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Beauty is skin deep...

This toy is excellent for teasing but not good for anything more. It cannot deliver enough pressure or vibrations, though the idea and concept are good and novel. I think the licking motions should be be more concentrated. If only it could take more pressure, it would be a great toy! Sadly, this way it isn't.
smooth, novel, discreet, customizable
weak, heats up, hard to learn the control system, expensive
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JeJoue SaSi is a clitoral vibrator and oral sex simulator. A little “tongue” traces patterns on the clitoral area (thorough a silicone sheet), which is a novelty and unique design among sex toys. It can vibrate, and those two functions can work together or separately. It also has program settings where it “learns” which patterns you like more and which ones less. This should enable it to perform a ‘random’ stimulation that you would like, and still have the element of surprise to it.

It is extremely cute–-when I saw it, I knew I had to have one. It comes in a variety of cool colors, and the silicone covers on them are actually interchangeable. It is unique in design, discreet and high quality.
It is not intended for internal use, so please do not try to penetrate with it. The tongue structure is delicate; it cannot withstand strong pressure, so it is unsuitable for body massage. It has an ergonomic design that follows the contours of the female pubic area, but it can be used for nipple stimulation or on the testicles too.

According to the description, you should not use it under a cover because it can cause the toy to overheat. It has about 30 minutes playtime before the overheating happens anyway.

It is not waterproof, so do not use it in the tub or shower.

The vibrations it can produce aren’t too strong, nor are they pinpoint focused, so it will not please those who require strong stimulation.

The oral sex simulator part is quite loud, though it does not sound like any other sex toys I have used. It might not be heard through a closed door, but if the walls are thin you might want to pick a different toy.
It can be used couple or solo, though it is not a hands-free toy, so you will have to keep it in place with one hand. Also if you want to use it with penetration you will have to turn it “upside down” which might decrease the sensations.

Sorrowfully though, it cannot deliver pressure–-which, for me, makes all the stimulations merely “teasing,” at best.
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    • Clitoris
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

SaSi consists of two main parts: a plastic control panel and a silicone cover. The plastic has a material safety rating of 8. It is shiny and smooth without any drag. It has no texture, it is firm, rigid, and has no give. This part of the toy however, will not come in contact with your intimate parts. It has no smell no taste.

The cover is a food-grade silicone with a material safety rating of 10. It is absolutely smooth, feels soft under the fingers, and has no texture, taste, or smell. Most of the area it covers is rigid and firm with no give, expect for a little "hollow” area around the tongue area, where you can make a dent in the silicone. The cover has a nice give and stretch there. After letting go of the cover, it contracts again and the dent disappears. The silicone cover can be removed and bleached if a thorough cleaning is needed, but do not do it while it is still on the toy.

Neither of the materials leaves behind any residue or stain. Both are latex- and phthalate-free.
If you need some kind of lube, use a water-based one because silicone-based lubes can damage the cover.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

SaSi is based on a genius idea, but I think the design and make leave a lot to be desired, especially in the power/pressure department.

SaSi has a nice, ergonomic design. Its curve follows the female pubic area well, and fits into the palm too. The shape is somewhat oblong, enabling to be held between the pinkie finger and the thumb comfortably. It looks like a stretched out, oblong mouse with silicone covers. It is somewhat bigger than my hand, but then again, I have small hands.


It is a discreet-looking toy. People would probably not know what it is unless they know SaSi.

The area that actually provides the stimulation can be found on the “belly” side of the toy, at the top. The tongue moves on a quite large area following different preprogrammed patterns. I find this area to be too big for my taste–-to have the toy actually hit your sweet-spot, you have to move it around and readjust it when the program changes.

    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls


SaSi has 2 main functions: favorites and learning. In both modes, the controls work identically. SaSi has 11 basic patterns it can trace, and all programmed patterns are the combinations of these. You can see them on this picture:


In the learning mode, the toy "learns" which of the random patterns you like best based on how much time you allow each pattern to play. So if you do not like some of them, skip it! Each pattern is a random combination of the 11 basic patterns. It stores the information, applies more of those you prefer and less of those you do not like.

The favorites mode is supposed to be a “quick get-off” function, though for me it did not work. SaSi requires that you use the toy to allow it to learn. It supplies a “foreplay” type of stimulation but by no means are any of the functions a quick-fix. This takes time.

The favorites mode is nothing other than the top 5 patterns you have “taught” your SaSi during the learning mode. If your tastes change and you teach your toy a new pattern, the first previously-existing one will be deleted and replaced by the new combination.

The vibrations have 3 different levels: extra weak, weak, medium. There are two patterns, which I could describe the best as:
1. vrOOmm vrOOmm vrOOmm vrOOmm
2. vvvrroOOOOOOmmmm vvvrroOOOOOOmmmm

So, there is a quicker, more intense pulsing and a slower, longer pulsing.


SaSi is a high-tech little thing, with a complex menu system. It is not very difficult to learn how that works, but it is definitely harder than a one-button toy. It actually learns what you like best, so it is the most customizable toy I ever tried.

On the top of the toy you can find the control panel with 5 buttons: right, left, up, down, middle.
The middle button is for "choosing" a program (like enter). The left and right buttons can cycle between the programs. Pressing the "up" button will increase the speed of the tongue while the "down" button decreases it. There are 3 different speeds. Keeping the "up" button pressed will turn on (and increase) the vibrations, keeping the "down" button pressed will decrease them. There are 3 different vibration strengths and 2 patterns.

To turn on SaSi, keep the middle button pressed for 3 seconds. You will hear a distinctive noise as the tongue moves into position and the toy will flash with a green light. Now you can decide if you would like to choose the patterns and vibrations yourself (favorites), or if you want the toy to provide random stimulation. It is suggested that for the first few uses you choose the patterns for yourself to get familiar with what kind of stimulation you like best. If you want to choose the program, press the middle button again (while the light is green). If you would like a random program, press either the right or left arrows. The light will change to red. Pressing either of the right or left buttons will bring you back to the green light and the “choose yourself” menu. If you want the random stimulation mode, press the middle button while the light is red.

If you have chosen the programmed variations, you can independently change the program, the speed of the tongue and the vibrations. There are 5 different patterns.

green liht

If you have chosen random, and you do not like the pattern suggested by SaSi, just press the right button, and it will skip to the next one. If you like it and you do not want to go on, press “Enter”. Otherwise the pattern will change every 20 seconds. SaSi will remember which ones you liked the most and, once you turn off the toy, will update the favorites with your preferred patterns.

red light

To turn off the movement at any time keep the middle button pressed. To turn on the vibrations at any time keep the down button pressed. The toy has a travel lock option, if you wish to take it with you.


SaSi will be able to run about 20-30 minutes at a time. During working it gradually heats up to a temperature that is still not uncomfortable unless you are heat sensitive. When the toy reaches a certain temperature it will shut down automatically. This is both a useful (we don’t want to destroy the toy) and frustrating feature (I mean, if you’re really close and it says, "ok no more").

SaSi cannot work with pressure. If you wish to feel a strong stimulation and you press it harder against you, the tongye will stop moving and will start whining.

The vibrations are weak, yet very distractive. If you turn them on, you can barely feel the tongue under the cover.
    • Hard to figure out
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Weak

Care and Maintenance

You can clean your toy using toy wipes or soap and water. If you opt for the second, though, you will need some kind of washcloth to do the cleaning, as SaSi is not waterproof. Never put it under the tap. Don’t take it in the shower or bathtub.

If you wish to do a more thorough cleaning, you can take off the plastic cover and remove the silicone cover. You can wash it, bleach it, put it in the washing machine, etc. Just make sure it is properly dried before putting your toy together again.

SaSi is rechargeable and it comes with a variety of plugs. You can choose which plug you want based on where you are. So if you suddenly move from Japan to Great Britain, the charger will still work. SaSi will start to flash a red light when it is about to run out of power, so you will know it is time to charge it. To connect the charger, flip up the small silicone patch on the bottom of the plastic cover and attach the charger. While it is charging, it will flash a red light. When it is done, it will turn to green. According to the instructions, it will take 1h45mins to fully charge, however it took me nearly 3 hours the first time. To maintain battery life, you need to use and charge it once every 3 months. It is annoyingly hard, though, to pull that silicone flap free or to tuck it back.

You can store the SaSi in the boy it arrived in.

Even though it is silicone it does not collect much lint, so it is not necessary to wipe it off before use.
You can only use water-based lube with it, as silicone-based ones can cause the cover to "melt."
    • Easy to store
    • Hard to clean


SaSi arrived in a very elegant, black, discreet box. The box is made of strong paper and is very sturdy. It is suitable for storage yet elegant enough to function as a gift box. It looks mostly like a jewelry box and, while it does not scream sex toy, it will draw the curious eyes.

The box is made-up of 3 parts: the cover, the bottom and the storage compartment. The cover is what covers the toy and the bottom holds a little silicone seat where SaSi rests, emblazoned with its name. The storage compartment holds a manual, a storage sac, the adapter for charging and the one-year warranty paperwork.
The box is a real luxurious storage for a luxury toy, though a bit big to store or travel with. Also the seat on which SaSi rests is not secured so, if you just put the box in a suitcase, the toy will be shaken around inside.

box 4
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift


I really wanted to love this toy, especially since it did cost quite a penny. I adore its shape, the colors, the feel of the silicone, and the functions, but not the way it feels. I found it could not deliver enough pressure, the vibrations were too weak, and even those overshadowed the feeling of the tongue. The licking sensations were spread-out on a way too big area, and the tongue rarely if ever hit my clit. The fact the toy heats up during use is not so disturbing until it decides to turn off entirely on its own. What I find most frustrating is that this toy could deliver what it promised--if only it could stand a little bit more pressure.
Follow-up commentary
I have given this little toy a few more tries, but I still do not like it. The main problems, that it cannot work under pressure and rarely hits my clit, are still there, and I find them no less of a problem. I kind of like using it on my nipples, but that is not a main turn on for me - and that's quite little for a toy of this price category.
If only it would work under pressure, I would not complain.
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