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We-vibe 3 We-vibe 3

G-spot rabbit vibrator by We-vibe

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We-vibe 3 reviews

53 reviews
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53 reviews

Great investment for any couple looking to add some more excitement to their sex. It takes time to learn which positions work best for you, but once you do - it will become an amazing addition to your routine! We highly recommend for anyone looking to spice things up.

As a college student I don't have money to throw around, but this toy DEFINITELY payed for itself. I recommend this toy as a must have in any toy box. I would recommend this to everyone from beginners to experienced sex toy users, especially those who enjoy clitoral stimulation.

I think our expectations were too high. Not the worst couples toy, but not the best either. Wanted something more for going out, and more interactive for both couples. The We-Vibe III serves better as a solo toy than a life changing couples toy.

I can't blame the company for their toy not fitting my body type. It has a ton of awesome features and if it fits you correctly, I'm sure it's worth buying. However, if it doesn't fit, it's really a pointless toy to keep around. My caution is that if you have smaller, or larger than average proportions, this toy may not be for you. The high quality of this toy leaves me with no doubt that this toy would last a long time in any toy box. Maybe their next toy will be a little more adjustable.

It was somewhat disappointing because when you hear about it, you get excited for it to be a totally amazing new experience. It wasn't what I was expecting. Maybe I just had high hopes for it.

This toy never gets old; the vibrations are strong and the patterns are fun. I do not regret this purchase one bit. Buy it. It will be a good experience for both of you.

Worth every dime! Was much better than my expectations. This will be a permanent fixture on my nightstand and in my sex life.

In the end, the We-Vibe is my go to vibrator. That's the best recommendation that I can give a toy. It's the one I reach for first. It isn't the strongest or flashiest, but it's elegance lies in its simplicity and is completely worth every penny.

The We-Vibe 3 is a skip for anyone who requires more than the lightest of vibrations. The biggest annoyances are a remote that fails to work when the product is in actual use, an on/off button that is located on the top so that an accidental bump/hump turns the We-Vibe 3 off, and a body so slippery my partner and I have to untangle ourselves, pull it out, and wipe it off just to adjust the speed/settings.

Overall, I could not recommend this product for someone like me. If you're a smaller girl or a bit tight down there, or if your partner has an above-average penis size, I wouldn't recommend it. It's downright uncomfortable. I would prefer to stick with a traditional bullet.

This item is 100% worth it if: 1. Your anatomy matches the design. 2. Your partner doesn't go numb. 3. You can manage to keep it in position.

Overall this was an awesome vibe! The slight twisting and loss of signal in no way takes away from all that this toy can do. I would HIGHLY recommend that it be a part of every couple’s toy collection!

Water, bedroom, work, travel, the we vibe can please you wherever you my go. Buy it now and thank me later!

This is a great toy for everyone, and if you don't have one don't wait to get it. Check out our review, and see if you can find something we haven't.

A great investment, if a bit pricey. The wife and I both enjoyed this greatly. Did everything it said it would, and should be in use for years to come!

Although I was optimistic, this is not the toy for me. The concept is great, but the We-Vibe 3 doesn't fit and doesn't provide stimulation throughout the area it covers. The charger and materials are great. I have the We-Vibe 3 and Touch and they are quality products, just not the right ones for me.

The We-Vibe 3 is billed almost exclusively as a couple's vibrator, an aspect in which it totally failed, for me. However, the shape and feel, as well as the versatility of the design more than make up for this for solo use. If only the 3 had more power in both ends, and a clitoral arm that didn't over shoot my clitoris. Also, I wish the 3 was 'poseable' and could keep its L-shape rather than always trying to curve back to its C-shape.

The We-Vibe is a great toy. I love it and it gives me and my partner great pleasure while being intimate. I would recommend it to anyone.

The We Vibe 3 is a lot different and a little more advanced than other couples vibrators on the market. It's the perfect choice for those who are bored with regular vibrators and want to try something a little bit different. It's not the perfect sex toy, but it's so unique! If you get creative, I'm sure you could explore all kinds of possibilities with the We Vibe 3!

In my opinion, the We-Vibe 3 is a success and worth the money. It has a few downfalls, but overall is a wonderfully exotic and well-thought out toy for both males and females, with or without a partner.

If you want a toy that is fun for the both of you, then this is it. If you've never used a toy that benefits you both, then make this one your first. There is no greater feeling than having your partner's pussy squeeze your penis as the both of you experience the power of the We Vibe.

Overall, I really like it and hope to continue using it with my fiancé. He enjoys it as well. Being able to share this together is great.

Definitely worth the money. It could save a relationship! It makes the sex that good! I know the product is expensive, but if it doesn't break your budget then go for it!

I really like the We-Vibe III and while it is not perfect I would definitely recommend this unique design to someone with an already established collection who would like to add something new. It is not always my go-to toy and on it's own it doesn't do quite enough for me, but when I wear it during anal sex the orgasms are mind blowing! Totally worth the investment, even if it is a little slippery and difficult to hold in place sometimes.

This couples vibrator is great for solo or partner play and can even be used in conjunction with dildos and other toys. Its rumbly vibrations and pin-point targeting of both the clitoris and g-spot are amazing for female-bodied individuals whose anatomy it actually fits. You may not like this toy if you prefer intense or buzzy vibrations.

The We-Vibe 3 is a great couples toy. It allows you to add some new dimensions to penetrative sex with powerful and rumbling vibrations. If your anatomy is right it provides great stimulation to both the clitoris and the G-spot. With a remote control and waterproof features it allows you to take the toy out of the bedroom and explore new areas with it. Overall a great, powerful, fun, innovative toy, that most couples will find very pleasing.

Too loud for going out, but if you're staying in, try using it every way you can think of. You'll be rewarded.

- Used during sex for his and her pleasure - Offers direct stimulation to the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously - Waterproof - Rechargeable- no batteries ever! - Remote control - Has a case for easy storage and travel - Case doubles as charger

If you are a first time user, or do not require a lot of stimulation, this would be a great toy. Price is a big factor on whether you want to try it or not. I think it is priced to high for the results I got from this vibe. If it had way more power, I wouldn't mind paying the high dollar amount.

This is a great couples toy, probably the best that we have tried so far. We both liked the feeling of the vibrations when been used during sex, and found it to be very enjoyable. I like the remote function as this means that naughty nights out can be even naughtier. It's nice and quiet, and has powerful, deep vibrations, not buzzy ones. It's really easy to clean, easy to charge, and comes with a very well designed storage case. In short, I LOVE THIS TOY!!

Any toy is going to be somewhat anatomy dependent. The We-Vibe 3 is either going to work fantastically for you or not at all. If you want something that is nearly guaranteed to fit with your anatomy and have strong vibrations, keep looking.

I highly recommend this toy to women to want to use toys for clitoral vibration in the bedroom with their partner without having to break out a large, cumbersome wand. This toy is also excellent at increasing a partner's girth where it is most needed. It is a pretty expensive item, but the benefits of owning this toy make the investment very worth it.

This item is 100% worth it. It's great for couples or by yourself provides the perfect amount of stimulation and is rechargeable.

It is that exciting to use this toy multiple times a week! Plus, use it with your favorite dildo! Have more fun and keep getting those BIG O's over and over again. It is a must for any woman's collection!!

Absolutely the best and most fun toy we have. The remote makes for great play when your woman is tied down. It's easy to keep handy right next to the bed to grab at any time.

All in all I would definitely recommend that you try this toy if you're looking for something new to try with your partner. It does have it's flaws but it also provides a great experience.

Fabulous Vroom Zoom Zoom and wonderful to have a toy you can share and wear. Better for those that are internally smaller to normal range. If the remote had greater power to it and the distance was better with the unit's response, it would be a hands down superb toy.

Although it's my favorite (and most used) toy, it didn't have me head over heels like I thought I would be. It's discreet & the remote makes for some creative situations, but it is not meant to be used with wide girthed men. The remote needs some tweaking (needs to be resynced, can't have hard objects in the way, such as hands) and it has a tendency to fall out. The shape of the toy makes it versatile & the different speeds are not lacking.

Even though they pitch this as a couples vibe, I would probably tell you to scratch that and just use it alone. Think of it this way- if you were using a rabbit vibe with the twirly beads and the shaking ears dancing against your clit and the whole shabang, would you want your partner trying to squeeze in there as well? Thought so. It takes patience to use this toy, and two weeks in....mine is running very thin.

The We-Vibe is a very O-inducing vibrator. It’s rechargeable, silicone, waterproof, and has two vibrating motors. It can be used for sex, for-play, during anal sex, or masturbation. It’s easy to control and its vibrations are quiet yet strong and rumbly. It's great for enhancing sex and bringing new experiences to both partners.

Oh my God!!! It is POWERFUL, WITH DEEP AND RUMBLY VROOMS, rechargeable in a nice storage case without ever getting overcharged! It's waterproof and remote controlled! It's made of completely non-porous materials, and it's adjustable for any sorts of anatomy, being versatile like a dream! The remote's battery lasts for 5-7 years, and is replaced for free by We-vibe anytime! Not to mention that We-vibe 3 still works without the remote! Priceless, one of the most amazing pleasure toys ever!!!

Taking the term "couples vibrator" to heart, the We-Vibe 3 doesn't forget that it should be enjoyed by both parties, (though not necessarily at the same time, or the same ways).

I know the price may feel a little steep but it is worth every penny. If you do the math it would easily work out to less than a dollar per orgasm in a short while. Get it, you will not be disappointed.

Designed to be used by couples during intercourse, the We-Vibe 3 features several improvements over its predecessors: more power, discreet charging base/storage box, and a wireless remote control that doesn't need batteries. I personally find that the vibe moves around too much inside me to be effective during sex, but I enjoy using it for masturbation and during foreplay.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this toy for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm through PIV sex alone. If you've used and enjoyed other types of vibrator during sex, this could definitely work for you. Based on your anatomy, you may have difficulties finding the right position but don't give up!

I really wanted to love the We-Vibe 3, but because of my anatomy it just isn't right for me. Don't let this stop you from trying it out though, if it fits right for you it would be a great toy! Do keep in mind that the vibrations aren't very strong, but they are pleasant vibrations.

This toy can be used a dozen different ways, and in twice as many positions. It may not be the best for distance between the remote and the toy, but very fun for public play. Hard to get started but worth it when you do.

So far, the We-Vibe 3 is my favorite toy. It's remote-controlled, easy to use, easy to clean and store, and never fails to get me to an orgasm! It is made of silicone which is very safe and non-porous, which means it can be sterilized and shared. This toy works great alone or with a partner. The 6 different vibration settings make this toy very exciting for me and I would recommend it to anyone!

It could be stronger and a bit bigger, but it hits the spot in such an amazing way. It's not really worth what I bought it for since I bought it for my girlfriend, but for me it was worth every penny.

Although the We-Vibe 3 could be a little stronger, it’s super quiet and provides pleasurable vibrations for both partners at the same time. The company did a great job of considering what a buyer should get out of a toy in this price range.

We gave this thing a few tries. It's not one of my top five and I think all the hype it has gotten makes it a toy that everyone "has to have". If your guy has girth and you plan on using it during intercourse, I would suggest not doing that because it will hurt. We have fun with it in other ways but not the ways that they actually describe it to be used for.

Newer and even more improved, the We-Vibe 3 is here to enhance PIV sex! Offering powerful vibrations to the g-spot and clitoris while adding a bit of girth to your time together, the We-Vibe 3 is fully waterproof and easily controlled with the push of a remote button. Let the versatility and long charge life inspire you to lots of off-label uses, or take it straight to the bedroom for its intended sex-enhancing purpose---no matter what you do with it, the power's sure to please.

Looking for something to use in public? Keep looking. This is truly best for hetero penetrative sex. Women who don't require powerful vibrations will like it, and it's rumbly as opposed to buzzy. The remote actually does make it easier to use during sex.

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