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Sasi Can French Kiss

Sasi is pretty cool -- no matter how else you feel about it, it's a fairly functional, novel kind of sex toy. It's like nothing else I've ever experienced in a toy and it does feel good! Sasi does feel like a crazy, sexy tongue. I wish the ball were slightly more pronounced to access my anatomy better, had one or two faster speeds and also one more powerful vibration setting.
Does feel like a tongue!
AI, endless patterns
Cons: a robot tongue.
Learning curve
Odd noises
Weak vibrations
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The curious Sasi -- is it a vibrator? An oral sex simulator? A handheld video game? It's all three.

Outer pack intro
Sasi intro

I had been truly, obsessively intrigued by the Sasi before I took the plunge to buy it, and I have no regrets. It's like nothing else in my collection and anyone searching for even more novelty to their 'novelty' toys, Sasi is for you. My biggest warnings, which I'll expand on, are that Sasi is high-maintenance and a bit limited.

Sasi will please:
1. Those looking for an honest simulation of oral sex
2. Those looking for unique sensations
3. Those who can get by with more subtle sensations

Sasi will not please:
1. Those easily distracted by noise
2. Those who need strong vibrations
3. Those who hate messing with their toys, function-wise or annoying button-wise.
  • Who / How / What
    [ ? ]
    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • On a bed only
  • Body / part areas
    [ ? ]
    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris

Material / Texture

Sasi is a dual-material toy, with a skin of silicone on the bottom and a plastic control panel on top.

Plastic control panel

The skin is supposedly removable and the manual has great details on how to care for this strange contraption. I personally haven't taken the skin off because I'm certain I will never be able to get it back on.

Touching the hollow bottom is an experience -- it's surprisingly skin-like, almost like a drum. It has no taste or smell, and feels vaguely velvety. The bottom has no texture whatsoever, as this would likely distact from the feeling of the ball bearing moving against you. The top is completely hard plastic, with someone click-able buttons.

Design / Shape / Size

The Sasi is both like and completely unlike other vibrators primarily geared towards women.

It's designed mainly to stimulate externally, the clitoris specifically. It has some vibration levels to provide familiar sensations for those who are experienced with toys. Sasi contains a steel ball at the bottom which moves in various circular motions.

Total length: 5"
Width: 1.75"

It's probably easiest to describe Sasi in comparison to other toys that many have ascribed similar function. I want to debunk those assumptions. In general terms, you use Sasi like any other clitoral vibrator: you put your hand on the broad bottom portion with your index finger on the top of the D-pad like a video game. The rest is easy: let it stimulate you. Now, for more specific details:

Sasi is nothing like the Sqweel:
Sasi provides some simulation of oral sex -- but totally unlike the Sqweel. I don't personally own the Sqweel, but a buzzsaw-like contraption is nothing like a tongue. The Sqweel rotates in a constant direction, with the multiple 'tongues' flapping against you, always up. No one has ever licked me like this. The Sasi at least attempts to imitate more naturalistic and varied motions. Is it sucessful? Yes, yes it is, in a robotic sort of way.

Comparison between the We-Vibe Touch and the SaSi:
I've noticed lots of debate about whether the Touch and the Sasi are the same, and usually it ends up that the Touch is cheaper, so it must be more worth it. The answer is that they're not the same at all and thus not really comparable.

The Touch is a clitoral vibrator, while, if it hasn't become clear, the Sasi is an oral sex simulator. Beyond that, the dimensions themselves are very different, though the overall shapes are similar.

sasi vs Touch 1
Sasi vs touch 2
Sasi vs touch 3

The We-Vibe touch has no moving parts. It does have a very enjoyable tip, but this doesn't simulate oral sex. The Touch is also substantially smaller and more powerful. If both Sasi and Touch were simply clitoral vibrators, it's true that Sasi perhaps wouldn't have much to add to what the Touch accomplishes -- but that's not the case!

I hope these side-by-side images and my video hope to clear up any confusion.
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic
    • Oral sex simulator

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Controls:
Gosh Sasi is a video game. Figuring it out can be a challenge for those in a hurry or those who really like their toys to be uncomplicated.

Or, this is a chance to really customize your sex toy, teach it what you like, and stand in awe of cool, sexy technology. Your choice!

To turn on, press the middle button and hold. It should then make a funny noise (see below). Then, the green light should turn on on the left arrow direction. Then click the middle button once to start the ball bearing.

To start vibration levels, press the top arrow button. Then keep clicking the up arrow to get higher power levels. There are 3 levels of vibration in total, the highest rating at about 3 vrooms.

Click the right arrow to cycle through the functions. Sorry I didn't show myself clicking which arrows in my video -- the movement of the ball is so crazy!

You Sound Funny:
Just a warning: Sasi makes some weird noises (or at least, mine does. I haven't had two in my hands to compare). Just turning Sasi on will produce an odd stalling noise, which is slightly intimidating. Any movement of the ball creates an oscillating whirr. The vibration setting sounds fairly standard. However, the flexible silicone skin will also act as a drum, meaning that vibration and/or movement noise will be amplified. Some of the patterns, in which the ball makes broad movements towards the lower extremes of its range, are strange and loud and have a belch-y quality to them. I'm telling you, Sasi is not quiet or lady-like.

If you're easily distracted by noise during your play, Sasi might bug you. But, if you can get over the noise of just about any CalEx rabbit, Sasi won't bother you that much.

The Water Test:
For all my vibrating toys, I do a water test: I immerse the vibrating end of a toy at the highest setting to visualize the vibrations. Very buzzy toys create very small ripples while rumbly toys create big ripples. Very strong toys in general move the water around a lot. Take a peek:

Sasi water test
Life water test

I'm comparing the Sasi to the Leaf Life, here. Since Sasi has additional an moving component, this made the water move around a lot more than just a plain jane vibrator -- this may have confounded the test a bit. I'd say the vibrations of Sasi rate it at 3 vrooms, but the Leaf Life is a 4 vroom toy and the two toys look very similar in the water test -- all due to the moving ball. Personally, if we're relating the movement of the water to the amount of stimulation, I would say this result is still accurate since it's true, the moving ball provides more stimulation.
    • Hard to figure out
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

Sasi is a bit of a diva.

To charge, you must pry up a flap of silicone to access the DC port. This is hard, surprisingly hard. I have little, nimble fingers and I still think it's hard. Getting the jack to stay in the port is also sometimes tricky -- sometimes I'll walk away only to see the light off later, even though Sasi's not done charging. Even putting the little flap back in after you're done charging is a pain.

Port closed
port open

Sasi needed a 6 hour charge when I first received the toy. I did notice that Sasi also didn't keep a charge super well -- after being left in storage for about a month, without any use, Sasi needed a 2 hour charge again. When plugged in, one of the direction arrows' red light will flash on and stay on while charging. When Sasi's done, the light will switch to a greenish color. It's an oddly ugly little light, just something I noticed, especially when comparing Sasi's control panel to something gorgeous like Lelo's Mona 2.

Charging green

Sasi is also not waterproof, not even a little. The silicone skin can supposedly be removed for cleaning, but if it's anything like the port, I don't want to mess with it because I'd never be able to get it back on properly. Wipes are probably your best friend, when considering a cleaning option for this toy. I would recommend using it externally only and then mostly around the clitoral/hood area -- and then Sasi is probably best for ladies who stay relatively dry. Be careful with lubes or fluids, as the control panel is not waterproof and there are a lot of little ridges liquids could penetrate.

Sasi is high-maintenance. This is a bit of downer, but I can personally overlook it. Just know that you have to treat it special and you'll be fine.
    • Difficult to store
    • High maintenance


Be prepared for the world's most annoying packaging. I'm truly disappointed in Je Joue, as I own the Mimi, which had packaging that was totally sleek, practical and accessible. Sasi is the opposite of all that and more.

Sasi pedestal
Internatl plugs
complete pack

Sasi came in a surprisingly tall box that splits in the middle. Originally, it was kept together with a black paper strip that is both totally necessary to keeping the two halves together in a secure way but apparently is there to act as a tamper-proof seal because you will not be able to get it back on the box.

When you lift the top half of the box, you reveal the presentation compartment of the toy. The toy itself sits on a raised, oval, silicone ring that has a raised paper disc to also sit on. I imagine this is to avoid resting the delicate vibrating ball on any surface. It's a decent way to present the toy. Even though I have concerns how it shipped like that and whether not it's secure, I guess it must be? I wish it came in a foam insert like other toys.

The second half of the box must be lifted up; a third compartment slides out and contains the instruction manual, warranty card and four, count 'em, four international adapters for the Sasi. Just in case you want to take Sasi with you on a tour around the world.

In the end, I truly wish the box came with some sort securing device -- a satin ribbon, magnetized flaps, some kind of lid rather than this top-heavy packaging that looks good as a gift box but is silly for most other purposes.
    • Would make a nice gift


So what is Sasi like?

It's like a tongue, moving across your vulva and clit. I suggest spreading your labia with your other hand, since Sasi has some accessibility problems. Then, cycling through multiple functions in order to capitalize on naturalistic motion feels really great!

I just wish Sasi was stronger. I suppose higher vibration power may have interfered with the function of the ball, which I respect.

Other reviews have mentioned pressure as a problem -- I enjoy pressing against or rubbing myself with toys quite a bit and I simply didn't find it necessary with the Sasi. Also, the ball can stand a fair bit of pressure, though something tells me actually going out of your way to stop the ball is probably really bad for the Sasi.
Follow-up commentary
My feelings haven't changed about Sasi -- I pegged it for a very novel though innovative sex toy and certainly it still is that. It's one of the most unique toys in my collection and it still feels good. However, if you're looking for a more true and more satisfying sex toy that simulates oral sex, Sasi isn't really it. It's underpowered and while I applaud the inclusion of some vibration stimulation, it's not really enough to complement the rather slow movements of the ball bearing.

In conclusion, if you have money or points burning a hole in your pocket, Sasi is one unique ride. For those who are more practical, give Sasi a pass. I'm afraid she collects dust in my closet and I only occasionally take her out for a spin.
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