This definitely is a Fun Wand!

If you are new to anal or even just new to toys in general, this would be the one to pick! It's slender and not in the least bit intimidating plus it's stainless steel so there's a wide variety of temperature play available with this one! It's also easy to clean and should last a very, very long time!
Well made, easily cleaned and comes with it's own storage box.
I can't think of a one!
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When my Fun wand made by Njoy|Fun wand arrived, I was in awe of its presentation! Sliding the white cardboard sleeve off of the black box containing the fun wand, I was pleased to find a sturdy, black storage box that I believe to be made of wood but, could possibly be another material. Regardless, this box is sturdy! It's coated with a black, vinyl type material that is easy to clean. I was once again pleased when I lifted open the lid of the storage box to see my shiny new stainless steel dildo laying in a cushioned bed of red satin! The inside of the lid is lined in black velvet and has two black ribbons across the corners. Tucked into one of the black ribbons in the corner was an information booklet from Njoy. The booklet contains information on how to care for your new Fun wand as well as information on other products Njoy manufactures.

Upon lifting my new Fun wand from it's bed, I realized how sturdy stainless steel toys|Stainless steel sex toys really are! This is my first ever stainless steel toy and I really don't think I could have picked a better one! It's fairly heavy weighing in at 2 lbs of curvy, shiny, stainless steel! It's actually smaller than I expected which turns out, is a good thing! The solid shaft is actually the size of my index finger while, the bigger, rounded end is about the size of a normal, small, bouncy ball. On the opposite end meant for anal insertion, the smallest ball is just a bit larger than a marble and sports a slightly pointed tip for easy insertion. The last and biggest anal ball is just a bit smaller than the bouncy ball end with the middle ball being somewhere in between these sizes. The side intended for anal insertion takes up less than half of this toy but, the sizes are perfect for me as an anal beginner! I would imagine you could use either end anally if you wanted to though.

I had no difficulty inserting this slim toy into my vagina. Since it's stainless steel, it doesn't take much lube at all! I tried the g-spot shaft first and WOW! If you are into cool sensations, this is the toy for you. It is remarkably chilly! You could also warm it up by running it under warm water, just make sure to check the temperature of the toy itself before inserting it. I found the g-spot end to be quite pleasurable. The bulbous head stroked my g-spot with every thrust! I couldn't wait to try out the opposite end so, I flipped it over. I inserted the anal side into my vagina and found it also to be quite pleasurable. The balls stroked my g-spot and felt lovely bumping in and out of me. Now that I had worked myself up quite a bit, it was time to try this toy out anally. I sprayed it off with toy cleaner and wiped it down well before lubing it up. I relaxed my muscles and applied slight pressure with the first anal ball onto my anus and it popped right in! I was only able to comfortably go up to the second ball on this one but, as I stated before, I am a newbie to the anal world. It felt comfortable sitting inside my rear and moving it in and out provided a lot of stimulation but, that's just me....newbie remember? I had enough playtime and I was ready to climax so, I pulled out my xtreme kit bullet|Xtreme kit and played it against my clit which produced a strong, deep orgasm with the fun wand in my rear. It was quite a bit different than what I was used to. I can't wait until my next play date!

Since the fun wand is stainless steel, it is easily cleaned with antibacterial soap and water. It can also be washed in your dishwasher on the top rack, no soap but, it should be boiled or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution before changing from anal to vaginal play or sharing with a partner. Stainless steel is non porous and silky smooth so a little lube goes a long way but, you can use any lube with stainless steel.

I would say this is a great option for a first steel toy|Steel sex toys. It's not intimidating at all and would also serve the dual purpose for an anal beginner! I really enjoyed the temperature sensations this stainless steel toy has provided as well as it's smoothness. It's also phthalate free and hypo-allergenic as well as easily sterilized! I hope to purchase more stainless steel toys in the future!
If you enjoy glass toys|Glass anal toys, you really should give stainless steel a try as well! It's smooth like glass, easily lubed like glass and you have the ability to change the temperature like glass but, unlike glass, I doubt if stainless steel breaks when you drop it! Just be careful you don't crack a tile on your floor!

I really enjoy both ends of this toy vaginally. They both provide their own unique sensations that are pleasurable in their own way. They both stroke my g-spot which drives me wild!

This was the first toy I purchased with anal use in mind and I was quite pleased to see that the anal portion of this toy is in no way intimidating! I was definitely willing to give it a try because of the small first ball.

I don't expect to have any problems with this toy at all. It's very solid and well made. I would advise keeping it stored in it's box just to protect it from getting any deep scratches on the surface.
Follow-up commentary
I absolutely still love it! It has held up extremely well too but what would really happen to it? Seriously, as long as you don't use any abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on this, you won't hurt it. I probably wouldn't go using it to crack walnuts either, because that might put little nicks in the finish but really, when used for its intended purpose, you're not going to hurt it.

This is one of our favorite toys to share, now that I've gotten my lover to participate in a little anal play too. He wasn't intimidated by it at all, and this was the first toy that he ever allowed me to penetrate him with. I'll probably keep it forever just for that very fact.

I really love the temperature play that comes along with this stainless steel wonder too. Sure, I like to warm it up and cool it down for myself but it's also fun to cool it down before teasing my partners cock with it. The cool sensations combined with my warm mouth just send him to the moon!

I thoroughly expect the Fun Wand to last us for a lifetime because it still looks like I just opened its package. It's definitely worth the investment and you'll have fun teasing each other with it too!
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