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The Fun Wand is an excellent toy for those new to stainless steel because of its slim design and versatile nature. This is a toy that would be equally effective for men and women alike!
Versatile, well-constructed, very attractive, effective for g-spot stimulation
A bit pricey
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The Fun Wand|Fun wand is my first stainless steel toy, and I am definitely not disappointed in it! It comes packaged in a lovely, satiny-lined box with a little instruction booklet, and the toy itself looks like a piece of art. It is a quite lovely presentation!

The toy itself is quite hefty, as one might expect from stainless steel, despite its thin circumference. It is very hygienic and easy to clean; just do not use anything abrasive or corrosive on it and you should be fine.

The heaviness and smoothness of the toy make it feel wonderful gliding in and out! The stainless steel is cool and inviting to the touch, but can also be warmed with warm water. The end with three bulbs is perfect for thrusting; the shaft is thin enough and the bulbs small enough to cause a pleasant rippling sensation without any pain. The other end features a larger, more rounded head that is absolutely ideal for g-spot stimulation! The curve in the shaft directed the bulb to just the right spot, and I delighted in the sensations of simply moving it around slightly.

I did not try the Fun Wand anally, since I am not a huge fan of anal play. However, it is ideal for anal stimulation because of its shape and its ability to be easily and thoroughly cleaned. I am sure it is curved just as well for p-spot stimulation as for g-spot stimulation, and the end with the 3 bulbs would provide an excellent beaded anal toy|Anal sex toys.

The Fun Wand is attractive, effective and versatile, and I would highly recommend it as an addition to any toy collection for men or women. It definitely feels like a quality product, heavy and well-constructed. I am not normally a huge fan of non-vibrating toys, but I am thrilled with the Fun Wand as a g-spot stimulator and thrusting toy in one.
Follow-up commentary
I have yet to give the Pure Wand|Sex toy reviews: Pure wand by Njoy a go, but this one is definitely a winner. I think my favorite property is the ability to run half under hot water and leave the other half cold and alternate between the two! Mmmm! I know it's designed as an anal toy, but it works wonderfully for vaginal use, too.
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  • Contributor: UrbanDurga
    Have you tried the Pure Wand by the same company? And how long do you recommend warming it in hot water before use?
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
     actually just run it under hot tap water for a few seconds, and it heats up quite nicely (be careful, it can actually get pretty HOT!).  The other bonus to doing it this way is that you can actually have one side  hot and the other cold at the same time!  Now THAT is neat!  And no, unfortunately, I haven't tried the Pure Wand; this is my first and so far only stainless toy, and I wanted to try out the triple bulbs.  :)
  • Contributor: Always Aroused Girl
    The Pure Wand by Njoy is's also much heavier than the Fun Wand.  
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Really?  Wow--the Fun Wand is pretty heavy compared to most of my toys!  I'll have to put the Pure Wand on one of my wishlists for a special occasion and try it out, since I really enjoyed this one.  Thanks for the recommendations, ladies!
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