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Sasha Grey signature swell wand reviews

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Sasha's glass wand is a perfect double ended wand to be used both anally and vaginally. I don't know what I didn't without it.

The Sasha Grey wand looks simple, sexy and unassuming, but it is so powerful. The combination of rigid glass, gentle swells along the shaft and a bulbous head add up to a really satisfying shape. The size is accessible for beginners and middle-of-the-road for advanced users. Like Sasha herself, the dildo is beautiful and made to play hard.

Elegantly crafted from black glass, the Swell is an erotic anal probe. It's gently slopes and bulges gently stimulate when you play. Easy to insert and control, the Swell is perfect for all users. Inspired by the Pron Queen Sasha Gray, this toy is designed for optimal anal pleasure.

Ridin the Waves

Another great glass piece that has the waves and gives a great popping sensation. This one doesn't disappoint and is a bit heavier than my other glass pieces. Great for temperature play!

The Sasha Grey Signature Swell Wand is a unique piece that I’m happy to own. I’ve never seen a toy that embodies its inspiration quite so well. From its sleek curves to its dark and attractive form, there are limitless pleasures hidden in this toy’s discreet design.

Sasha was my very first glass toy. To this day, it remains in my top 3 favorites. It never fails to get me off one way or another. You can own a toy that is durable, beautiful, and can be used for pleasure in a myriad of ways for a very affordable and reasonable price.

If this is on your wish list, get it! The texture may look boring but let me tell you, something about it just works.

Whether the Swell is your first or 50th glass toy, you're sure to be pleased! It's beautiful, has a sleek and sophisticated design, and most importantly feels GREAT! If you love glass toys, you certainly won't be disappointed.

Doc Johnson's Sasha Grey Signature Swell Wand really lives up to its name: the swells along the shaft sure make for a swell G-spotting experience! This beautiful, black glass dildo really does it all and I'm glad to have added it to my collection.

This thing should be in your life. I'm serious. At first I wasn't so sure what all of the buzz was about, but now I'm regretting not getting this sooner! The waved design is one of the most interesting ones I've encountered. It'll do a number on your G-spot while pleasing your entrances, as well. Each end gives a unique sensation. It's black glass which is a pretty rare find. Oh, and it's quite nice to look at, if you catch my drift. I would have paid twice the thrifty price for this gem.

Sasha, You're Wanderful.

Sasha's Wand is a great toy--as long as you know it's going to be a bit thinner than a lot of dildos. It's perfect for anal or vaginal play, and the slick surface and ability to play with temperatures combined with the reasonable price tag makes this a winner.

Sasha has such a fantastic product line with Doc Johnson, and this is no exception. I absolutely love this swell wand and it has become one of my favorite toys overall. Perfect for beginners since the swells are not extreme, but also wonderful for more experienced users looking for a nice glass toy.

The "swell" or waved design of the Sasha Grey Swell Wand is incredible. It is spaced perfectly so that you can feel each of the waves when used. They still manage not to be overwhelming, even for texture sensitive me. The hard glass material may be a bit much for some. For those who can enjoy it, the firm and unforgiving surface is a pleasure to the touch and in use. As my first glass piece in over three years, the Swell Wand was the perfect reintroduction.

The Swell Wand has a deep, dark color that is quite stunning. It's wavy shape is great for anal, but is a little too thin for vaginal, at least for me. If this was thicker and has less physical imperfections, it is quite possible it could be 5 stars. It might be for someone, but not for me.

The Sasha Swell Wand was my first glass toy, and it was love at first sight. I couldn't wait to have her dark curves inside of me. The bulbed ends and thick waves provide excellent g-spot stimulation and stimulation at the entrance of the vagina. The great texture/design will make advanced users fall in love with glass all over again, while beginners will not be intimidated by Sasha's girth.

Black beauty

Part of the Sasha Grey Signature toy collection, this black beauty is a good G-spot toy. Its a bit heavy and can be tiring on your wrist to use, but its lusciously big head offers great sensations.

This toy was very luring on the computer screen. I thought about purchasing it for weeks. I am so glad I did. This is my new favorite toy. This has amazing bulbs that work wonders for G spot stimulation. I recommend this toy to all glass lovers and all beginners to glass. Sasha you have one awesome toy here!

Swell is a sophisticated, sleek addition to the Sasha Grey Signature toy collection. It appears to embody the very image of Sasha — dark, mysterious, curvy and sleek. It's an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a glass piece and who appreciates the low-key sophistication of black glass.

Though unassuming and quiet, do not be surprised if you try the Sasha Grey Swell and find that, as the song says, it "kind of suits you anyway". This dildo is serious perhaps because it is so seriously good at what it does. Whether you are investing in your first glass dildo or adding something different, you won't go wrong here. I was amazed at just how good the Swell felt. Add this to the ease of use of a glass toy, and you have a winner.

Sasha Grey's swell is the toy everyone should have. Male, female, beginner or pro. This toy can work for anyone that is looking for a glass toy that is not only stylish but functional for them.

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