We-vibe 3 - g-spot rabbit vibrator by We-vibe - review by Zandrock

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The We-Vibe 3 is a great couples toy. It allows you to add some new dimensions to penetrative sex with powerful and rumbling vibrations. If your anatomy is right it provides great stimulation to both the clitoris and the G-spot. With a remote control and waterproof features it allows you to take the toy out of the bedroom and explore new areas with it. Overall a great, powerful, fun, innovative toy, that most couples will find very pleasing.
-Deep Rumbling Vibrations
-Remote Controlled
-Exciting Patterns
-Does Not Fit All Anatomies
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The We-Vibe 3 by We-vibe is vibrator with two ends, one for the clitoris and one for the G-spot. The We-vibe is inserted into the vagina. Although it may be hard to see from the photo there is a large end and a small end. The larger end is inserted into the vagina and the smaller end lies on top of the clitoris. The We-vibe is both a solo and a partner toy. I can be used alone to provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation until orgasm and climax are reached. It however can also be used during intercourse with your partner. You simply insert it prior to him inserting his penis, and then have him insert himself. Having the We-vibe inserted with provide a more filling sensation for you (as there is your partner plus the We-vibe) and provide some extra stimulation for him as well. It it would also be possible to use this toy solo with a dildo. The We-vibe is an anatomy dependent toy. It requires the spacing of your vagina and clitoris to match that of the toy. This is unfortunately very hard to judge, but this toy is going to not work for some people who's anatomy does not match the toy.

This is the third installment of the We-Vibe. The newest addition has the following new features: added vibration patterns, 40% power increase, remote control, longer batter life (2 hours), waterproofing, and a new charging system.

My girlfriend and I personally think this is best used as a couples toys. It provides good dual stimulation, but not as well as the Jopen 6.5, both of which are at a similar price point. The We-Vibe's selling point I believe has also always been its use as a couples toy. I think it would work well for masturbation, but I just think if you are wanting a toy only for masturbation and are not planning on using it with a partner there are alternatives where you can receive more bang for your buck.

I think this toy is good for anyone who is used to having penetrative sex with a partner and having it be completely pain free. This toy is relatively small, but it does add extra girth, or an extra filling sensation, so if you are currently having problems accommodating your partner this will only make it worse. I think anyone can benefit from this toy. It adds a novel sensation to both partners. This toy as I will explain later though is best suited for slower, more romantic sex.
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    • Couples
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    • Anywhere
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The We-Vibe 3 is made out of medical grade silicone. Silicone is in my opinions one of the best sex toy materials. It is hypoallergenic, latex free, pthlate free, and completely non-porous. Because it is non-porous it means it will not harbor any bacteria. This means the toy can be sterilized because bacteria cannot remain in any pores within the toy. The We-Vibe is completely odorless,and tasteless. It will also never gain an odor because it is non-porous and all bodily fluids will completely wash off of it.

The silicone can best be described as slightly stickier silicone. Once you lubricate it though it is very slick and easily slides into you. The toy is a vibrator so beneath the silicone are the wires and the motors of the toy. There is a nice layer of silicone though which is plush and soft. You will not feel anything hard or uncomfortable while using this toy.

The toy is smooth on one side of the toy and has some mild texture on the other side. It has small ridges that run horizontally on both "heads" of the toy. These small ridges however do create much sensation to the toy. I am unsure if they are meant to be texture. I would think not, since the toy is static. I think they are actually meant to help "catch" on the tissue and hold the toy in place. I would definitely think the texture is approachable by both beginners and advanced users. The toy does have a noticeable seam that runs along the edge of it. You can feel it with your finger, however you cannot feel it when using this toy vaginally. The toy also has a small button on the clitoral head of the toy. This is allows you to work the toy without the remote. Again this part of the toy cannot be felt when using it.
Photo of the ridges on the toy

The two heads of the toy are connected by a band. This band is slightly harder than the heads of the toy when you push down on them. This is probably just due to less silicone padding. The band however is very flexible. The toy comes in a C shape, but the band is flexible enough you can make it into a straight line and it still springs back into the original C shape.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The We-vibe 3 is meant to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously. It accomplishes this through two "heads" of the toy. Each with an independent vibrating motor in them. There is a smaller thinner that is inserted vaginally. This portion of the toy is meant to stimulate the vaginal walls and the G-spot. The other head is slightly larger, includes the power button, and is meant to stimulate the clitoris.

The toy is a C-shaped toy. Which makes sense. If you are going to stimulate the vagina and the clitoris the needs to come out and rest on the clitoris. The C shape of the toy is very flexible and you can basically "flatten" the toy if you bend it far enough. Overall it was a well designed toy for my partner and I. However this might not be the case for everyone. The toy has a set distance between the two heads so it is not going to work on all anatomies. If your clitoris and your vagina are either too close or too far away the toy will unfortunately not fit, because you cannot adjust the length of the band between the two heads.

Overall the toy is quite small. The heads of the toy are oval shaped, so giving a diameter is quite hard, but the rough dimensions of the toy are as follows.

Vaginal Head:
0.5 inches high
1.0 inches wide
2.0 inches long

Clitoral Head:
0.75 inches high
1.00 inch wide
3.0 inches long

As you can see from the dimensions and from the included picture the toy is quite small. But the toy is designed to be small. Penetrative sex is supposed to be possible with this toy, so it is meant to vibrate without providing much "fullness" within the vagina. If this toy was large, it would only be useable by size queens. So I think the small size is an advantage. The toy even being small will add some increased feelings of fullness, because it does fill up extra space in the vagina. I think this will be pleasant for most women.

Overall the toy is quite discreet. I think if you were to travel with it in its case no one would immediately think sex toy. It is also possible to use this toy is public and because of its small size no one would notice you had this toy inserted (unless you were wearing tights or something else skin tight and with your groin easily visible.

Here is the We-Vibe 3 (on the left) compared to the Jopen 6.5 (middle) and The Only by Doc Johnson (on the right)
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

One of the new additions to the We-Vibe 3 is a remote control. It is a small white remote with a single button and is quite small (2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide). You hit the remote once and it turns the toy on, and every time you hit it again it just goes through the settings. After the 6th setting the toy shuts off. You can also hold the remote for 3 seconds and the toy will shut off. I tested the remote and it works from 20 feet away with nothing obstructing it. During sex I had no problems with the remote transmitting to the We-Vibe. It would also be possible to use this toy out in public. I have not tested it through clothes, but I would think you should get a signal if you are within 5 feet, potentially farther apart. If we do use this toy under clothes I will post its range in my follow up. If you should happen to lose the remote or something should happen to it you can still control the toy with a small button on the

In terms of vibrations this is a high quality toy. The vibrations are powerful and deep and rumbly. The vibrations do come from two independent motors, so both sides of the toy are just as strong. My girlfriend definitely enjoyed using this toy and it provided extra stimulation and she had an orgasm faster than only penetration. She enjoyed the straight vibrations and the patterns of the toy. We had quite a bit of fun cycling through them. The battery life on this toy is 2 hours. I think that is a great battery life, and it lasts long enough for all of our sessions. If you have longer sessions it may be a problem, but in terms of re-chargeable toys that is great. The motors on this toy are also very quiet. You definitely cannot hear them at all through the covers, so definitely a selling point. I think you could probably use this toy in a public place on low without anybody hearing any sounds (if it was dead silent they probably could, but as long as there is some general background noise I do not think you could).

The toy is completely waterproof which is nice. It allows versatility, such as shower sex. We have not used this toy in the water. I imagine the clitoral vibrations would be slightly weaker because the water would absorb some of the energy, but I think the vaginal vibrator would be just as strong.

From a male perspective this toy does add some new sensation. You can feel the vibrations, but it is not incredible powerful. I would not be able to orgasm from just the vibrations alone while inside my girlfriend (compared to hitachi wand vibrating sleeve attachments where I can orgasm from just the vibrations alone)

The We-Vibe has the following 6 patterns:
1. Straight Vibrations Low
2. Straight Vibrations High
3. 10 slow pulses then 10 short and quick pulses
4. Build Low vibrations to High vibrations
5. Fast short pulses
6. Long pulse Long pulse then Quick pulse Quick pulse Quick pulse
Overall I think there should be a setting just about everybody enjoys

The toy will potentially change how you have intercourse. It does not work well for rougher sex or faster thrusting, or super deep thrusting, because the toy will be pushed into the woman which can be uncomfortable and painful. So it works best to have longer slower thrusts that just barely do not go in. My girlfriend also liked when I inserted completely and slowly with gentle pressure. This pushed the clitoral vibrator up against her clitoris and provided extra stimulation, which she found quite enjoyable.

Overall I honestly do not have any complaints with this toy. If it fits your anatomy it provides excellent vibrations, a great easy to control remote, a nice variety of settings, a long battery life, its waterproof. I mean it is just overall a well designed toy.
    • Discreet sound
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Because this toy is made out of food grade silicone it is very easy to maintain. After every use I wash mine with warm water and anti-bacterial soap and it stays very clean. Since the We-Vibe 3 is now waterproof you do not have to worry about water at all and can feel free to soak it to your hearts content. If you are going to switch partners with it you can also sterilize it either with a 10% bleach solution, boil it for three minutes, or stick it in the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap.

Silicone toys are best to store away from each other. They can actually damage each other if they touch each other. I store my We-Vibe 3 in its charging case. The packaging also mentions it is meant to me be used for storage and travel. It is quite small and works well to store both the vibrator and the remote. I always let my We-vibe dry before placing it in its storage container as the container is sealed shut and does not breathe.

This toy is made of silicone and therefore should not be used with a silicone based lube. If you are going to patch test it first (apply a small amount of lube on a small patch and check back on it in an hour, if no damage has occurred it is safer to that silicone lube). But your best best is to stick with water based lubricants.

The toy can collect dust, so a quick rinse before use is never a bad idea, but I think that holds true with just about every toy.

The remote of the toy does not say it is waterproof. I personally just take a damp cloth, or a cleaning wipe and wipe it down after use. This works well and the remote is still working. I do not think the remote should get very dirty during play anyways.

The remote's battery is meant to last 5-7 years. So you should never have to change the battery. If the remote does die I would contact either EF or We-vibe and they should be able to help you out.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The We-Vibe 3 comes packed in a cardboard oval shaped box. You can see both the front and the back of it in the following pictures:

The packaging is nice. When I looked at I was very excited to open up my new box, but at the same time did not want to wreck my box. I would not consider the packaging to be discreet. The box says "The #1 vibrator for couples worn while making love" as well as having a picture of two sets of feet in the air. I would not consider it discreet, but I would consider it tasteful. It does not seem cheap, it does not seem trashy, somehow they turned a sex toy and made it seem like good wholesome fun. The box also mentions all of the additional features the We-Vibe 3 has in 7 languages.

The box would make a good storage device for the We-Vibe 3, but it already comes with a great plastic charging unit that doubles as a storage unit, but I might actually use the box to store some other toys. It is nice cardboard and has a nice easy open top.

Inside of the box you will find the We-Vibe, the charging cord, the charging unit, and the remote. All of this is packaged nicely within the box. Both the remote and the We-vibe fit nicely in the charging unit. The charging unit is very easy to use and set up. There is also a small pamphlet explaining which end is the clitoral end, which is the vaginal end, how to charge it, how to use it, and all of the other basic information surrounding the toy.

Since the box is made out of cardboard you can recycle the box if you choose to.
Photos of the We-vibe in the charging unit, and the We-Vibe, the Charging unit, and the charging cord.

    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift


Overall this was a great toy and we both enjoyed using it. We have currently only used this toy in the missionary style position, but I think it could easily be used in a variety of other positions as well. As I mentioned this toy works best for very slow and sensual sex, so that you are not ramming this toy into your partner (not fun, OUCH!) It is possible that in other positions this would be less of an issue. For example doggy position you are not hitting her clitoris, so you would not be hitting the toy as much and you would probably be able to go faster. That being said I did not having slow romantic sex with this toy in. It was very enjoyable.

As I have mentioned in my review, because this toy does have a remote you could use it in a similar fashion as a panty vibe.

For those of you interested in BDSM I think there are lots of fun opportunities to tease your partner with this toy. Restrain them so they cannot have any access to their genitals and then tease them from afar with the remote. Wind then up and then turn it off. Tease them the entire night and make them come up with their own punishment if you are finally going to let them orgasm or let them out of bondage.

You can also tease your partner if you are not into BDSM. Insert the toy, turn a movie on, and tease your partner every time something funny happens, or every time something sexy happens, or whatever you choose. If you do this I think you and your partner might be taking a pause break in the middle of the movie for a "popcorn break"
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