Ultimate satisfier slim - traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Ultimate satisfier slim reviews

22 reviews
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22 reviews

This is a great all around toy. It makes a great gift because of its size and versatility. This should be a part of every toy box!

A cheap little vibe, that while noisy is VERY effective in clitoral stimulation. Not exactly discreet because of the noise it makes, but it is small and easy to hide in a bag. This has become my favorite vibe to use when I want to have my clitoris stimulated, though because of it's width it's not very effective for vaginal stimulation.

As much as I love Ultimate Satisfier Slim, the fast that it's so hard to keep clean and safe to use is worrying. That little groove between the head and the shaft is just the right size to really make that a problem and a worry to keep using more than a few times.

Ever wanted to see how vibrator motors work? Want the loudest toy possible? Want to have a "bottom of the line" reference point? Check out this thing. The only redeeming factor it has that keep it from becoming trash is that my cat likes it. Other than that, I wouldn't even give this thing away.

I'm extremely thankful that this toy was a free gift because I barely used it once and then threw it away. If I could, I would give it only half of a star because it was at least functional when it arrived.

A nice standard vibe that is affordable for those beginners that want something that will live up to the idea of what a vibrator is and what it's suppose to do. It's reliable, won't bleed you in battery usage and is thin enough to carry in your purse, yet long enough (8 inches insertable) to touch places that maybe your husband can't reach. Great on the clit and easy to care for.

I would rate this item in the 'Not worth it' category. It's a fairly cheap toy, but the noise it makes is amazing, and while the vibrations are good, they aren't enough to offset the fact that you can hear this toy through closed doors. The vibrations are slightly numbing, even when on the lowest setting.

I wouldn't recommend buying it, maybe if its your first toy and you don't want anything fancy but other than that you can buy a better toy than this cheaply made one.

For under $20, this vibe is one of the strongest out there. While it is definitely very loud and not exactly the prettiest pieces of plastic out there, the Ultimate will satisfy you if you enjoy intense vibrations.

The Ultimate Satisfier Slim is a long, strong, and rough ride you'll want to get off on! The toy was definitely worth the experience. I love intense direct clitoral stimulation, and this toy can do it. I especially love how the slender shaft just slides inside of me and hits my G-spot like an arrow in a bulls-eye! Easy for me!

This is a very loud vibrator, so if you are worried about people hearing it, then don’t get this. If noise is not an issue, then the shapely design and intense vibrations will certainly get the job done.

If the vibrator on this toy had been more powerful and more quiet, I would have rated this toy 5 stars. Design: 3 stars Vibrator: 0 stars. This toy is going to be my go-to for anal penetration during intercourse.

Loud but it does what it's supposed to. It hit my g-spot and it vibrates pretty strongly. Wouldn't recommend to use if the noise of the vibrator would be a problem.

Truth be told, this is a toy that will spend most of its time in the drawer. He's simply too loud for any sort of realistic use, although the vibrations are powerful, I just don't feel it's worth the 3 AA batteries. I'm glad this was a free toy.

I am rather glad that this product was offered as a free gift. I do not feel it is worth the 15 bucks they want for it. The toy feels kind of cheap and is VERY loud. However, I try not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I know my friend will enjoy the 2nd one I got from my 2nd order.

The Ultimate Satisfies Slim is an odd toy, it's a bit too big, it's got too much power, and it's too loud. There really is such a thing as less is more. This toy missed the memo.

While not designed for men, this was probably the most fun insertable I have ever used anally. The shape pretty much invited itself into me, and once it was there, it made me very, very happy.

The Ultimate Satisfier Slim is a solid choice for a beginner vibrator. The vibrations range from barely perceptible to very intense, and the control dial allows for precise selection. There are several design issues, however, that keep this from being my go-to toy.

I am disappointed in this toy, it looks cheap, and is really loud. This vibrator maybe good for someone looking for their first toy, but I personally think they should keep looking.

Doesn't fully satisfy! It is so powerful it can overstimulate the clitoris, and I just can't get over how loud it is. This is one that will get lost in the bottom of toy box.

This is a simple rough vibe device. It is a little loud but very intense. Just remember that it is not waterproof. It is not for everyone.

This would be an alright vibe if it wasn't for a seam that sticks out and scratches you and everything that it comes in contact with. Bad flaw, they should have caught this before passing it off as a quality vibrator.

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