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The big end reviews

30 reviews
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30 reviews

For the money, The Big End is well worth the purchase. It is easy to clean and, if you are not a beginner, it is relatively easy to build up to having inside your butt. It's incredibly comfortable to wear as well.

For the price, it is a great toy! I love the tapered shape and it is probably the most preferred shape for an anal toy for myself. The color is very pretty and non-threatening. I dislike the tackiness it has which will attract fuzzies to stick to it. The faint smell is a slight con but it seems to be very self contained by keeping the toy in a plastic bag.

The Big End is a large butt plug which may be too much for inexperienced players and a bit of challenge for those who have some experience in analplay. However, for those who are willing to make the effort to get it into their backsides, the challenge is worth it. This plug feels great and is super-comfortable for long periods of play.

This item is worth it if you need something small. If you have used things for anal play, or if you have had anal sex, this will probably be too small for you.

This is a great plug for the person looking to take the next step in their anal adventures. It's easy to clean, and brings some extra enjoyment from the larger size.

I do believe that any plug user should give this one a try. It's not ideal for your first plug, but it is something to work up to. It is super well made and even has a cool color to it (the grey one). The build quality is definitely there. You will notice this plug too. It has a nice filling sensation.

Horny: Highly recommend; it's always hot to venture into new venues of sex life, and this toy sure makes it adventurous. Kinky: Even as a beginner to anal play, this toy rocked my world once it was in. A smaller plug might not hit like this one does. With some practice and time, this will become one of our favorites!

The Big End is a more advanced anal plug, but it does its job well. The gradual shaped makes insertion as easy as possible with a toy this size. It's silicone, so it is safe and feels nice on the skin. Overall, this is a fantastic product.

A really simple toy that does the work wonderfully. The size is perfect and not too extreme. Once you get used to its size, you won't go back to smaller butt plug.

The Big End is a big plug! Only purchase it if you are used to bigger toys. The Big End is only for intermediate to advanced users. It is silicone, waterproof, smooth, and has a comfortable base. Although it’s big, I’m glad I purchased it. I will certainly keep working at it! This plug will last you a long time because of its big size and material.

I would absolutely recommend this toy to anyone who has experience in pegging, p-spot massage, anal sex, or BDSM. It isn't by any means a starter toy, and it may cause pain or injury to overzealous users.

The Big End is one of my favorite anal toys. It gives that fabulous feeling of fullness, while remaining very comfortable. The tapered bulb makes it easy to insert, and the slim neck and wide base make me feel confident that this plug isn't going anywhere! I love it!

While its size may scare beginners away, this plug is a good choice for those with even minimal experience in anal play. The rigidity, shape, and material all make this an excellent toy, either for training beginners and moderate users to take larger toys or for more advanced users looking for a filling, comfortable plug.

The Big End is the Goldilocks of the Doc Johnson series of anal plugs. If you have tried the Li'l End and want to graduate to something larger, this is perfect! If you have experience with anal play, this is a very good size to own. The material is smooth, flexible, and very comfortable, as well as safe! Overall, this is a wonderful anal toy for more experienced users.

If you love having your butt stuffed as much as I do then you will love the Big End. The Big End is basic in its design and I would characterize it as a large intermediate in terms of size. Although basic, the Big End is very filling, stays in place well and remains comfortable even after hours of wear. It is the reason that I use my smaller plugs less and less. If I have the opportunity to get a plug in my butt, I now want it to be the Big End.

The Big End has a classic plug shape at a universal size. The silicone material is the best that you can get, it feels great and is easy to clean. A silicone toy at this price is rare, this is definitely worth the money! My absolute favorite plug.

This is probably one of he most ideal butt plug in its size category, and particularly for its price. Completely worth it.

As my first "official" plug this has been a great choice. With the body safe silicone I can feel comfortable and safe using this without the worries of toxins. It is very discreet when inserted which allows me to use it even with people around and they won't suspect a thing. This is one plug I will want to hold onto for a lifetime!

For its price, the quality of this toy's materials and straightforward design make it a worthy investment for reliable anal pleasure that's well suited for extended wear. There are bigger boys out there, but The Big End is very suitable as a way to work yourself up to more challenging toys. While its girth may not lend itself to being extremely novice-friendly, this toy is a phenomenal addition to any seasoned anal player's toy box, especially if comfort for extended wear is key.

The Big End by Doc Johnson gives us a simple to use no bells and whistle butt plug that delivers a big end for a filling sensation. This plug was a dream come true offering me a safe and comfortable plug I can use for longer periods of time without giving me the feeling I had to use the bathroom.

The perfect anal plug for intermediates looking to warm up and size up to a large toy. Make this toy your big beginning instead of big end.

The Big End Plug is an amazing plug for its price! It definitely is a bigger plug that beginners may want to stay away from. The plug is soft and flexible-- made from silicone. This plug offers an amazing "full" feeling that may require patience while getting in! Well worth the money and gives an amazing performance! Way to go, Doc Johnson!

The Big End was supposed to be my new larger plug to be able to get me into even larger toys. While it hasn't gotten me to do that quite yet, I was able to take this plug better than the Classic from DJ, probably due to the plusher material. It's safer too, go figure! The price is excellent for a toy of this size and material. Just don't expect to just push this right in, it takes time and patience, even for removal.

This item is worth it if you are looking for the next big thing to put inside you. It is worth it just to feel the weight of it tugging down inside and filling you up and then the good feeling afterward where you just want to be filled up again immediately. However, it is large and it isn't something I use every day, or even every week, just every once in a while when I really want a stretch.

The material and shape of this plug are spot-on. It's a perfectly designed plug that, once you've worked your way up to it, will definitely get used again and again.

This plug is beautiful and very simple to use. But with that said this is not one that I would recommend for beginners. The size can overwhelm and be very intimidating, trust me I know. I was a beginner when I got it and WOW; all I could think was "OMG it's huge..". But after having it a while I have come to love it, and even if I don't use it as a plug it's still very fun when used anally.

This plug is a fantastic step up from beginner plugs, with a beautifully crafted tapered bulb, a flexible neck that stays put, and a comfortable base, this relatively cheap toy will be used for a long, long time.

High-grade silicone for this price? If you're looking to upgrade from a smaller plug or an inferior material, this should be an automatic, guilt-free purchase. This could be your plug of choice for some time to come.

With a very reasonable price, simple but effective design, and high quality materials, there is absolutely no reason to not add this butt plug to your toy collection.

The Big End is a large silicone plug with a traditional bulb shape. The tapered tip helps with insertion, the squishy material makes it comfortable to use, and the flexible base keeps it in place. This plug is easy to care for and clean, and is all around a great anal toy.

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