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The Fun Wand from Njoy really is tons of Fun. It's a high quality material in a unique design with a gorgeous finish. The two ends make it pretty versatile as well, allowing for different sensations while g-spotting, p-spotting, or just messing around. If you know you like smaller thicknesses, the Fun Wand is a wonderful addition to any collection.
Quality materials, Good for g-spotting and anal play
Some may not like the smaller size
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The Fun Wand has a few potential uses. The obvious (to me) is for g-spotting, since both ends feature a wonderful curve. Since it's anal safe and good for g-spotting, it would also lend itself well to those who want to experiment with a little bit of prostate play. Or if you don't have a prostate, you can always use it as an anal probe. You can utilize how great it is for temperature play to have heated or chilled pinpoint massages. Or, if you're not feeling terribly adventurous, it has a super fantastic paperweight mode that you can utilize.

Material / Texture

Like all other Njoy toys, the Fun Wand is made of stainless steel. This is awesome because it doesn't tarnish, it doesn't hold onto smells, and it isn't porous at all. It's got a bit of weight to it because it is solid, but the extra weight makes it extra perfect in paperweight mode, or for letting it hang slightly to raise the curve up to meet your g-spot.

Design / Shape / Size

With an overall length of just under 8", the Fun Wand is easy to wield for most people. It has two different designs in one length, with each design curving a different way for sort of a stretched out "s" shape. The smoother end is shaped a lot like the Pure Plugs that Njoy offers. You start out with a slightly tapered head that measures about 3 1/2" around and about 1 1/8" tall. From there it moves into a long neck that's between 3 1/8 and 4" long depending on which side of the curve you're measuring from. Where that neck ends, you start the bulbed side of the wand. There are a total of three tear shaped bulges that increase in size. The smallest is only 2 1/2" around, then a small gap of half an inch, then a 2 3/4" bulb and another half inch gap, and then a 3" bulb.

It's not immediately obvious what the Fun Wand is a sexual object, but if you're familiar with Njoy you'll be able to figure it out. For anybody who isn't you could definitely pass this off as a massager or art piece.


If you're a size queen or really need/want girth, this probably isn't going to be a wonderful piece for you. However if you're more apt to like thinner insertables, this is just perfect!

Vaginally, both ends worked well, although the bulbed end was a bit more pokey than I'd prefer while attempting to stimulate my g-spot. Thrusting was fairly easy and both sides provide a fairly ergonomic handle for you to hold onto while doing it, although the weight of the toy can sometimes cause it to flip over or be more on an angle.

Anally, both ends worked well again, although this time the bulbed end was more favorable for the extra popping sensation between the bulbs. The smoother end works better if you want any anal thrusting though.

In paperweight mode it lays on top of whatever you put it on nicely. It does work better if whatever you're laying it on is completely flat though, because uneven surfaces can make it fall over and be less effective this way.

As a massager I find the end with the single head works better, again, because the bulbed end is a bit pokey. It's very easy to play with temperatures with this as well. If you want a really cold play session, you can let this sit in a bowl of ice water or in the fridge for a short while. If you want something really warm you can let it sit in a bowl of really warm water. You'll want to make sure that you don't go to extremes right before inserting (freezer or boiling) because you don't want to damage any of the delicate tissue in the vagina or anus.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance for stainless steel is super easy. First start off with any body safe lube. You'll probably be best with water or silicone based lubes, but if you know you're ok with an oil based feel free to use it. After you're done playing, you'll want to clean it off well. You can do this with a toy cleaner or soap and water. You could also bleach it, boil it, or run it through your dishwasher. No matter how you choose to clean it, make sure that you don't do so with an abrasive cleaner or pad since those can scratch the beautiful finish.

As far as where to keep it, well you could keep it in the lovely box it comes in. If that box is too big and bulky, I'd go with a pouch to keep it from getting scratched.


As with all Njoy products you get a wonderful box. You can get rid of the box, store the one toy in it, or rip out the foam and lovely fuchsia lining and store a bunch of toys in it. There's a pamphlet that shows you all the various Njoy toys and how to care for them.


I had been wanting something that would let me play with my g-spot a bit more, and potentially allow me to squirt with practice. Everybody always seems to recommend the Ella or the Pure Wand. Well, I wanted something that I would still use if it didn't offer me lots of g-spot stimulation, and I was intrigued by the idea of also being able to use it anally. That led my search back to the Pure Wand, where I did some more research and started comparing it to the Fun Wand. I'm not a huge fan of lots of girth, and I was worried that the Pure Wand would be too much and I'd have a really expensive paperweight, so I settled on the Fun Wand. This is my second steel toy and my second from the Njoy line and I'm definitely not disappointed. I love the unintimidating size and both of the ends and all the different sensations they can provide. I may not reach for this toy all of the time, but it's never let me down any time I have grabbed it.
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