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My SaSi Needs Lessons In Giving Oral!

If you like the idea of your toys having their own complex personality, SaSi will make that fantasy a reality! I have never owned a toy that has her kind of intelligence. Even the toy world is becoming very technical. She doesn't really simulate oral pleasure to me but it certainly is different to any other toys I have ever come across.
Silicone underside,
Changeable interface,
Many patterns & vibrations
Doesn't simulate oral
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The book says not to use this toy underneath any kind of blanket to prevent SaSi from overheating and possibly causing a bigger issue. So this one may not be the perfect toy if you don't have the privacy of your own room. I believe this one is more suited for solo fun – either totally on your own or when putting on a show for your admiring partner. She can be used on any external erogenous zones – the ball creates a tickle sensation.


Normally when a toy has a higher price, you can usually count on it being pretty good at its job. After purchasing and loving my Sqweel, I was very interested in giving SaSi a try. The idea of a ball rolling around over my clitoris and simulating oral sex, along with the rechargeable feature had me drooling. I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed. Maybe my hopes for her really working like oral were way too big for such a toy to live up to. Needless to say, if I'm desiring oral stimulation from a toy, I reach for my Sqweel.

Material / Texture


SaSi is crafted from silicone with an ABS plastic interface with two TPE areas set into the control panel and produced by Je Joue. Being of such materials earns this one a safety rating of 10. You can feel safe sharing this one as long as you don't mind peeling the silicone cover off for sterilizing as a condom isn't very practical. Only water based lubricants should be used with SaSi to keep her in prime condition.


I chose my SaSi in - surprise, surprise – purple strikes again! She is actually in two slightly different purple tones with the name SaSi written in yet another shade of pink/purple.



The top ABS interface is very shiny and silky with two smooth rubbery feeling TPE areas. There is a slight indent where the ABS and silicone meet but this shouldn't be an issue as it's on the top of the vibrator – not in the direct line of messy fire. Down the side further is a fine line where they have joined the two silicone pieces. This doesn't come into contact with your delicate areas as it's nowhere near the little ball area.

Design / Shape / Size


Apart from the underside of this clitoral vibrator, it looks very much like an elongated computer mouse with an almost pointed nose. On the base is a small protruding ball and just in front of this is a concave area which allows the ball to move in a variety of patterns underneath a thin skin of silicone. It features a changeable interface (plastic area) as well as the silicone cover in case you feel like a change in color.
Ever wondered what SaSi looked like in the nude? I have taken some pictures below of SaSi without her interface and silicone skin for those who are interested in what lies beneath. I personally like to see the internal workings of such things – it's rather fascinating. I'd like to know where I can purchase the other color skins just to spice her up a little.


SaSi inners

SaSi skeleton

Functions / Performance / Controls


SaSi is a highly intelligent clitoral vibrator with complex technology. To turn her on, hold down the Centre button for a few seconds. The vibrator will power up to let you know it's on and then emits a green light to the left. From here, you can either choose the Left button, which is your favorites mode (flashing green light) or pressing the Right takes you to customise mode (flashing red light). Once you have chosen, simply press the Centre button to start the ball movement. There are five pre-programmed patterns under favorites. To move to the next pattern, press the Right button. The Left will take you back to the previous one. The Up and Down buttons will speed or slow the movements. From what I can tell, there's three speeds. By holding the Up button for a few seconds, the vibrations will kick in – there are 6 different intensities. Pressing the Down button for a few seconds will stop the vibrations.

The customise section is where SaSi will learn what your favorite patterns are. The patterns will change every 20 seconds and at any time, you can use the Right or Left buttons to move forward or backwards. If you find a pattern you really enjoy, simply press the Centre button the once to keep from SaSi moving to the next one. Being an intelligent toy, she will remember the ones you do and don't like. The Centre button will turn her off at any time by holding it down for a few seconds. Once she is turned off, she updates the five patterns in favorites with your most favored movements.

I decided to put a picture of the patterns which gives a far better idea than what my descriptions would.

SaSi patterns

If you turn the vibrations on, it tends to drown out the light touch of the ball movement. I find it distracts me so I only use the ball patterns myself. The ball in my opinion needs to protrude through the silicone more so you can achieve greater stimulation.

The great people at Je Joue gave SaSi a travel locking system so you can feel secure so matter where you want to take her. Press the Down button and then the Centre for 3 seconds until you feel a vibration with a flashing red light. To unlock, press the Up and Centre buttons until you feel a vibration with a green flashing LED.


SaSi has a deep rumble/whining sound when just the ball movement is in use. This can't be heard through a closed door but if you're concerned, a tv or music will more than cover it up. With the vibrations going, it's a fair bit louder with a slight grinding sound. You'll require the tv or music if you use that feature. Kind of sounds like a motor in a hollow plastic box. If you press the ball firmer onto whichever area you are teasing, the loud grinding sound seems to disappear.

SaSi ball


This vibrator is charged via an AV wall socket, saving you and the environment from landfill batteries. To charge SaSi, simply lift the small TPE socket cover that's located on the top, set into the ABS and gently plug the charger in. Mine took all of 52mins to fully charge which was back in early December and it's still going strong. While she is charging, a red light will glow on the right side of the control buttons. Once the charge is complete will emit a green glow on the left side of the control panel.

Care and Maintenance


SaSi is splash proof only, so it must not be washed under the tap or used in the shower. Doing so will void your warranty. I have found the best way to clean this vibrator is to simply wipe over with toy or anti-bacterial wipes. A 10% bleach solution could also be wiped over, but please be sure to thoroughly wipe all the solution off before using again. If you feel comfortable with doing so, you can take the silicone skin off so it can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher for sterilizing.



SaSi arrived in two black large bulky boxes that sit one on top of the other and then held together with a cardboard strip. Apart from SaSi by Je Joue written on the side, they are discreet. I managed to get the booklets, SaSi, and the charger into the one section so I could do away with the second piece, as it takes up a lot of room. Then I just store the interchangeable plug parts in a storage bag. On the top of one box is a cardboard protruding oval which allows for a deep rubber ring to be held in place. This ring features an SS on the side and forms a cradle for SaSi to rest on while charging. I don't find it sits there very securely so you'll want to place it somewhere that the box won't be bumped. The bottom box holds the charger, a variety of power adaptors for other countries, limited warranty for one year and an information booklet written in six different languages.

SaSi cradle


Unfortunately there is no pouch sold with this toy – there isn't even any foam or anything to keep her snug in the box. She just rattles around which is a little disappointing due to the cost.

SaSi boxes

SaSi box components

SaSi charger


Personally for the price of this compared to my Sqweel, the Sqweel is better for less than half the cost if you are looking for an oral simulating toy. The features on the SaSi are great but again I don't really think it's worth such a high price even though it's rechargeable. It can satisfy with the movement and some moving on my behalf but it took longer than my average length of time to orgasm. The orgasms were good but not the powerful type I can achieve from my Sqweel. My sole purpose for buying this one was to aim for oral simulation, as I didn't require just another clit vibe.
I don't recall oral sex ever feeling like a ball moving back and forward. Maybe if the ball was to protrude more from the silicone, it would do a better job at ‘trying' to mimic oral. But it is nice to be able to compare it to a more realistic oral toy. I'll still keep this one myself as it does add something different to my toy arsenal.

I've given SaSi 3 stars via Eden's rating.

But personally, I'd give her a 3.5. A flat out 3 just doesn't feel quite enough, but 4 feels a smidge over rated.
Follow-up commentary
My feelings are still the same as they were when I wrote the review. SaSi doesn't get all that much use but it looks good on display and is able to satisfy when it does come out to play.

I really wanted this toy to be my ALL. I'd had my eye on it since joining so had built up a lot of expectation. Unfortunately it fell short for me. But I can't say I hate it cause overall, it does work..... just not quite the way I had hoped.
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