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SaSi, You Tease

The SaSi is a unique pleasure device that, while it does vibrate, is most useful in simulating oral sex with it's silicone covered, moving ball. The ball dances under the silicone, swirling and zigging and zagging to provide some of the most amazing clitoral stimulation. It may not take you over the finish line but it makes for truly amazing foreplay.
Silicone, unique ability to learn what motions you like, rechargeable, simulates oral sex.
Vibrations are more of a distraction than a benefit, gets super hot with extended use.
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The SaSi is the ideal luxury vibrator for those who like a light touch. It simulates oral or manual stimulation of the clitoris with unique, teasing movements of it's silicone covered ball. Though it does vibrate, the vibrations tend to distract from the light, rubbing touch of the ball moving over your clit. I'd suggest this toy primarily as a warm up or foreplay, unless you're one of the lucky folks who orgasms without much pressure.

The SaSi is rechargeable so those looking to be more green will appreciate that feature. No more batteries to add to our landfills.

Material / Texture

The SaSi is covered with a silicone sleeve and a plastic fascia that houses the control buttons. The silicone sleeve is soft and matte, and covers the protruding ball beneath the bottom surface. The fact that it's matte silicone helps in giving a bit of drag or tug as the ball rolls over your clit. In fact, it reminds me very much of a gloved finger in feel.

The silicone is utterly smooth with no scent or taste.

Design / Shape / Size

The SaSi is an ergonomic type toy that fits in your hand quite like a mouse. It cups the vulva quite well and the moving ball on the underside rests nicely against the clitoris. Certain movements of the ball aren't going to hit your spots very well, but I've learned that it's better to switch to a new movement rather than move the toy around trying to get it to hit your spot. With the unbelievable amount of choices of movements, a good percentage of them will hit the right spot and moving the toy just seems to be sort of frustrating.

Leave it sit and wait for the movements that are right for you is my advice.

The SaSi is definitely not a beginner sort of toy. It's multiple functions and the patience you need to use it properly will likely be appreciated far more by the experienced toy user than the novice.

Traveling with the SaSi shouldn't be a problem. While it's not necessarily something I'd want to tuck in my purse and take everywhere (I wouldn't want to damage the ball having it knock around in my purse all day), you do have to press and hold the button to turn it on so it's unlikely it would be easily bumped and turned on if you pack it in a suitcase or carry on.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The SaSi is unique in that the rolling ball provides most of the stimulation rather than relying purely on vibrations. It also "learns" what you like and dislike, making it a very customized toy once you've used it a few times.

Controls are located at the top of the toy on the plastic fascia. A center button turns it on, two side buttons determine which mode you're in -- either favorites or custom -- as well as scroll through the numerous patterns of movement the ball is capable of making. Top and bottom buttons control the speed of those patterns. Holding the top button will start vibrations, the bottom stops them.

The controls seem a bit complicated and I definitely recommend reading the users manual thoroughly. Once you've got it figured out, though, they're quite simple and fairly easy to press. I do occasionally have to pull it away from my body so I can see what I'm doing but mostly the buttons can be pressed while it's in use. Because it's a purely clitoral toy, I haven't had many problems with the buttons getting slippery from lube as the top of the toy just doesn't get that moist.

The SaSi is on the quiet side, even when it's vibrating. It does, however, have a unique sound that is very robotic and may irritate those who prefer a nearly silent toy.

Use caution around water with the SaSi as it's not waterproof. No baths or showers with this toy!

SaSi is rechargeable and plugs in via a silicone covered port in the fascia. The silicone is slightly difficult to lift which, while it can be a PITA when you want to charge it, helps make it a bit more secure against lube or moisture.

A 45 minute charge gives you almost two hours of use.

Care and Maintenance

The SaSi is pretty easy to clean and care for. While the silicone skin and plastic fascia can be removed for a thorough cleaning, it's not really necessary to do so every time you use it. A wipe down with a toy cleaning wipe or washcloth will do just fine. A spray toy cleaner or 10% bleach solution in a spray bottle is ideal. Just give it a spray, rinse with a damp cloth and you're good to go.

Be gentle with the SaSi! Too much pressure on the moving ball can break it.

Because it's silicone you can remove the skin and bleach or boil it but I haven't found it necessary.

Use only water based lubes with the SaSi to prevent a reaction that may damage your toy.


The SaSi comes packaged beautifully. Like so many luxury toys it comes in a hard, thick, black cardboard box. The box is a sort of double stacked box that is wrapped with a cardboard ribbon to hold it together. Once you slide that ribbon off, the top box contains the SaSi itself on a silicone stand, the bottom holds the charger, instruction manual and a drawstring bag for storage.

I store mine in the original box, however, as I don't want to risk damaging the ball by having it bang around amongst my other toys.

Personal comments

The SaSi. Ah, the SaSi. I wanted it for so long. SO long. When Victoria told me I was getting it to celebrate having done my 100th review, I was speechless.

Now that I have it...

I don't want to say I'm disappointed in it. I'm not. I like it. I like it a LOT. It feels freaking fantastic in use. The little ball rolls and moves in half circles, rubbing and amazing my clit like no other toy I've used.

But you can't get any pressure! If you press down the ball jams. So while it feels good - really good - it's more of a foreplay type toy than anything else.

It's not going to get you off in two minutes. It's probably not going to get you off in twenty minutes or a half hour. But it's going to feel terrific while you use it.

It reminds me very much of a tongue or a single finger teasing and rubbing at my clit. It makes me insanely aroused. It makes me squirm and grind my hips and moan. It just doesn't make me come.

I don't mind that, though. Every toy has a purpose and I have enough of them that I can tease and torment myself with the SaSi until I'm ready to explode, then grab for something else to finish the job. It makes for wonderful long masturbation sessions, for fantastic, leisurely self loving.

I can't down rate it just because it doesn't take me over the edge because what it does do, it does very, very well.
Follow-up commentary
It's a strange thing...

I have a hard time recommending the SaSi because so many people are looking for that fast orgasm, the 2 minute masturbation session.

SaSi just doesn't give you that. She's more like long, lingering, teasing oral and manual stimulation from a loving partner... and then you move on to other things.

She's a part of your play, not the whole shebang.

If you like the idea of that, of amazing foreplay and then moving on to another toy for the big bang, you'll love SaSi. If not... I'd say go with something you know you'll like.

Personally, I love her. You may or may not
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