House of Wolves-Part 1 *Johnny*

Johnny was my first dual density dildo. He performed so well, that I have bought at least 10 more (realistic and non-realistic)! He was a great introduction to silicone dildos, and I will always adore him. Sometimes Johnny will leave me sore the next day, so sadly he is not the first dildo I tend to grab for everyday use.
I cannot say enough about Johnny, and I honestly can't imagine my sex life without him!
Dual density silicone, Very realistic shaft, Base acts as handle, Nice curve, Harness compatible
Too big/soft for some, Pronounced head may catch on pubic bone, Curve will not fit everyone
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Warning: Following review is very picture heavy in order to show comparisons and details!
Johnny is a great all around dildo. It has a nice curve for G-spot or P-spot stimulation, but it will not hit everyone's sweet spot. Having a shallow G-spot, I find this curve to be just right most of the time. I do wish it was just a tad bit more firm though.
The flared base with testicles makes this one safe for anal, and it makes this toy harness compatible.
I wish I could say that this toy worked well in the shower, but there is just too much drag. As we all know, draggy toys need lube. Water based lube and showers do not mix well at all.
I will mention this over and over, but the pronounced head can catch on the pubic bone.
Johnny is beautifully made and definitely feels real.
    • G-spot
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

Johnny is made out of VixSkin dual density silicone. Not only is this material one of the safest on the market, it is the most realistic. Dual density just means that there is a firm inner core with a squishy, skin-like silicone layer on top.
When I first started out with toys, I would buy the cheap stuff. The cheap materials always came with stinky smells that almost never went away, and they would harbor bacteria. I had constant yeast infections, and I would be in a constant state of frustration wondering what was causing them. After I joined Eden, I quickly learned about materials and their safety when it came to the body. There is nothing I hate more now than a porous dildo. I quickly dived into the world of silicone, and I have never looked back. Silicone has spoiled me, but after constantly being sick with infections I think I am worth it!
Johnny came to me smell and taste free. He is non porous and can be sanitized by boiling or bleaching.
He is pretty flexible. When he is held by the base there is a little bit of flop, but he always maintains his nice G-spot curve. The base is firm, and it should hold up well in a harness. I wish I could tell you how well it works in a harness, but my partner and I have no need of a harness so we do not have one.
The silicone has quite a bit of drag, but the bottom of the base is very smooth and shiny.

    • Flexible
    • Harness compatible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Johnny has a very realistic, pronounced head. There is a nice, detailed frenulum. There are multiple veins that run up and down the shaft, and they are raised enough to be felt during use. The pronounced head can catch on the pubic bone, so be careful. Under the head is a gathering of skin, and this as well is very detailed with wrinkles included. Johnny is complete with a set of testicles. They are wrinkled and can be squished in, but they do not really feel like real testicles to me. I find the balls to be very flat and lacking in shape, but one testicle is raised higher than the other. There is a ridge going all the way down the underside of the shaft.
This is a pretty thick toy, so even though the material has some give to it I do not think this is a great beginners toy. The base makes this toy anal safe if you are daring enough to try this thing anally.
Johnny has a great G-spot curve, and it never fails to please me. Some might find the curve to be too shallow, and some might find the head to lack the firmness they need in order to achieve a G-spot orgasm.
The shaft easily bends in half, but it does not buckle whenever I apply pressure during insertion. It also bounces back to its original shape very quickly.
Due to the extremely real look and design, this toy is not discreet at all. It looks like an honest to goodness penis.
The head is extremely plush. The entire shaft is plush, but the underside of the penis is more firm than the rest of the shaft.
The dildo is very top heavy, so the base does not like to stay completely flat. I do not have a problem with it tipping over though.
Total length-7"
Insertable length-6 1/4"
Diameter of head-1 7/8"
Diameter of shaft- 1 5/8"
Width of base-(including testicles) 1 1/2", (without testicles) 1/2"
Length of base-4 7/8"

    • Realistic


I have had this dildo for about 6 months now, and it has held up magnificently. The material is still in perfect condition. I have not noticed any dents or tears in the material. The caramel color has not bled, and it looks the same as the day it arrived.
My only issue is that the head sometimes likes to catch on my pubic bone especially when I am grinding or riding it. I do not really have a problem with it catching when I am on my back or when my husband or I am thrusting really hard and fast.
The G-spot curve really hits me in all the right spots. If you are a man, and you want to try this anally, I really think Johnny could hit the P-spot. Not only will it massage your prostate, but it will stretch and fill you up like no other.
I really love Johnny, and if anything happens to him I will definitely make haste to replace him. I never want to be without my Johnny.
I find that the shiny base is sometimes difficult to keep a grasp on whenever my hands are all lubed up.

Care and Maintenance

Johnny is super easy to clean and care for.
He is a lint and hair magnet, so I suggest washing it down before use.
After using him you can clean with warm water and antibacterial soap.
There are other options of course. A favorite toy cleaner, boiling for 3-5 minutes, wiping down with a 10% bleach solution, or putting it in the top rack of the dishwasher with no soap are other ways to clean and sanitize this big boy.
I use the original packaging for storage, and it has held up for months now. If you find it to be too bulky, you can always use a Ziploc bag.
I suggest only water based lubricants with this toy. However, if you want to try a silicone lubricant I suggest doing a patch test on the base first.
Even though Johnny is made of silicone, I still suggest a condom if sharing with a partner.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


This dildo came to me in a see through plastic box. It is not discreet at all. The front of the box says "VixSkin-Worth Every Inch". The back has some cleaning and care information as well as some information about the toy. I love to use this box for storage. After months and months of opening and closing, it has held up very well. It is a pretty sturdy little box.

    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Somewhat informative

Personal comments

Here is where I will show you some comparison photos between Johnny and other dual density dildos. Look at my feast of realistic dildos!

1.)Johnny vs. Lone Star. Both are from Vixen Creations, and both are in the caramel color. I find Johnny to be a little softer than Lone Star, and Lone Star lacks a curve. Both still manage to give me some great orgasms though! Both have a pronounced head, detailed veins, and balls.

2.)Johnny vs. VIP Super Soft. VIP is much, much more soft than Johnny. VIP is better for slow thrusts, and Johnny is better for fast thrusts. VIP is better for giving oral and practicing how to deep throat. Both have a G-spot curve, but Johnny's is firmer. This just means that Johnny gives better G-spot pressure. Johnny easily stays upright, but it is a job in its own to keep the VIP sitting on its base. Johnny's head is super pronounced compared to VIP's head. Johnny is also super detailed when compared to VIP's sleek shaft. VIP is not a dual density dildo. Instead, he is made entirely out of the soft O2 material.

3.)Johnny vs. O2 Mikey. Mikey is obviously shorter than Johnny, which is great for those with shallow vaginal canals. Mikey's head is shinier in appearance. Johnny's surface is less tacky or sticky in my opinion. Mikey does not have any detailed veins except for the frenulum. Johnny is overall more realistic. Mikey lacks a huge curve, but makes up for it with a nice girth. Mikey does not have any testicles to get in the way, but he does have safe flared base. Mikey is from the realistic O2 line by Tantus.

4.)Johnny vs. Goodfella. Goodfella is overall slimmer and shorter. Johnny's base is designed so that the balls be tucked behind the harness. Goodfella's base allows the testicles to be in full view. I find Goodfella's testicles to be squishier and more realistic than Johnny's balls. Both are very realistic in design. Both have pronounced heads and raised veins. I much prefer my Goodfella as an everyday dildo. Johnny's large size usually leaves me a little sore the next day. Goodfella is softer than Johnny in my opinion.

5.)Johnny vs. O2 Luke. Luke definitely has a larger diameter, but I feel that he is softer than Johnny. This, of course, makes Luke feel smaller than his 2" diameter. Luke, just like Mikey, has a shiny head. Luke has balls that are located on the base, and they are much more pronounced and softer than Johnny's balls. Luke has raised veins on the shaft just like Johnny. Both of their heads are pronounced, which means that they both might cause issues when it comes to catching on pubic bones. Luke does not have a curve, and his surface feels tackier.

I was supposed to have O2 Adam and O2 Mark in by this Friday, but we all know how the post office can be!
Once I get them in, I will try to post some comparison photos.
Well there you have it! I hope you found these comparisons helpful in your decisions regarding which dildo is the right one for you. Stay tuned for the next part of my House of Wolves review series!
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