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The "swell" or waved design of the Sasha Grey Swell Wand is incredible. It is spaced perfectly so that you can feel each of the waves when used. They still manage not to be overwhelming, even for texture sensitive me. The hard glass material may be a bit much for some. For those who can enjoy it, the firm and unforgiving surface is a pleasure to the touch and in use. As my first glass piece in over three years, the Swell Wand was the perfect reintroduction.
Waved design, Small size, Easy to hold, Smooth surface, Feels amazing
Hard material may not be for everyone
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The Swell Wand is one of the toys in Sasha Grey's glass lineup. This one features "swells" or waves that increase in size as you get further down the dildo creating somewhat of a ripple effect. The dildo then finishes with a bulb at the end which some may be able to use for G spot stimulation.

The Swell Wand can be used vaginally. The bulb at the end can make somewhat of a stopper for anal use, but is not a totally flared base. This is best used for anal play by more advanced users who know their limits. It is important not to insert this past the last bulb which would act as the stopping point from this getting lost anally.

This dildo is made of glass. Care should be taken when using this that damage is not done to the cervix by thrusting too hard or too deep. This is especially important when using with a partner that cannot feel what "too hard" or "too deep" is.

Glass can be used for temperature play. It can be warmed or cooled. You should check the temperature on your wrist before inserting it to make sure it is neither to hot nor too cold.

The Swell Wand can be used solo or with a partner. It is best to use this alone first to determine what your limits are with the hard material. More experienced glass users may not need to take this precaution. With a partner, extra care should be taken.

Material / Texture

The Swell Wand is made of Pyrex Glass. This places it at a ten on the safety scale. Pyrex glass is less dense than normal glass so it is less likely to shatter. Instead, it would break into large pieces if it were to break. The odds of one of these breaking is pretty slim, however. You'd have to really chunk it across the room and even then it would probably resist. Pyrex Glass is the same thing casserole dishes are made of, if that gives you a reference point.

Glass is a hard material, in case you couldn't guess. It has no give to it whatsoever. It is very unforgiving. This will be good for those that prefer a firm surface but may be too much for those that like a plushy material. It inserts easily but does not yield or conform to the body. Rather, the body must conform around it.

This particular piece has a smooth surface. There are no bumps or ridges for added texture. The design itself lends for some added stimulation, which I'll go into in the Design section. The glass, however, completely smooth. The hand glides easily across it with no resistance. Only the smallest amount of lube is needed for insertion.

There is no smell to the glass. There is also no taste.

Glass would probably be placed in the "intermediate to advanced" user material section. Because of the lack of give and potential for cervix bruising, it probably wouldn't be good for a very first toy. A few toys in, however, a glass toy would make a great addition and the smooth surface of this one is a great place to start. Basically, once you know enough about your body to use a harder material without injury or know that a harder material is something that would work for you, then it's a good time to add glass to your collection.

The texture is glass beginner friendly. If you're in the market for a first glass toy, there isn't a better option than a smooth surface. Many glass pieces are texture heavy so the smooth, wavy surface of the Swell Wand makes a perfect introduction to glass. While it's a great first glass piece, advanced users will appreciate the smooth surface and glide of glass against the skin as well.

Design / Shape / Size

As with all glass pieces, some variation may occur from piece to piece. The product page lists the length of the Swell Wand at 8" while mine measures 7.5". It lists the insertable length at 6.5", but of course this will vary depending on how much you are comfortable inserting and leaving some as a handle. It lists the diameter as 1 3/8". On mine, the diameter goes from 1.25" to 1" then to 1 3/8" then back to 1" then to 1.5" then back to 1" and finally finishes at 1 5/8".

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

The size of the Swell Wand worked very well for me. I tend to prefer smaller toys ranging from 1" to 1.5" in diameter. This one happened to cover all the bases of my size range plus a little extra on the bulbed end. The insertable length was just about right for me, leaving enough for me to have a good amount of room to grip with my hand.

The size will work well for beginners and advanced users. It will work best for those that like toys in the smaller range as opposed to those that like a lot a girth. Those that prefer something more filling won't find it in the Swell Wand and may want to check out other glass toys instead.

The Swell Wand is either named that way because it's swell or because of the swell design. I'm guessing it's because of the second option. So let's have a look at that for a moment.

The design is a series of swells or waves that get increasingly bigger you go down. The very end is rounded instead of waved to create a bulge. The waves are increased gradually and are not spaced closely together. This creates a less intense feeling than it would if they were larger size jumps or very close in space. It's something that's noticeable during use, but not overwhelming.

The Swell Wand can also be used in the opposite direction with the bulbed end inserted first (vaginally only). This can create G spot stimulation for some. I'm not one that can hit my G spot with that type of stimulation, so I can't speak to the effectiveness of this dildo in that regard. My G spot needs curve and a lot of it. I can say that inserting from this end makes a more intense experience as you are going from the bigger size downward as opposed to a smaller size up.

This dildo is not realistic in appearance, however it does look like a dildo to me. I wouldn't leave it out if I didn't want people knowing I had a glass dildo. It is small enough to travel with, but be sure that you keep it in some type of safe padding.


I'm texture sensitive and sometimes even waved designs will set off my texture sensitivities, especially with hard materials. This did not set off any of my sensitivities. The distance between each of the swells is far enough apart that it feels smooth still and not like a texture. It feels, well, like a wave. A gradual increase and decrease in size - exactly what you see is how it feels. Each curve of the glass is felt during use. The size increases are just enough to be noticeable but not painful.

The swells of this dildo feel like nothing else I have. The fact that they are done in hard glass makes them that much better. It slowly draws heat from the skin but somewhat retains the cool temperature it has from storage, providing an additional sensation not found in my many silicone toys. The hard material forces the body to conform around its curves and bend to it. It is an unyielding toy, but a pleasing one to be certain.

I didn't particularly find that inserting the bulbed end first worked for me. Going from small to large felt much better than large to small. The gradual increase was a much smoother feel where the large to small was a bit more rocky and bumpy to me. Since the bulb didn't stimulate my G spot, I ended up just using that end as a handle.

Glass can be used for temperature play. You can run this under hot water to heat it or place it in the fridge to cool it down. Always wrist check the temperature first before you insert it to make sure it isn't too hot or cold. I found that the slight coolness it held from storage to be about as cold as I was willing to go. Rubbing it in between the hands warms it to body temperature if you want to take the immediate chill from it.

Care and Maintenance

Glass is very easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can use toy spray or a wipe. You can also boil it if you want to sanitize it. You should not place glass in the freezer directly after boiling it as this may cause the material to crack.

You can use all lube types with glass. Silicone, oil, and water are all compatible with this toy.

Storage should be done in some type of padded pouch. The original packaging is padded and can be used for storage if you do not have a padded pouch.


The Swell Wand comes in a small black box. The front says "Sasha Grey Swell Glass" and "Doc Johnson" (the company that manufacturers it). It has an elegant photo of the wand in the background. The sides have a blacked out photo of Sasha Grey. The back has a blurb about the toy and some basic information about it as well as Doc Johnson. The inside of the package is padded to protect the toy.

The package can be used for storage since it is padded, but it is not ideal. The padding rips easily and is hard to get in and out of the box. The top of the box also rips easily.

The package is not tacky but also not discreet. It has a photo of the toy as well as Sasha Grey. It has text about the toy as well. It could be gifted to someone who doesn't mind those things in packaging.

Personal comments

While glass probably isn't something you'd want to get as a very first sex toy, it's something that should be added to nearly every collection at some point. It is a hard material, so those that like very forgiving surfaces will probably want to stay away. For everyone else, when you're looking to get your first glass piece the Swell Wand is a great place to start. For glass enthusiasts, the Swell Wand will become a much loved addition. The waved designs feel amazing and are spaced and sized perfectly. Even the texture sensitive should be able to use this.


After my experiences with glass had ranged from mediocre to awful, I stopped buying glass toys for a while. Since joining Eden and hearing so many people sing the praises of glass, I wondered if I hadn't just bought the wrong glass. The Swell Wand had been praised as the perfect first piece of glass and I figured if I was starting over with the material it was probably best to buy as if I had never had glass before. I also knew textured glass and I did not get along, so the smooth surface of the Swell Wand appealed to me. I was still hesitant and not really sure if I would end up liking this or not.

The Swell Wand exceeded any expectation I may have had and then blew me right away. I never thought glass could be this good. Something about the hard material combined with the waved design just felt perfect. No matter if I thrusted this or rotated this, I could do no wrong. Everything I tried felt simply amazing. Fast, slow, or in between.

Am I a glass convert now? Perhaps. I still love my silicone most of all. I certainly am no longer as anti-glass as I have been for the last three years. Sasha has changed my ways in that regard for sure.
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