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My Big Chocolate Boy

Johnny is a girthy, realistic dildo that feels real and is made from Vixskin. He provides a nice feeling of fullness and ,due to the subtle curve and ridges head, can also stimulate the g-spot. Overall I think the is a GREAT toy for those who can take one of this girth.
Girthy; Stimulates g-spot; Feels real
Price and balls may be a con for some
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Johnny Vixskin is for those looking for something with a good amount more girth than the average penis or dildo. Being made of Vixskin, Johnny is very squishy on the outside with a firm inner core that keeps it shape. He works great for thrusting and for stimulating the g-spot, due to his gentle curve and his slightly ridged head. The balls and base also work well for slight clitoral stimulation. Because of the balls, he is safe for anal play (for those who can accomodate a larger girth). All of these aspects make Johnny a great dildo for the more advanced user! This luscious chocolate cock has never dissapointed me.
    • G-spot
    • Vagina

Material / Texture

As soon as I took Johnny out of the box I fell in love with Vixskin! It is so squishy that it is hard to let go of, yet it still has a nice firmness to it and is very dense, but also flexible. In my opinion, Johnny feels very real. If you were to grab an erect penis, you would notice the squishiness but also how hard it was at the same time, and this is what Johnny feels like to me except he is a tiny bit squishier than the real deal.
There is no smell or taste to this material. I am sure about the tasteless nature of Johnny because this is the first toy that I have really wanted to feel in my mouth! I have to admit he is a lot to take orally, but for those who want to practice, then this consistency of this toy feels just like real oral sex. I sucked on Johnny like he was really made of chocolate and was glad I found a toy that I like using for practice.

Johnny is very realistic, down to the veins on the shaft and the slight swirled pattern on the balls. I do not feel most of the veins when is use, but the few closest to the base can be felt when this area is rubbing against my clitoris.So during use, Johnny feels pretty smooth.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Johnny is the most realistic dildo that I have in my collection, and is the only toy that I own that has balls. The balls work well for a handle and the top of the base feels nice rubbing my clit. Johnny also has a gentle curve and a slightly ridged head that feels wonderful internally and allows me to stimulate my g-spot very well.
He is a total of 7 inches long with an insertable length of 6 inches, which is just about average (or a little bit longer) of a real penis. I find this length to be pleasurable because it does not pound into your cervix when thrusting and I can take it all in. Johnny is large when it comes to the diameter and girth at 1 7/8 inches in diameter and 6 inches in circumference, he is by far my largest toy. I would only recommend him to advanced users or those who know they like girth and can accomodate this a toy of this size. This was my first experience with a toy of this size and found that more warm up and extra lube was needed, however I really enjoyed the feeling of fullness and being stretched without it being painful.He is also pretty hefty weighing about 1 lb. I love the weight of this as well, it feels more substantial than my glass toys which is great!
Its like having all of the great aspects of a real dick, but in larger proportions and it is AMAZING.

Due to the size and shape of this dildo it is not very easy to travel with. Also, the box that he comes in is completely see through, so there is no discretion.
    • Realistic


I love using Johnny for when I want girth and nice g-spot stimulation. The ridge on the head provides a more subtle "pop" sensation that I enjoyed a lot. Even though this material is squishy, you can still feel the head as it moves in and out and goes deeper into your body. I enjoy ridges heads, but some may find this uncomfortable due to their body shape. He provides a great feeling of fullness because of the girth and creates a more realistic experience for me due to the balls and squishiness. I was beyond impressed when I was able to squirt with this toy since this is something that I have only been able to do once before.

Even though he is large, there were no problems taking him in with a warm up and lube. I have not had a bad experience with Johnny and he has lived up to his expectations over the past few weeks, so I do not have any complaints about him. I can't believe I went so long without trying a Vixskin toy!
    • Comfortable
    • Not discreet at all

Care and Maintenance

Vixskin is a dual density silicone that feels very realistic. It has a slightly tacky feel to it, so it picks up hair a lot easier than normal silicone. Vixskin is a little more delicate than normal silicone in the sense that it is more prone to punctures (if you plan on using or storing your toy in a place where this can happen than you might want to think again). I find that it is best to store in the original packaging so that it is protected from these things and will not pick up a ton of lint. I have also read in other reviews that it is best to store Vixskin toys standing up and not under other objects so that they keep their shape.

When it comes to cleaning,it is simple. Wash with warm water and anti bacterial soap or to disinfect boil for 3 mins or wipe down with a 10% bleach solution. After washing, let it air dry because using a cloth will leave a lot of lint on Johnny.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I have seen that other Vixskin toys come packaged in a cylinder that can be used for storing, however due to Johnny's balls, he comes in a plastic clamshell box that also works well for storing. This packaging is not discreet at all! It is clear and you can see all of your giant new cock soon as it comes out of the shipping box. If I leave this box out in my apartment I can't help but look at the giant chocolate cock that is calling to me! I just have to open it and touch it because it feels so wonderful,and there are days when I just leave Johnny out all day so I can indulge whenever I want to.
The back of the box has care instructions and mentions Vixen Creation's lifetime warranty and has their website information.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

Overall I really love Johnny. He has quickly risen about my other toys and is now my favorite silicone toy! Before I ordered him I was afraid that it would be too big and that it would take a very long time to be able to take him, but I was wrong. It did require a little more warm up and a good amount of lube, but he feels really good inside of me and is not painful at all. I hope to try more Vixskin toys in the future as I am a new lover of this material.
Johnny is the Chocolate King in my toy collection. I find myself reaching for him A LOT!


After warm up and proper lubrication, initial insertion with Johnny feels like real vaginal sex to me because of the way he pushes at my enterance and causing a slight, pleasurable stretching sensation. I love the way the girth of this toy makes my contractions during orgasm feel WAY more intense. I notice every contraction and have found my orgasms to be better and last a little longer when using Johnny.
In addition to inserting Johnny with his balls down ( like a regular penis), I sometimes enjoy the balls facing up. The curve feels different and the balls provide more clitoral stimulation.

Overall, Johnny has the shape and detailing of the perfect cock, just larger! Any guy with a cock that looks and feels like this has bragging rights in my book.
Follow-up commentary
Oh Johnny, I still adore this dildo! I do not know how I survived without this toy for so long. I use Johnny very often and he has continued to give me great orgasms from day one. He is the king of my toy collection and I highly suggest others give him a try (as long as this size is something comfortable for you).
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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