Oh, now I totally understand!

This thing should be in your life. I'm serious. At first I wasn't so sure what all of the buzz was about, but now I'm regretting not getting this sooner! The waved design is one of the most interesting ones I've encountered. It'll do a number on your G-spot while pleasing your entrances, as well. Each end gives a unique sensation. It's black glass which is a pretty rare find. Oh, and it's quite nice to look at, if you catch my drift. I would have paid twice the thrifty price for this gem.
Unique sensation, great for G-spot, glass is an awesome material, stunning visual appeal
Nothing at all!
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Before we kick off this review, I have a few comments:

Now, I'd been eyeing this for the good part of a year but never really felt as if I wanted it too much. I was interested in it mainly because the black glass was unique and would be a nice piece for my collection. After hearing it spoken of so highly by reviewers who had similar tastes I decided to give it a shot. Thanks, ladies. I owe a bucket full of orgasms to you all.

The Sasha Grey Swell Wand is quite a catch in the world of insertable objects. The wave design wasn't something I expected to really be too interesting, but it's something that can be much appreciated by us vagina bearing people. The size increases over the length of the wand which creates a really awesome experience. Your G-spot won't know what hit it, but it'll let you know how much it likes it. Both ends give a different sensation, so you've got twice the win here, too. Just make sure you don't get too crazy with it. In other words, watch your cervix. Bruises there aren't that fun.

Feeling a little more adventurous? It may not be the most ideal anal toy, but nothing says you can't use it for that. Hey, it might give you the same fun for your P-spot. Just make sure you don't go sticking it too far up there. It's be a little hard to lose up there, but still.

Bonus when it comes to glass? Yeah, it's a little chilly by nature, but I'm totally down for that. Want it colder? Throw it in the fridge or give it a dip in some cold water. Not into that? A bath in some warm water will keep you from jumping through the roof.

Plus, if your partner is one of those visual folks, they'll get a bunch of fun out of this one, too. It's pretty unique and a whole lot of hot.
    • Temperature play

Material / Texture

Woo, glass. I'm a lady who appreciates rigid objects. They play no games up inside your girlie parts (or wherever else you stick them) and provide a higher and more direct level of stimulation. Glass is always super slick and requires only the smallest amount of lube, so a drop or two should do you if you need it any at all. I'm also a girl who likes to keep it simple and I'm not a fan of texture at all. My bits are apparently quite sensitive. I very much appreciate that this one is super smooth, but not as boring as something that's just straight or curved. That's better than bumpy or swirly textures in my book (and vagina).

Not to mention, glass is fantastic as a material! Never going to absorb any gross germs or fluids that are a product of sexy times. It's completely hypoallergenic. You don't have to fuss over what lube is appropriate because they're all perfectly fine here. It holds up to use very well and unless you're throwing it at pavement or something, it's going to last pretty much forever. That alone makes it worth the rather thrifty proce.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

I don't know why it didn't occur to me until I got this wand what it was capable of and I was kicking myself for not getting it sooner. My glass toys usually just hang out in the toybox because they're all pretty blah to me, so that may have been part of it. The only rigid one I ever really dig out is the Pure Wand.

This thing, though. Holy crap. It's 8" of wavy goodness, so you've got a good bit of area to work with. The wand increases it int's wavy manner from 1 1/8" to 1 3/8". For some reason, it seems more intense than the O2 Cush I have that's 1 3/4" in diameter. This is probably due to the rigidity of the material. Crazy, right?

What I appreciate about this design is that the different ends offer different sensations. The smaller end is where you catch more of the waves, while the larger end is more of a bulbous experience. I've never really felt the need to insert it more than half way, or really ever past the first wave. I've tried, but it seems like it's enough, even on the small end. The larger one is enough whoa is enough by itself, too. It's slightly more pronounced than the other waves so it's all about some G-spot stimulation.

I also love the uniqueness of the black glass. It gives it a slightly classy and dark (no, not because it's black or anything) look to it, kinda like Sasha, herself. Something a little more ominous that something pink and translucent, for sure. That's also why I was drawn to it. Plus, my partner has a huge crush on her and he was actually the one who picked this out for that reason. And, I'll tell you this much, it's pretty nice to look at while in action. Score!
    • Whimsical / artistic


Really, I know I've gone on and on about the wave design, but it's really unique in my experience. The shape creates a unique feeling that I've found highly pleasurable. I always doubted the ability of "straight" dildos when it comes to G-spot stimulation, but this one is a master in that arena. The waves function the same way that curved designs do while still being able to be fully inserted and provide more of a filling feeling than those since they're not just targeting one specific area. The smaller end works incredibly well for this, too. That side is more of that "popping" in and out sensation (that's not the best word, but it's actually tough to really explain). The larger end's more bulbed shape is much more intense, but the waves become a little less apparent due to the decreasing size. This isn't one I had to be a contortionist with so I could target the right spots, either. It needs to only be slightly angled. Even while straight it still does a bunch of lovely things.

Overall, I'm quite impressed!
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

This is simple. Soap and water to get it clean, just don't use anything abrasive. Dishwasher is also an option. To sterilize it you can boil it, or wipe it down with alcohol. It doesn't collect lint and dust. (You know what? I'm starting to realize I like glass a little more than silicone for this reason.) There aren't any issues with storage. Don't go throwing it out windows or at pavement and you'll keep it in one piece. Any type of lube is perfectly fine with it.

The box isn't the best option for storage since the foam insert is a pain in the ass to get back in the box. However, if you take that foam insert out it's a workable option.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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