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Johnny, you're such a softy

If you're fully warmed up by other means beforehand, you will have a first class experience with vixskin Johnny. But he's a very soft dildo, so he doesn't provide the level of stimulation that other vixskin toys do, despite his size.
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softer than ideal
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Vixskin Johnny is a good choice for those looking for a very soft, girthy dildo made of premium materials. This good looking toy requires a little more work than firmer toys but still can be a very good experience.

Material / Texture

Vixskin Johnny is made of Vixen Creations' wonderful dual core silicone material. It has a very soft squishy outer layer and a firmer core running through the middle. Vixskin Johnny is much softer than Lonestar and Randy. I'm not sure whether this is intentional or whether this will be the case for all vixskin Johnnys. It could be that there is some variability between batches and the vixskin Johnny that I have happens to be super soft.

There are raised veins on the surface of Johnny's shaft, but I don't feel them. They are just too soft. Certainly whatever texture Johnny has will not bother beginners or others who may not like texture.

I can easily bend Johnny completely in half. He's as bendable as he is squishy.

Design / Shape / Size

Johnny is a sizable dildo with a girth of five and three quarters inches. His shaft curves moderately, although I'm not sure that this results in extra G-spot stimulation, like you would expect. Because he is so soft and bendable, the curved shaft doesn't give as much extra pressure as you might hope.

The base looks well-suited for use in a harness. The base material extends out quite a bit from the shaft and is a full quarter of an inch thick. The material sticking out from the shaft also serves to make Johnny easy to hold.

Johnny's balls are substantial. They can occasionally get in the way of the bed or the edge of the bathtub if you're not positioned just right so they're not in the way.


The first time I used Johnny was incredible. He felt so very good. But every other time since then hasn't met my expectations. I think its the softness that prevents him from being all that he could be. Lonestar is not as squishy and as a result gives stronger stimulation.

While its possible to have an excellent experience with vixskin Johnny, you'll need to be fully warmed up and aroused first. Have a clitoral orgasm first or at least a good amount of clitoral stimulation. While other toys can bring you from zero to sixty, vixskin Johnny requires you to already be at forty before you can reach top speed.

Care and Maintenance

Vixskin is a more delicate silicone than other silicone formulations. I wouldn't allow this to touch other silicone toys. Don't keep it wrapped in cloth of any kind or an oily substance will leach out of it and stain the material.

I suggest storing it upright or in the clamshell package it arrives in.

It can be bleached or boiled to sterilize it. Washing and towel drying is sufficient to keep it clean for day to day use.

Only use water based lubes with Johnny.

Personal comments

When I reviewed O2 Mikey, I offered a list of the relative softness of various dildos. Now that I have vixskin Johnny, I feel obliged to update that list:

vixskin Johnny ************(12)
Mr Softee ********** (10)
Lonestar ******** (8)
O2 Rascal ***** (5)
O2 Mikey **** (4)
O2 Revolution *** (3)
Rascal ** (2)
Pure Wand (0)

In order for a dildo to be an excellent experience, its necessary for its size and softness/hardness to be a good match with the size and sensitivity of the user. While for many people, vixskin Johnny will be wonderful, I don't believe he's a good match for me.


That first time with Johnny was so awesome. His curve allowed his tip to fully massage my G-spot and deeper regions. He felt real. I was happy.

But after repeated tries, I haven't been nearly that successful with him again. Maybe he requires correct planetary alignment along with pre-stimulation.

I have good success with Lonestar though, a vixskin dildo with the same circumference, so I believe its Johnny's softness that makes him a bit less of a powerhouse than Lonestar.

I wanted to love Johnny. I really did. He's so good looking. Even though he's made of the highest quality materials and and the finest construction, he's just too soft to provide the level of stimulation that other vixskin dildos can - at least for this reviewer. Even his generous girth didn't save him.

I'm tempted to give Johnny three stars based on how my experience is on average, but I'm giving it four stars because for its high quality construction and potential to deliver an incredibly good experience under the right circumstances.
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  • Mr. John
    A great review, with really good information.
  • alextge
    Thanks for the heads up about the softness
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