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Blue swirl reviews

28 reviews
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28 reviews

This toy is a toy I would buy again if ours ever became nonfunctional. I consider this a staple in my collection, and have been considering buying more glass since I got this one. This toy is lovely for people of any experience level, though I would recommend it more for anal than vaginal use...unless you like it rough and tough vaginally, if so, then this is for you!

Though this one doesn't curve, it can still hit all the right spots and the swirl design can be felt for that extra little bit of sensation.

Blue swirl looks interesting, but it lacks in versatility and can be difficult for newcomers to glass toys. It's nothing special and there are better glass dildos out there.

The Blue Swirl is a very stunning toy. It has a gorgeous and pleasing to the eye design. The blue color is vibrant and enchanting. The size and texture of this toy are great for beginners, not too large and overpowering. It is a very stiff and rigid toy, with no curve. It comes in a reusable drawstring bag - gotta love that! I had a good time with this toy, and I think anyone beginner and up could too!

This is my first glass piece, and it was quite nice, although it was not at all what I had expected. It definitely did the job. It has made me want to pursue other glass products. It is smooth, can be warmed or cooled, and this one has a bit of texture to it due to its swirl.

The Blue Swirl is a truly beautiful piece! It's very comfortable and easy to use and hold, even for extended periods of time and has a great variety of uses. The texture feels very interesting when inserted, but is a serious pain to clean. If you're looking to try out something new as far as texture, this is a great piece, but if you prefer smooth toys that are easy to clean, look elsewhere!

The Blue Swirl is a beautiful glass dildo that is sure to please with it's textured swirls, easy maintenance, and affordable price. If you're new to glass, or have been curious about texture, this is one toy you should add to your collection because it won't disappoint!

All in all, I think I bought my glass piece for looks. I was wanting to branch out and try something new. However, this piece has no give to it, so you can't get down and dirty, so to speak, without having to worry about bruising, if you like hard thrusts.

The blue swirl is one eye pleasing glass dildo, the raised blue spiraling texture is pretty damn captivating. It doesn't matter your experience level with glass dildos, this is still perfect for you. It can be used vaginally along with anally. You can use any lube of your choosing and experiment with temperature play. The blue swirl is bound to please and you won't regret having him.

This dildo is both beautiful and pleasurable. It can be used in many different ways, so play around and find out which one gives you the best experience. Cleaning is a breeze and since it is made of glass, you can sterilize it. Recommended highly for people interested in temperature play.

The Blue Swirl is a decent sized glass dildo with a small price tag and an indefinite life span if cared for properly. It is gorgeous, the texture is moderate and amazing, and beginners and more advanced users alike will likely enjoy this simple yet perfect dildo. Whether you are curious about starting with glass, looking into texture or are a seasoned pro, the Blue Swirl will have something to offer.

This is a great glass beginner toy that can be used for many functions. Its affordable price makes it even better. However, as far as anal and gender play usage is concerned, the Blue Swirl has a couple drawbacks.

I do really love this toy, it's a great toy for anyone looking to try a glass toy with lots of texture, and well worth the price!

This is my first experience with a glass toy, and I'm sure now that it won't be my last. This is one of my new favorite toys, because it's just so fun to use. G-spot stimulation, or anal play. Any kind of lube. Temperature play. There are just so many ways to use it! I love it's smaller size, and it's ability to still pack a punch! It also doesn't need batteries, so there's a fantastic reason to use it.

Blue swirl is overall an awesome piece of glass. It has a large amount of texture, but really is not too much. If you love swirls, you will love the blue swirl.

If you're interested in trying glass toys this is one to start with, and since it has a low price tag it could be work it. This was our second glass one and I was not too thrilled with it at all. But for someone else who doesn't want something big, it would be worth it.

If you appreciate texture in toys and are a fan of glass then the Blue Swirl is a great choice for both! It has a neat design and is sure to please both vaginally, anally and teasing! Perfect for temperature play as well as time in the bath or shower!

This is my first experience with glass and it will not be my last! I loved the Blue Swirl for it's artistic aspects as well as what it can do for me physically what with its shape, weight, and ability to adapt to various temperatures.

This is a beautiful piece of glass that is swirled, but only provides a moderate amount of texture. The texture is stimulating but not overwhelming, so those new to texture will find this quite satisfying.

The Blue Swirl is both a treat to your eyes and your nether-regions. The lovely swirled texture feels amazing and provides a little extra stimulation without being too much for those beginning to explore textures. It's a very classic size and shape which can appeal to most women (and men) out there for vaginal and anal play. With this beauty, you can't go wrong.

I think that the Blue Swirl is an awesome product. I would recommend to all, as it is a great glass toy. The Swirl is made of glass, which means it lovely and easily cleaned. It may not be the best choice for unusual angles, as it is not flexible. It slides in easily and has a comfortable feel. All in all, I say it is a fabulous toy and am thrilled I have it. It is non-threatening and lovely, so it is a good way to get someone interested in using toys, or to just use on yourself!

The Blue Swirl by SSA Glass is a dildo that features a blue, swirled texture. It can be used internally (for both anal and vaginal play) or externally. The size and the fact that the texture is pretty moderate make it nice for those who don't have a lot of experience with texture. If you are a big fan of texture and are looking for something highly textured, I don't highly recommend this one.

This is a standout toy for me simply because of the texture. We have multiple glass toys, but this one is the one that we reach for the most.

I think this is an item that is worth it because it can be used in so many ways: solo, with partners, or whatever suits that moment. It will make you cum as long as you can last and handle it, but you're going to have to put in the work for it because there is no help with this one in finding the G-SPOT!

As the title states, this toy is BLUE MAGIC! It is very easy to manipulate and provides several different experiences in one toy. It is very low cost and low maintenance.

This is a great beginner glass dildo, simple and still awesome feeling. There is a lot of versatility with this that will make beginners and experienced users truly happy.

Give in to the spiraling sensations of this glass dildo and you won't be disappointed. Not only is this beauty a work of art, it is absolutely functional as well. The combination of the smooth rounded head and raised swirled shaft gives your pussy a stimulation like no other.

Get your swirl on with the Blue Swirl Dildo! It may be simple and look similar to so many other glass dildos of its shape, size, and style, but bottom line, this toy will get you excited and make you come. It is small and light-weight enough for travel, and also pretty enough that you will just want to proudly display it somewhere in your house for everyone to see and admire.

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