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Vixen Creations has taken one of their most popular dildo designs, "Johnny", and remade it in their exclusive VixSkin material. The result is an amazingly realistic dildo that warms to your body temperature quickly and feels very much like the real thing. Best of all, it's hypoallergenic, phthalate free, and very easy to clean.
Very safe material. Lifelike design. Easy to care for.
Dry surface is a bit tacky.
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If you're looking for a large realistic dildo that doesn't require elaborate care and cleaning, then meet Johnny VixSkin. From the flat base of wrinkled balls to the supple head of the cock, Johnny's about as realistic as you can get in a sex toy.

Johnny's versatile too; harness compatible, safe for anal sex, and a true challenge for people who want to expand their oral sex skills. It's a girthy toy though, so be sure to check the size specifications before you make a date with this big boy.

Material / Texture

VixSkin is an amazing innovation in sex toy materials, feeling more lifelike than any other we've encountered so far. It's supple, firm, and has a reasonable amount of "give" and movement to the surface. You cannot literally slide the skin up and down if you jack the toy, but you can squeeze and manipulate it just the slightest bit, like with an erect penis. The head of Johnny VixSkin is squishier than the shaft, which makes it more comfortable during initial penetration.

As realistic as it is though, VixSkin is actually made of 100% nonporous premium grade silicone. That means it's hypo-allergenic, phthalate free, and completely safe for the human body. Oral connoisseurs will be happy to know that it has virtually no scent or taste either.

Vixskin's only downfall is that it's a bit sticky. Not sticky as in leaving a residue (it doesn't) but more like "grabby". It collects lint and hair easily, and creates a considerable drag against the skin if you don't use lube. That's something that isn't unusual with silicone toys though.

Design / Shape / Size

Johnny's a hefty toy, with nearly a pound in weight to fill whatever orifice you desire. There's only a little over 6" of insertable length, but the girthy 1-7/8" diameter means that it may take even the more experienced toy users a little work (and a lot of lube) to be able to accommodate him.

This dildo sports a dual-density design, meaning the squeezable outer skin is held erect by a firmer silicone core. The head is pronounced, though not excessively so, but the shaft is pretty much a uniform size.

Vixen Creations paid * a lot* of attention to detail when designing this dido. The head is beautifully mushroomed, with a subtle urethral opening and well-defined frenulum that is heavily wrinkled beneath. The shaft has the natural vertical ridge along the underside, with subtle veins, indentions and other "skin" imperfections that a real penis has. Pretty impressive, especially when you consider the fact that these dildos are all handcrafted.

The base is where the realism fades a bit. There's approximately the top third of a pair of balls, and then it's flat underneath. The balls are wrinkled so the texture is convincing, but this area gives way to the harder silicone that allows you to set the dildo down and use it hands-free.


Every movement of Johnny VixSkin is believable. Held with the base against the body, it bobs convincingly. Gripped roughly in the hand, it flexes like a real cock would. And if you slap it against your partner's ass cheeks, both the sensation and the sound is as close to real as it gets.

Johnny VixSkin may seem intimidating at first, but with lube and patience it's easier to insert than other brands of silicone toys that are a smaller size. If you can normally handle a 1-1/2" dildo, you could probably take a 1-3/4" to 2" VixSkin just as easily because of how the material compresses.

The shorter length works in your favor with this material too, because even though the dildo flexes it doesn't bend enough to make insertion difficult, and it's comfortable in all positions.

Care and Maintenance

VixSkin is easy to take care of. Just wash it with antibacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner and you're good to go. If you plan to share this toy or switch orifices with it, you should sanitize it either by using a 10% bleach solution, boiling it for three minutes, or putting it in the dishwasher.

Since it's a bit of a lint magnet, you will want to store Johnny VixSkin in something like a Ziploc bag, or its original packaging.

Use only water-based lubes with VixSkin.


Johnny comes packaged in a simple clear plastic clamshell-type box that's hinged at the bottom. It's got the VixSkin logo on the front, and a label of product info on the back. Nothing fancy, and no space wasted. The front and back are completely flat, so if you intend to use the box for storage you'll have no problem stacking it with other items on a shelf or in a drawer.


Michele says:
It's fucking awesome (excuse my language). This was my first VixSkin toy, and up until now I thought Tantus' O2 material was realistic, but this has it beat. Working up to insertion didn't take much time at all, and it gives a perfect sense of fullness without pain. I could even move around and change positions with Johnny inserted with no problem.

My absolute favorite way to use this toy is to give Alan a solo show on the floor. The base keeps Johnny in place so after the initial insertion I can literally ride it hands free. I found that it works better for me with short thrusts, because the curve makes it so I can really feel the head pressing on my G-spot. Orgasm achieved in a very short time!

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering about Johnny's wrinkles and veins, I didn't feel them in an easily definable way. There was an overall impression of texture variation, but nothing specific. It was the size and the head that created the most sensation.

Alan says:
I only used the toy once, not on myself mind you, and it wasn't hard to hold or thrust with it.
As the owner of a real cock, I'm impressed with how lifelike this toy is. I think if you walked around with this thing hanging out of your pants, it'd fool enough people to probably get you arrested. Frat house jokes come to mind there.
Follow-up commentary
After more than a year and a half since we first reviewed it, this is still the best dildo we have. There have been a few that have come close to it, but nothing has beat it yet!
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