SaSi - sex toy by Je Joue - review by Renewing Desire

It's a Love / Hate Relationship

This toy is different than any other you've tried. If you have money to burn and are really curious, take a shot at it. But if you know what you like and are content, I wouldn't bother. It's a great innovation, but it could have been better.
Unique toy, relaxing, rechargeable.
EXPENSIVE. A little complicated. Moving Parts made of plastic.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Sasi claims to be the first toy of its kind, and it is certainly something special. The Sasi simulates oral sex for women. It is not for the "wham bam thank you, mam" orgasms, but for a more gradual build up, or relaxing massage.

I do have to say that probably the main advantage for Sasi, for most women, will be the education about their clitoral preferences. It can teach you that you like the "J" shape, fast and hard, or the "U" shape around your clitoris slow and soft. Just take a peek at the pattern of movement and you can tell your lover what the Sasi taught you last night.

The Good News - The Sasi is not as complicated as everyone says or thinks it is. It's actually rather simple if you can remember its functions.

There are 5 buttons (4 arrows - up, down, right, left - and one center button). Basically, there are two modes: Customize and Favorites. When you turn Sasi on by holding the center button for a couple of seconds (it will vibrate to say hello), it will default into 'favorites mode' (the green light by the left arrow). To change to 'customize mode', hit the right arrow and a red light will illuminate.

'Favorites mode' comes pre-programmed with 5 movements. In 'Customize mode' (red light by the right arrow), there are more than a dozen movements that Sasi will cycle through about every 20 seconds. If you like a movement you hit the center 'Don't Stop' button and Sasi will continue with this movement until you skip (forward or back arrow) to another one. Sasi remembers the ones you skip, and the ones you like, and will customize a better session for you next time. It hasn't gone in a circle for me like it has in some videos, but some movements almost feel enough like circles that I have to check.

Sasi also will update 'Favorites mode' with the latest movements you liked (pressed "Don't Stop" on) when you turn it off.

The up and down arrows control the speed of the movement and the vibration. Each movement has three different speeds, and you can change them by pressing the up or down buttons. Holding the up button turns on the vibration. There are also three vibration intensities, and I think there are two or three patterns of vibration, but I've forgotten. This drains the battery faster than normal, and causes the Sasi to get very hot more quickly. The vibrations to me were kind of an afterthought and are not very strong, as Sasi isn't really classifiable as a vibrator in my opinion.

Some Important Points:
1) The Sasi gets quite warm when you are using it if you take a while to climax. I was surprised at how hot it gets, and especially with the vibrations it's a little worrying.
2) Do not drop Sasi. The inner moving parts are plastic and I imagine can break fairly easily.
3) Do not put Sasi under running water. You can remove the silicone fascia and sterilize it like you would any other silicone toy though, and just wipe the plastic top with a damp cloth.

The biggest disappointment with the Sasi was the quality. The outside is fine and dandy, and it actually looks enough like a mouse that if you left it on your desk a passerby probably wouldn't look twice. It wasn't very heavy though, and when I took the fascia and cover off, all the innards were plastic moving parts. Even the little ball that does the rotating magic was plastic. I guess I had high expectations for this toy after the reviews I read and the large price tag, but the plastic mechanics really disappointed me. They can't withstand the pressure that many girls will want to put on it. This is a motor strength issue - if you exert more force than the motor it's going to lock up. The motor can't be too strong or it would break the plastic parts when too much pressure is applied. It has locked up on me before, but just relieving the pressure resumes its work.

I have to base my rating mostly on the uniqueness to the Sasi (4 stars), and not really on my experiences, though they are improving. I would give it 3.5 if we did halves, just because its not my favorite toy. It's a super neat concept, but I think it could have been executed better.
My first try with the Sasi I almost fell asleep, and I think the thing turned off by itself. It was very relaxing, but not especially exciting, but I am not giving up of course. This isn't really surprising considering many others have had similar difficulty transitioning to this more slow paced toy. It does feel pretty neat though, and oddly like someone's tongue.

The next time I used Sasi with the Njoy Pure Wand as backup, not for any active thrusting, but just to have some passive pressure on my G-spot. It worked much better that time, and I went through the Customize mode to sync up my Favorites. I needed the highest vibration setting, ball speed, and some more common rubbing action with a little backup from the Pure Wand to get over the edge, but it was a very satisfying orgasm nonetheless.

Lately, I just don't want to spend that much time having an orgasm, but I think it's a nice toy to lazy around with, or to have in conjunction with another toy. The sessions are getting better, though. Even though its nothing earth-shattering, it does seem like Sasi is remembering the types of movements I liked, so each session is more positive than the last.

I've found that for some movements, placing the Sasi "reversed", or the moving ball part closer to your head, and the non-active side covering your vaginal opening, that the ball can make more contact and apply more pressure to your clit. That tip is probably highly anatomy specific.

I think I am getting the hang of it.
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  • LavenderSkies
  • Zapples
    Thanks for reviewing - I've been really ambivalent about this toy. *Such* a cool concept, but it looks like it might fall apart any second...
  • Ghost
    This is too cute, too bad it's not up to par.
  • joja
    I am still so torn on this toy. Thanks for the info on the quality.
  • GoodCall
    Thanks for the great info. Seems like the quality for the price may be something to think about. :o(
  • bayosgirl
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    Wonderful review! Thanks so much for taking the time to share!
  • Robinhoood
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    Thanks for a good review!
  • Pudyqat
    Thanks for a good review!
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    Great review, thanks!
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    awesome. thanks for the info!
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