot pleasure.

Both ends can also be used anally as well. They have the nice curve that will allow for males to use this for p-spot pleasure. We've actually tried it. The boyfriend said that he actually found the one-bulb end more pleasurable than the three-bulb one. Because the toy can be sterilized, we didn't feel bad about using it both anally and vaginally which is something we don't usually do with toys. We also covered it during anal use just to be extra careful, but it wasn't a big deal if we didn't.

So what about the weight? For a sex toy, this is actually pretty heavy. It's nothing ridiculous like the Eleven or anything, but it's heavier than I was used to holding in my hand. It honestly didn't affect the use of the dildo much at all besides making my hand tired a *little* bit faster. However, if you have wrist problems, it might be a deal breaker for you because it can be a little more difficult to hold compared to other dildos.

The Fun Wand is compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants. Because it's stainless steel, the lubricant doesn't really absorb either, so it lasts quite a long time after applied. To clean: use antibacterial soap and warm water. However, if you want to sterilize it to use between partners or orifices, it can be boiled for three minutes to achieve sterilization. For storage, I prefer to keep the Fun Wand in its original case to keep it away from harm. The original case is gorgeous, classy, and won't look out of place.
Overall, both ends provide a unique sensation that I'm really excited about. People who enjoy larger and more filling toys may not find the same excitement in this Njoy toy that I do though. I prefer my toys to be much smaller and easier to insert which is why the Fun Wand really met my expectations. I found it pleasurable vaginally - both for the g-spot and without it. I found it was pleasurable to insert and provided a unique sensation depending on which side was used. I'd recommend this for anyone who is looking for a great dildo that can provide g-spot pleasure, will last a long time, and just feels "sexy" to own.
Follow-up commentary
I still love our Fun Wand. It's fun to use when I don't feel like pulling out the Pure Wand since the Pure Wand is larger. This one still has about the same curve that the Pure Wand does. I almost always use the plain end as opposed to the bumps - the bumps do work amazingly as a handle though - they provide a nice texture to grip.

This stainless steel toy still looks brand new. I'm expecting this to last for a very, very long time.
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    Great review!. The bulb on the Pure Wand looks a lot different in terms of curvature than the Fun Wand. The Pure almost makes a "C" shape; maybe the Fun picture is misleading. Interesting that they feel the same. Thanks for your thoughts on this toy.
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