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The Sasi by Je Joue is a quality made, solo pleasure device that is the most unique that I have used to date! While it may not be a huge success for partner play, it's fantastic to use by yourself or use while that special someone is watching! After all, how many toys have you seen that can learn how to please you? Just tell the Sasi what you like or don't like and it's ready to go whenever you are!
Silicone, quiet, rechargeable and cute
Somewhat hard to figure out and enjoy at first.
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The packaging that the Sasi arrives in is attractive but, I found it to be sort of cumbersome too. It's sort of a black, double decker box with a cardboard ribbon holding the two sections together, all enclosed in plastic shrink wrap. Don't worry though, it all does come together once it's unpacked. You simply slip the cardboard ribbon off so that you can lift off the first lid. Here you will find the Sasi resting on a silicone charge base. Once you remove the Sasi, you can then remove the next lid. In here you will find the charger, instruction manual, one year warranty card, storage bag and charging adapters for Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, EU, USA, Canada and Japan. Now, with everything unpacked, you can use the first lid along with the bottom inner box to store the charger, adapters, etc. while using the second lid to display the Sasi on its silicone charging base. I noticed no smell with any of these freshly unpacked components.

Charging is easy and I was surprised to find that it only takes about 45 minutes to give you approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes of use from its lithium-ion battery! There's no guess work either! The Sasi lights up red when it's charging and turns green when it's finished and ready for use! My only issue was removing the protective flap over the charging port. I had to really stick my finger nail in there and pry it out! It took some effort to replace it as well. I really can't complain too much about this though, because it's very effective at keeping fluids/lube out of the charging port. The Sasi is splash proof too but, you should not take it into the shower or put it under running water. Instead, clean it after each use with a damp cloth and mild soap. The fascia and silicone cover are removable and you could probably take them off to give it a better cleaning but, I'm a klutz by nature so I didn't remove mine for fear of unresolvable damage. Just remember to use water based lubes because of the phthalate free, medical grade silicone cover!

The Sasi has two modes-Favourites and customise. This means that the five buttons on top perform differently depending on what mode you are in. Favourites is indicated by a green flashing light and customise by a red flashing light. In the favourites mode you can scan through various pre programmed movements while the customise mode will allow you to "teach" the Sasi what you like. I'm not going to go into great detail about how to do this here but, definitely make sure to keep and read your instruction manual! Otherwise, you may have no hope in figuring everything out! It's not overly complicated but, it is the most complicated toy I have personally used! Once you get the hang of it, it really is fun and it's extremely quiet! It's barely audible through the blankets and can't be heard through a closed door!

No matter which mode you are in, the Sasi will either vibrate, undulate its ball massager or both, you choose! The vibrations aren't super strong though and are more of an addition to the undulating ball rather than a stand alone vibrator unless you are extremely sensitive! They are not pinpointed and are more of a diffuse vibration as well. The real magic of this massager is centered around its undulating ball! This is the first toy of this kind that I have had the pleasure of using and I love it! If you are a fan of manual stimulation, you will love this toy! Though it did not get me off quickly, it did get me off and it was very satisfying! It's like it teased me and coaxed it out of me from deep inside. It felt like a lovers finger or possibly their tongue teasing me relentlessly! By the time I did orgasm, I was yearning for penetration so this would also make the Sasi fantastic for warm up play!

I can give the Sasi no less than five stars even though I know it will not be so successful for everyone. This is just not a "fuck me hard" type of toy. It's more like a "pamper me" and "spoil me" toy that is more about loving yourself and I love to love myself! It's absolutely unique and very well made too. It even includes a one year warranty so, if you want a toy that you can just lay back and enjoy finger-like movements with, I believe you would like this! Just remember that it does not get you off with vibration, it gets you off with movement and this might take some getting used to!
The undulating ball of the Sasi has a wide range of patterns and speeds. They include but, are not limited to: stimulation on the right side only, stimulation on the left side only, a "u" pattern that goes from the left side to the right, a semi-circle to either side and back and forth motion. Like others have already mentioned though, the Sasi does not perform circles and I thought that was kind of a big deal when I first found out but, it really didn't take away from my enjoyment at all. It's really more about where you have the Sasi positioned on yourself and trust me, it can have a huge impact! Just a little alteration in its position can make all the difference! What can I say? Je Joue has impressed me!

I would not recommend the Sasi for partner play or where a partner will be using it on you because, it probably just would not work out for that particular situation. It's not a vibrator that you can rub on your partner and see what you're rubbing. You can't see through the Sasi to see the undulating ball so, it would just be too hard to understand where it was positioned at or figure out what your partner was enjoying. It's really more of a solo use toy for personal pleasure or for your partner to enjoy watching you use it. Speaking of partner play, I do believe the silicone cover of the Sasi can be removed and sterilized by boiling or wiping it off with a 10% bleach solution followed by a good rinse. I personally will not be sharing my Sasi and therefore did not feel the need to remove the silicone cover. I was also a bit scared of damaging it so, just be careful if you do this!

The Sasi is my new guilty pleasure! I'm guilty of enjoying it but, my partner loves watching so, it's all good! Just keep those instructions for future reference! I am definitely pleased with this purchase even though it was a steep one!
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    This really piques my interest. thanks for reviewing!
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