SaSi luxury clitoral massager

The SaSi is a luxury toy that has too many great features to list. It is body friendly, rechargeable, and programmable. It fits in my hand comfortably and provides me with an intimate and personal massage. The more I use it, the better my SaSi gets to know me. If you enjoy manual stimulation and have deep pockets, then I suggest you give the SaSi a try.
Customizable, simulates tongue and finger sensations, silicone, quiet, rechargeable
Really expensive, might not be suitable for everyone
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extremely useful review
I can not even begin to tell you how excited I have been about the SaSi by Je Joue|SaSi by Je Joue. This little massager is fairly discreet and quite quiet. The power of vibrations aren't as strong as I was expecting, but given that the undulating ball feels great, I can overlook the issue of power. Some of the other awesome features of this is that it is rechargeable, silicone sleeve, and the biggest draw to this toy, it learns what you like. Yes, it learns and remembers what motions you enjoy then repeats them next time you use the toy.

I waited anxiously for the package to arrive. In fact I watched the front door so closely that I didn't notice when the mail man put the package by the back door. I must say that the packaging is very nice. Just looking at the box you can tell this is a luxury toy. The black paper box had a ribbon around it and all was sealed in plastic. I discovered that the box also doubles as a display stand for the SaSi. There is a little oval protrusion on the lid that a rubber like disc sits on to cushion the SaSi and hold it perfectly. The inside of the box is padded and contains a charger cord (with adapters for Australia and New Zealand, EU, and United Kingdom), a one year warranty card, a black storage bag (feels like Nylon to me, and a 22 page booklet. From reading the booklet I learned some very useful things, and some not so useful things. It is good to know that the SaSi should not be held under a running tap to clean, but it's pretty silly to warn people to not use the SaSi to massage their eyeballs or eyelids.

The SaSi is made out of body safe materials including ABS plastic, TPE, and 100% silicone. The sleeve is silicone (water based lubes only because of this, also keep it away from other silicone toys) the fascia (top cover) is plastic, and I think the button surrounds are TPE, as there really isn't much else on the toy that could be. The fascia and silicone sleeve are removable, but I found the clips that hold the fascia in place to be difficult to release so I did not take the cover off of mine for fear of damaging it. There is a soft cover that protects the charger jack, and I found it difficult to remove at first, though I am better at it now.

The SaSi is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that takes 45 minutes to fully charge and according to the booklet will last for 1 hour and 15 minutes of use, or 2 weeks in stand by. The light turns red during charging and is green when the charge is complete. There is also a button lock feature that is great for travel or storage where you don't want it turning on and draining the battery. This is turned on by holding the down and center button for three seconds, turning it off is holding the top and center button for 3 seconds.

To turn on the SaSi simply hold down the center button for two seconds. Once on, you may choose the favorites (5 pre-set functions) by pressing the left key, or select the customize mode by pressing the right button. You can press the center button at any time to turn the movement on or off. While in "Favorites" mode you use the left or right buttons to cycle through the preset patterns while the up and down buttons control the speed of the movements when pressed, or the vibrations if held for a couple seconds. When in "Customize" mode, you use the left key to rate a movement "don't like" or the right key for "I like it, repeat it more often." There are 6 vibration modes with three steady vibrations ranging in intensity and three patterns including pulse and escalation.

With cleaning, the booklet advises to wipe it off with a damp cloth and mild soap. I use a cloth and spray Before and After toy cleaner on it then wipe the SaSi clean. Also make sure your SaSi is dry before plugging it in to charge or to store it. Being silicone and plastic, you should be able to clean this toy with a 10% bleach solution, but the booklet says not to share the toy. I am usually all for sharing with my husband, but my SaSi is programmed to what I like, and it is a personal toy. If sharing is a must, you could always use a dental dam or sheet of plastic wrap.
I found the SaSi to be very comfortable to hold and easy to grip. the movements of the undulating ball felt closer to tongue movements than fingers. While I really like a lot of the patterns and find them quite pleasurable, I was disappointed to learn that the SaSi does not do 360 circles. It will do half circles, but not tight continuous circles.

The vibrations are good for light stimulation, and go well with the SaSi's movements. If you are looking for a super powerful vibrator, look somewhere else. This toy's main feature is it's massaging properties, with the vibrations as an enhancement.

I think this toy works very well for it's intended use, that is to massage your intimate parts and learn what you like over time. Within one sitting, I was able to train the SaSi to repeat the patterns that I loved and avoid the ones I didn't care for. I feel that over time and the more I "teach" my new companion, the better it will perform for me. I love the way this feels on nipples as well as on the clit. I imagine this would also work well for perineum massage too, although I have not used it for this yet.

The toy makes a wonderful warm up toy, but it also provided me with enough stimulation to produce a very deep and satisfying orgasm. This isn't a toy to fuck yourself with, this is a toy you make love to yourself with. The perfect mood setting with the SaSi would include candles and soft music. I don't think I could watch porn while using this toy, it is just so intimate of an experience that porn would feel out of place.

This toy is not for everyone. I would recommend this only to women who enjoy receiving oral sex and clitoral massages. You also have to be willing to make a rather sizable investment, as this is not a cheap toy. For me, the price of the toy was worth it though. I love how different the SaSi is from all my other toys. This doesn't just blend in with all the others, as it offers something they don't... it knows what I like. This is a toy that I will proudly display in my bedroom for many years.
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  • Contributor: Bulma
    I was really bummed out at first when I found it lacked that motion, but I've come to enjoy some of the other motions quite a lot. There is one that is a half circle that feels pretty amazing when the speed gets cranked up. It's not a full circle, but it sure feels nice :)
  • Contributor: Hoping for more
    I do love this toy but not enough for 5 stars.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    My star ratings reflect the overall toy, not just how I feel about them. I rate the toy's quality, durability, power, many things. I have had toys that just didn't work for me because they were not a good personal fit, but they were still excellent toys so still got a high star rating. I try not to be overly subjective with my reviews, and I put my focus on the product.
    Thank you for the comment :)
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    Hey, Bulma, you sound just like me, LOL! There have been toys I've loved to the moon and back, but rated a tiny bit lower because I know they wouldn't be a good fit for most people, and toys I thought were ick, but rated decently because other people may enjoy them. It's rare that I get a toy I want people to stay away from 100% of the time.
  • Contributor: You go girl!
    This toy is a wonderful warm up nothing more! And for the price who needs it? I surely wish I haden't spent the money on it!!!!!!!!
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Not for everyone for sure, but the gentle motions are a great break from my Hitachi :P Sorry you didn't enjoy yours enough to make the price worth it, but I feel I've got pretty good bang for my buck so far.
  • Contributor: Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Great review - sounds like a lot of fun! Yes, I suppose using it on your eyes wouldn't be so smart. Gotta love those "instruction manuals"!!
  • Contributor: Bulma
    Thanks :) My SaSi is my best relaxation tool I have, and the best looking too ;) I never cease to be amazed by this product.
  • Contributor: Wordplay123
    This'll have to be a dream stimulator as I definitely don't have $150+ for something like this, even though it makes the tech geek in me squee.
  • Contributor: Bulma
    I am glad I had the money to get this at the time, I've been in love with it ever since. Thanks for commenting Smile
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review Bulma
  • Contributor: seaofneptune
    Thanks for the review - I love clitoral vibrators but I am undecided on this one.
  • Contributor: Kush
    Thank you.
  • Contributor: Pudyqat
    Thanks for a good review!
  • Contributor: mrssnyder
    nice review
  • Contributor: Martiniman
    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: chicmichiw
    Sounds cool! Loved your review
  • Contributor: Happy44
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