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26 reviews

Sasi is pretty cool -- no matter how else you feel about it, it's a fairly functional, novel kind of sex toy. It's like nothing else I've ever experienced in a toy and it does feel good! Sasi does feel like a crazy, sexy tongue. I wish the ball were slightly more pronounced to access my anatomy better, had one or two faster speeds and also one more powerful vibration setting.

I wanted to love this toy and I tried, I really did. I tried a few more times after the first disappointing session with the SaSi, but its barely-noticeable movements just don't do it for me.

This toy is excellent for teasing but not good for anything more. It cannot deliver enough pressure or vibrations, though the idea and concept are good and novel. I think the licking motions should be be more concentrated. If only it could take more pressure, it would be a great toy! Sadly, this way it isn't.

Je Joue continues their excellent track record of toys that are both beautiful and incredibly effective for their intended purpose. By focusing on a realistic simulation of a tongue the SaSi provides a sensation sadly lacking from the rest of the toy market, and does it well. While not the fastest or most powerful toy around, SaSi has some incredible potential to deliver a feeling unlike anything else.

This is the ultimate female clitoral love toy and one of the best oral simulators I have come across. Every time is unique and powerful!

The SaSi is a beautiful toy, well made and obviously unique, but it belongs in part of a larger collection, not as a stand alone. I definitely recommend it to avid collectors and users looking for something a bit different, but those looking for a toy that serves all their needs would be better suited to something a little less unique.

Overall, this toy was a good idea, like I said. It just wasn't fully thought out. Overheating is overheating, no matter what way you slice it. Since it's not seen as a defect, this toy is not considered defective. But I definitely think Je Joue needs to go back to the drawing room and fix the problem. I think it would also be cool if the "tongue" bulge stuck out a little further. That would have made use a lot better for me.

SaSi provides a unique sort of stimulation---a ball traces patterns through a silicone skin, mimicking oral sex. An AI program lets SaSi learn your favorite feelings (this can be a teaching tool for you, too---take as long as you need to figure yourself out without worrying about your partner's neck!). SaSi's simulation ends with gentle strokes, so suction and pressure aren't on the menu. If SaSi's strokes are what you crave, though, this is a brilliant toy!

Is this toy the new hot thing or is it just really hot? I found the SaSi to create a lot of heat, therefore making me a little numb. I love the idea of the SaSi, but I'm not ready to call off the search for the perfect toy.

If you like the idea of your toys having their own complex personality, SaSi will make that fantasy a reality! I have never owned a toy that has her kind of intelligence. Even the toy world is becoming very technical. She doesn't really simulate oral pleasure to me but it certainly is different to any other toys I have ever come across.

Not worth the price should have cost no more than $50. It gives little sensation perhaps someone with more patience would be better suited for the Sasi.

The SaSi is a completely unique toy, nothing else on the market comes close to doing what she does (and does well). She makes a great stand-alone toy or as one used in foreplay or for a slow-build up, with the potential to please nearly any woman. I think SaSi is the perfect toy for those looking for something different than the run of the mill vibrator.

I really really love this toy. I think you will too - but it does take a little time. Be relaxed, enjoy the ride and you may be caught off guard like I was. Simply delicious! Yes, I highly recommend this toy, and even though the plug bugs me... I still like it well enough to give it 5 stars. It CAN get better - but its pretty damn good as it is! Worth it!

The SaSi is an interesting and different type of sex toy. It is intended to simulate oral sex, but your anatomy and preferences will play a huge role in how much you are able to enjoy it. It's more of a shy, teasing toy than something to be described as 'sassy'.

All in all, the Sasi--eventually--made my clit happy. Very very happy. It's an expensive toy, and not good for a quick thrill-ride. If you need serious vibrations to get off, Sasi isn't going to do it for you...but if you have time to master the controls and give in to Sasi's slow torture, you'll love the ride.

Worth buying if you love oral sex, or want to love oral sex more, or want to try coming in ways you never have, or you want a toy but you're not interested in the same ol' same ol' vibration thing.

The Sasi will be the most unique clitoral teaser type toy that you own. I think it also does the best job at bringing me to a slow-building, lazy, but powerful O.

The SaSi is a unique pleasure device that, while it does vibrate, is most useful in simulating oral sex with it's silicone covered, moving ball. The ball dances under the silicone, swirling and zigging and zagging to provide some of the most amazing clitoral stimulation. It may not take you over the finish line but it makes for truly amazing foreplay.

If you're looking for a quick orgasm, look elsewhere. If you're looking for a unique sensual experience, a toy that learns with you and recreates the feel of oral sex without partners that complain of getting a sore jaw, with the added kick of optional vibration, then the SaSi is worth the investment.

We live in the future, and that means oral sex with robots! Well, almost. The Sasi will sometimes frustrate you just as much as a real lover, but it also creates amazing sensations that are like nothing any other sex toy provides. Five stars are not enough.

This toy is different than any other you've tried. If you have money to burn and are really curious, take a shot at it. But if you know what you like and are content, I wouldn't bother. It's a great innovation, but it could have been better.

I have really mixed feelings about my SaSi, but in the end it offers sensations that no other toy in my collection can offer. For all its frustrations, it has helped me slow down and listen to my body and figure out what works for me, and that's priceless. I think of it as a self-educational device as well as a traditional stimulator!

The SaSi is the epitome of self satisfying luxury. In a world where we're constantly struggling to cram too many things into too few hours, the SaSi is an encouragement to stop and smell the roses. This clitoral stimulator is unlike any other toy I've ever tried and it is well worth its price tag.

The Sasi by Je Joue is a quality made, solo pleasure device that is the most unique that I have used to date! While it may not be a huge success for partner play, it's fantastic to use by yourself or use while that special someone is watching! After all, how many toys have you seen that can learn how to please you? Just tell the Sasi what you like or don't like and it's ready to go whenever you are!

Though it did not initially impress me, the SaSi creates unique enough sensations that it kept me coming back. Once I finally learned how to use it properly, it gave me the most intense orgasm of my life!

The SaSi is a luxury toy that has too many great features to list. It is body friendly, rechargeable, and programmable. It fits in my hand comfortably and provides me with an intimate and personal massage. The more I use it, the better my SaSi gets to know me. If you enjoy manual stimulation and have deep pockets, then I suggest you give the SaSi a try.

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