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Realistic dildo with balls discontinued

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I am over the moon with this product. I get my money's worth out of it between using it on my own and having my guy use it on me.

Oh Johnny, where have you been all my life! This dual-density dildo is the most realistic feeling toy I've ever had the pleasure of using. The details of the piece are impressive, the variety of uses is wonderful, and the safe material makes it a sure choice. Some might find fault with the color options, and others might find that the size doesn't work out for them, but for the average user, it doesn't get any better than Johnny!

Johnny Vixskin is my all time favorite sex toy. He is truly amazing and I think everyone should own him.

If you are looking for a toy that is larger than average and feels realistic, I highly recommend this toy. It feels great and can really hit the g spot quite nicely.

If you're looking for 'one dildo to rule them all', Johnny well may be that dildo. He excels in pegging and for oral play. He's great in a harness or on his own. He's easy to take care of and very durable. He's not cheap, but he's worth it. For me, Johnny is as close to perfect as it gets.

I paid regular price for Johnny and I don't regret it. If you can find him on sale, please opt for the Vixskin option. He's my favorite dildo at the moment. And after writing this review, I think it's time for a little alone time with Johnny.

I was really torn about which Johnny I should get. After a long while of debating, I'm really glad that I chose Vixskin -- it's really a step above anything else I have for anal use. Very plush and has a ton of give to it, so I don't feel like it's too big. Very realistic look and feel. Props to Vixen Creations.

Where there's a will, there's a way, and Johnny is determined to charm you. He might be soft on the outside, but he's not some silly invertebrate of a dildo. However you use him, you will return his devotion and play with him again and again.

Overall, this item is definitley worth trying. I say the only thing that could be holding anyone back is the size of this, not so much in length but in girth.

Johnny is an all-around amazing toy. His looks, curve, material, feel, and dual density all contributed to making Johnny the awesome dildo he is. As VixSkin stated, Johnny is "worth every inch", and therefore I honestly can't even consider the price a con. Sure, it would be nice for him to be cheaper, but all it takes is one use to see that he is worth it. Highly recommended!

If you like fairly large toys, Johnny is definitely your guy. He is one of the larger cocks available from Vixen Creations, and one of the best I have used overall. He's not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced, but if you feel like you're up to him, Johnny can definitely blow your mind.

I really like Johnny. I'm glad that I chose to get him in the vixskin and not silicone. I don't think I would have liked him as much. Johnny is very realistic in both look and texture. He's just simply beautiful. He's perfect for anyone doesn't matter your gender or orientation. He's perfect for harness play. He's perfect for anal and vaginal use. I cannot get enough of Johnny or vixskin for that matter.

Small, cheap, poor imitation dildos got you down? Then pay Johnny a visit. He's got the gift of girth and a material like no other. This is an investment that will keep you coming back for more. Pun intended.

Johnny is a nice piece of silicone man meat. You'll have tons of fun and orgasms with this dildo. It's pretty thick and might be too large for some, but compared to other dildos with its girth (6") it's pretty plush and the squeeze has a lot of give. This dildo is a ride you can jump on and ride all night. Johnny is fantastically crafted and very high quality. Vixen Creations makes some of the best and most realistic dildos available, and Johnny Vixskin is definitely among one of their best.

Johnny is by far my favorite of all the Vixskin models available. The plushest of the bunch, the soft material remains realistic while also extra comforting for oral sex or penetration. It's perfectly lengthy and generous in girth, but doesn't overdo it and can be comfortable for beginners or more experienced users. Harness compatible and a great addition to my collection, Johnny is the perfect higher end dildo for anyone looking for performance without giving up appearance.

House of Wolves-Part 1 *Johnny*

Johnny was my first dual density dildo. He performed so well, that I have bought at least 10 more (realistic and non-realistic)! He was a great introduction to silicone dildos, and I will always adore him. Sometimes Johnny will leave me sore the next day, so sadly he is not the first dildo I tend to grab for everyday use. I cannot say enough about Johnny, and I honestly can't imagine my sex life without him!

The VixSkin Johnny is a great choice if you're in the market for a large, realistic dildo that hits the spot, and hits it well. While it's definitely too large for beginners and likely not big enough for the more experienced size queens, the Johnny is far from a John Doe if you're looking for a trusted name to satisfy you when you're in the mood for a girthier toy.

Johnny is in a league of his own, with his big head and his flexibility he has a lot of uses. He's definitely a contender for best dildos out there.

Johnny is the cock I would chose if I could only have one. He's not a specialty guy, but rather a jack of all trades. Not slim, but not a monster, with just the right amount of curve. He is realistic to the touch, incredibly versatile, easy to sterilize and share, and comes with a lifetime guarantee! No bells and whistles, just simple quality craftsmanship.

I can't be any happier with Johnny. He turned out to be the perfect size, has just the right amount of squish, and even his dark chocolate color is lovely. Besides having to store him where he can't be dented or squished, there is nothing bad to say about Johnny.

If you're looking for something a little more realistic and on the slightly "bigger" end, give Johnny a spin. If G-spot stimulation is important to you, he's your guy.

Johnny is an amazing toy, but be sure what you're getting into if you are less experienced. Otherwise I think this is one of those toys that every dildo fan should own. He is a classic and a joy to own and play with.

The VixSkin Johnny is a realistic-looking dildo that has detailed placed into the shaft, head, testicles, and skin color for the most realistic experience. However, the shaft's material does produce quite a bit of drag, so if you don't like that, make sure to use lots of lubricant or cover it with a condom. Regardless, the VixSkin Johnny is certainly a good, realistic dildo!

I learned that Johnny can hold a place in my heart as a solid cock and deliver in different ways that surprised me. Although, initially I was taken aback by him, I have moved on from it and enjoy Johnny with my lover for all his pleasure. It took me a while, but I know that Johnny can indeed stand on his own - even as a "gawky teenager".

If only Johnny was made from milk chocolate along with looking as though he is. He may not have lasted anywhere near what VixSkin will, but I would have been far more satisfied! Although he was an expensive disappointment, I will be trying another one of Vixen's boys.

Johnny is the perfect companion for anyone who is willing to drop the cash. He will last a lifetime and his VixSkin is soft and pliable yet firm enough to feel like the real thing. Despite the strange almost stickiness that he gets from being stored, he is well worth the wait and I strongly encourage you to get him!

In a world crowded with contenders, VixSkin Johnny is a standout product. If you could only keep one dildo in your dresser - this might very well be the one you'd choose. I know the price is high - but there is enough value here to justify the cost. I expect to get way more than 100 orgasms out of this toy - so ask yourself if you'd pay a $1 for an orgasm in a world of $10 lattes!

This dildo is the pinnacle of soft and lifelike toys. It is made of safe and comfortable VixSkin, and with care will last for a very long time. It is suitable for traditional and anal insertion, and due to its realistic balls, is ideal for use with a harness.

Johnny, you're such a softy

If you're fully warmed up by other means beforehand, you will have a first class experience with vixskin Johnny. But he's a very soft dildo, so he doesn't provide the level of stimulation that other vixskin toys do, despite his size.

If you want the perfect dildo that you can use in a variety of ways then choose the Johnny. You can pack with it, use it in may different positions, it is easy to clean, etc. Definitely worth the price!

Johnny is a girthy, realistic dildo that feels real and is made from Vixskin. He provides a nice feeling of fullness and ,due to the subtle curve and ridges head, can also stimulate the g-spot. Overall I think the is a GREAT toy for those who can take one of this girth.

The search for the ultimate dildo ends here! Why keep throwing your money away on toys that don't last and aren't safe for your body? Johnny will blow your mind with his realistic, skin-like touch and his satisfying size. Don't hesitate on this one!

This toy is as close to the real thing you can get. Incredibly realistic and worth every single penny. Detail including veining is perfect.

My second favorite penis is Johnny, made of vixskin. Beautiful, hot, attractive, and just delicious looking, he's an excellent dildo for g-spotting, p-spotting, and filling a person up just the right amount. He's not overly large, but has a good girth to him, so he's bound to please and can be used with ease.

Vixen Creations has taken one of their most popular dildo designs, "Johnny", and remade it in their exclusive VixSkin material. The result is an amazingly realistic dildo that warms to your body temperature quickly and feels very much like the real thing. Best of all, it's hypoallergenic, phthalate free, and very easy to clean.

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