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SaSi is Just TOO Hot for Me.

Overall, this toy was a good idea, like I said. It just wasn't fully thought out. Overheating is overheating, no matter what way you slice it. Since it's not seen as a defect, this toy is not considered defective. But I definitely think Je Joue needs to go back to the drawing room and fix the problem. I think it would also be cool if the "tongue" bulge stuck out a little further. That would have made use a lot better for me.
Modern, Pretty, Tons of functions, Vibrating, Rechargeable
Heats up (main complaint), "Tongue" may not easily reach all clits
Rating by reviewer:
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I want to apologize ahead of time: there will be no pictures in this review for a few days. This will probably get me some bad ratings, but I can't do much about that. I have no working camera, and I've been borrowing the best friend's every now and then for my other reviews. I will be as descriptive as possible, though!

SaSi is an innovative and modern sex toy that is used to simulate oral sex, or the feeling of having your genitals licked - in particular, your clitoris. My main issue with SaSi is that she overheats, so it was a disappointment to me in that sense. But for any woman who can put up with that, this is a wonderful toy. It does exactly what it is supposed to!

One very unique and modern aspect of SaSi is that she actually learns what you like. How? With use of the learning mode, each function is played for 20 seconds. If you like that mode, you click the center button and it is saved. If you don't like it, you hit the right button to continue to the next mode. You can save up to 5 "favorites". This is one of the coolest functions I have seen in a toy in a very long time!

If you have a heat sensitive clitoris, like myself, I would suggest looking into another toy.

Material / Texture

SaSi is composed of several plastic counterparts, covered in a thick, food-grade Silicone cover. It has no smell, and no taste. I got the purple color, but it looked a bit powdery... as if someone sprinkled powdered sugar or flower on random parts of the toy. So the color was not "true", so to speak. That is really just nit-picking, but it annoyed me. I could imagine the black would be even worse. Compared to the perfect Rose colored MiMi from JeJoue, the color was definitely a step down.

There was no texture to the Silicone. It was very smooth, with little to no drag at all. I think this is a bit of a con because there should be some sort of texture to help imitate the human tongue. That is just some constructive criticism for Je Joue. It still felt good (while it wasn't burning hot against my clitoris), but some texture would have really made things better.

I wouldn't call this a beginner toy, simply because it heats up. This is actually a normal thing, and is apparently (I couldn't find it, but others could) featured as a normal happening in the user's manual. If you are a person who normally uses hot things against the clitoris, as some people do, this toy is perfect for you. If you are ultra heat-sensitive like myself, I would stay clear of this toy.

Design / Shape / Size

I actually love the design and the idea of the toy. Aside from its flaws, Je Joue had a genius idea... Although they didn't run with it as much as I'd hoped, it's still a nice design and idea. It is curved slightly to fit the shape of the vulva very well. The "tongue" or bulge sticks out enough to hit the clitoris, but I have larger labia so I really had to dig in there. That made use a little difficult. But for many women, this toy would have hid the clitoris dead on.

It's discreet looking. Someone wouldn't see this and think it was a sex toy. It looks like some sort of massager... or just some "thing" lying around. For that I was thankful, since I have family in and out of my home throughout most of the week. I also travel a lot, and I couldn't imagine a maid finding one of my sex toys in a hotel bathroom.... except for SaSi. She/he would probably look right over it!

It is about the size of my hand... a little less, actually. Much smaller than I had imagined. It is very easily to hold since it is small, so it's not a con of any sort. It is also easy to maneuver (remember the whole "digging" thing I mentioned?). The only thing is that the buttons can be a bit difficult to press and I think the control pad should be placed a bit more toward the back so it's easier to use when your hand is down there in your crotch region. I'm honestly hoping for a SaSi "Second Generation"... and I hope Je Joue reads my review!

Functions / Performance / Controls

The functions are totally confusing for me to explain, so if you want to really know how it works I would watch a video on the product page or visit Je Joue's company website for a really detailed video on how to use SaSi. There are TONS of operations, and honestly it was almost too much work to use this thing. Once you get the hang of it, sure... it's easy. But the amount of education you have to go through to use it is ridiculous.

I will tell you that there are both oscillation modes (I forget how many... but there's tons) and also the option to add some vibration whenever you feel like it. Maybe if you need that extra push over the edge when you're close to climaxing. I found this really nice, but I think it takes away from the "oral sex" idea and tempts you to use it as some sort of a vibrator. Just my opinion.

SaSi is about a 2 bees on the noise scale without the vibration functions turned on. With the vibration functions turned on, you're getting near a 3 bees. Since no one is here in my home, I didn't really care. But even if someone was over, I don't think I would care too much.

SaSi is NOT waterproof, which was another major bummer for me. I really wanted to use her in the shower. When first getting her I thought "Nah, it wont matter. I hardly use toys in the tub!" and when I tested her out, I immediately wanted this to be a bath tub toy. What could be better than oral sex in the tub?

My biggest and most important complaint is that SaSi heats up. Like I mentioned, this is considered normal by Je Joue. Apparently the SaSi actually turns itself off when it gets too hot... but mine never turned off... and how hot is too hot? This thing could potentially burn someone. I even heard from another contributor that their sex shop discontinued SaSi because it burnt two customers.

It was supposedly mentioned in the customer manual that heating is normal for SaSi. It is *NOT* a feature of SaSi, it just literally gets hot. And I can see how it would heat, because there's a lot of work going on inside of the toy. But there should be nothing sold that gets this hot. And to write it off as "normal" is really stupid. I'm sure some women may like this, but it totally hurt me to the point where I couldn't enjoy myself at all.

Care and Maintenance

You don't actually clean the SaSi itself. You actually clean the cover. This is pretty different, but pretty cool. It's nice because you don't have to worry about totally ruining your toy. You pop off the plastic top, and wash the Silicone cover any way you please. Hot water and antibacterial soap works best, but toy cleaner or wet wipes could work just as well.

Once the cover has fully dried, you can wrap up the SaSi again. I recommend using a blow dryer on COLD and making sure all the moisture is gone, but you could also wipe it with a towel or let it sit out for 2 hours or so. When you put the Silicone back on SaSi, you have to make sure it fits into the grooves perfectly or else the plastic top wont snap on correctly, and you could risk getting lubricant into the toy. That wouldn't be good!

You should use SaSi ONLY with water-based lubricants, as Je Joue recommends. Silicone lubricants can actually cause Silicone to melt... I've seen it happen! You don't want to ruin your toy! So remember, WATER ONLY.

You may have seen the Je Joue storage bag on the SaSi page? Well, it doesn't exist, and it doesn't come with SaSi. You do get the nice jewelry-box style Je Joue box. It isn't as discreet as the others, as it actually says "SaSi" on the top, hinting that something is inside. However, for me this wasn't a big deal. For others this could be. The box has two parts. It opens from the top and bottom. The top holds the SaSi and the user manuals. The bottom holds the charger.

Recharging SaSi is pretty straight forward. You lift the Silicone tab (VERY hard to do) and plug in the charger. The tab is hard to pull out, but that's for the best so nothing gets inside the charging hole. The Silicone tab is even harder to push back inside, which totally pissed me off. It took forever to do. I don't think it should be so hard to push it back in.

It charges for about two hours, just like the other Je Joue toys. The red light will blink, and come to a stop and hold a steady light which indicates it is fully charged. This is nice because you don't have to guess if it has fully charged or not. A lot of my rechargeables have no indicators, which makes it quite annoying. So that is a plus for the SaSi. SaSi does not heat up while charging, thankfully!


The packaging, like I explained, consists of one jewelry style box that has two compartments. It's a little confusing to show so I will add pictures as soon as I can borrow my best friend's camera again (that's what I've been using since my other broke). The top is where you find your SaSi, along with it's manuals and information. Underneath is where the charger is. The SaSi is very well packed so that it is not damaged, so damage is not a concern. Je Joue does a great job at packaging their toys. The box is absolutely gorgeous and I always love their boxes! I only have the MiMi and SaSi but everytime a friend of mine tries to throw a Je Joue box away, I steal it!

The box is not covered in another box. It is simply wrapped in tight plastic. It's really hard to break through without scratching the box, but if you look carefully, underneath is a perfect area to cut. There's a little seam between where the bottom section slides out, and using a thin knife you can cut the plastic without hurting the box.

The box, plastic pieces, and everything else is completely recyclable and recycling is encouraged by the packaging. The packaging would make a nice gift because it's mostly discreet, as long as no one knows what Je Joue or SaSi is. It does say SaSi on the box, like I mentioned. So in that sense, it's not as discreet as it could be. But no one is going to know from afar.
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

- DO NOT use SaSi under a blanket. It only makes her heat up more quickly.

- DO NOT use SaSi in the water or near water. She is NOT waterproof.

- DO NOT keep SaSi in the sun. The Silicone can lose color. This has happened with a lot of other Silicone toys, including my first MiMi from Je Joue.


I honestly just couldn't enjoy this toy. The heating up hurt, and it made it impossible for me to climax or even use the toy at some points. I've tried and tried over and over to give this a chance, but the heat is... just too hot.

The settings and buttons and directions were really hard to understand at first. It took a lot of "education", as I had mentioned. Make it easy on yourself, and go to the Je Joue website:

Click on the page for SaSi and watch the video as you use your toy for the first time. It will make things run a lot more smoothly. I was just about to throw my toy at the wall until my husband said "Go to the website. Remember they had that video thingy?". Thank God for my husband!

I think the toy could have had some more thought put into it. I think there are most likely ways that Je Joue could have reduced the heat factor. It may just be me, being over-sensitive, but it's a big deal. And I think it could have been a lot more user friendly, aside from my main complaint. So I can't say I really enjoyed this toy. I will say that before the toy gets hot (about 5 minutes), the movement of the "tongue" feels great.
Follow-up commentary
Obviously still don't like this one. Wasn't a great choice and I have no use for it. Too many problems!
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