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We-vibe 3

G-spot rabbit vibrator by We-vibe

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Somebody poured all the good things into one tininess!

Oh my God!!! It is POWERFUL, WITH DEEP AND RUMBLY VROOMS, rechargeable in a nice storage case without ever getting overcharged! It's waterproof and remote controlled! It's made of completely non-porous materials, and it's adjustable for any sorts of anatomy, being versatile like a dream! The remote's battery lasts for 5-7 years, and is replaced for free by We-vibe anytime! Not to mention that We-vibe 3 still works without the remote!

Priceless, one of the most amazing pleasure toys ever!!!
Powerful, Rechargeable, Remote battery, Waterproof, Material, Can be used without remote
May be too big for males with more girth, It slips to the side and slides out with thrusting
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


We-vibe 3 is more wonderful than I thought! It isn't only rechargeable and more powerful than We-vibe 2, it also has the feature to be used with its remote control! The tiny size allows you to use it with your precious one or with an internal vibe or dildo, and it is also mighty arousing when you are enjoying only the vrooms and patterns it teases you with!

The shape and size are the good old first edition's, made of the most body-safe material. It is designed for beginners and advanced vroom lovers alike, enhancing pleasure in various ways. The waterproof little hook has two vibrating heads, one to please your sweetest spot, and one to stimulate your G-spot. Because of being as flexible as such a little one can be you can adjust how deep you want the internal head to go, placing the clitoral arm on your external spot. As long as your anatomy fits it (which is supposed to be usable for almost anyone I assume), you won't have to miss the double delight wherever you may be!
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • On a bed only
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Travel friendly
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable
  • Body / part areas
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    What areas on the body can this product be used / what areas does it stimulate best?
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Nipples

Material / Texture

We-vibe 3 is made of silicone, a level 10 safety material being the best for your sensitive skin! It's completely non-porous, food-grade, hypo-allergenic and latex and phthalates free. The surface is smooth and somewhat tacky (not annoyingly and unpleasantly though, just to have a minimal drag to stay put), and both of the heads have their own kind of curved ridges. The internal head's are more noticeable, while the external head's are rather subtle and mildly shallow. The smell is pleasantly plastic-like, not disturbing at all, and I can't discover any tastes.

I must say that this adorable little one is made to be a most beginner friendly arouser, with its smooth and gently textured heads. The subtle We-vibe 3 emblem doesn't have any role in texture pleasures, with the teeny-tiny control button nestling next to it, under the silicone to be used on the clitoral head anytime!
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Like said above, the little hook is wonderfully flexible! The silicone cover over the two heads' hard body is slightly pliable, and it holds them together. You can spread the two heads so the flatter, internal ridged head lays horizontally with the flexible arm, and the external, thicker clitoral head reaches up with about 45 degrees. It seems to me that the external head has some extra hard material under the silicone cover, being curved at the flexible arm. The internal head seems to be bullet-like with no curve with it like the other head, being perfectly flat with the thin arm part as you spread the heads.

Its overall length is 7 1/2 inches. The drop shaped heads don't have the same length: we could say that the internal head is 2 1/4 inches long, and the external head is 2 3/4 inches long. The difference is still not a problem, as you can adjust how deep you want the internal head to be, free to decide how the external head will lay on your clit. Though I find the sensation a little awkward when something bulbous is inside my flesh, held only by something thin, in the case of We-vibe 3 the design serves to keep the heads at place as much as possible, so the internal head won't slip out.

We can definitely call it flatter with its 3/4 inch thickness at the thickest spot, because though the external head is as thick at the thickest spot, but because of the ridges and because the external head keeps the thickness along more, the difference is clearly visible. They are both 1 1/8 inches wide at the widest part, and those spots aren't at the same along the heads. Indeed, they look similar, but entirely different.

The arm between them is about 1 1/4 inches long. Though measuring really depends on your personal preference in the case of the We-vibe 3, because the shapes finely flow into each other, all covered by the smooth and delicious silicone. The arm is 5 millimeters thick and 3/8 inch wide by the way.

The cute little remote control is much smaller than I expected, being only 2 3/4 inches long, 1 3/8 inches wide at the widest spot of the asymmetrically oval design, and 1/2 inch thick at the thickest part.

The tiny and surprisingly comfortable size isn't only good for your craving flesh, because folded up it is only 3 inches long! I think the best idea to store it is inside the charging cradle with the tiny remote control, as its total size is only 3 3/4 inches of length, 2 7/8 inches width and 2 inches of thickness. It also comes with a wall outlet in a box, being a little smaller, but all in all the same size - and whether you keep it in the box or just laying around, who cares about a wall outlet to look at?

The wonderfully shaped, compact little set comes in a pleasant looking, oval shaped, shiny, hard paper box. It is much larger though than the space everything in the set needs, so I would use it for storage only if you have enough space for it, or if you don't have to worry about people seeing it on your desk or nightstand let's say. It has the measurements of 6 1/4 inches of tallness, 5 5/8 inches of width and 3 3/4 inches of thickness.

I guess it's obvious that with the exact measurements of everything given you can already start to figure out where you would keep your set. But if you still insist to see some ideas, well, what about a drawer, a shoe box, or a hide your vibe pillow? As long as the chosen spot is completely dry (to protect the electric parts of the charging cradle for example) your We-vibe 3 won't have to worry about being ruined!

This little set, especially with the beautiful, stylish little cradle, is like a dream-travel-companion! Just grab a soft pouch to protect it from being hit, or rather two if you intend to take the wall outlet as well, and stash what you have into your glove box! Purses will love this little set too, not to mention the suitcases and large pockets of winter coats!
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

We-vibe 3 can be controlled in two ways! First one is that you find the teeny-tiny little button hiding under the silicone cover, on the very tip of the larger clitoral head! It is a simple push button, meaning that to turn the vrooms on, change the patterns and turn it off, you have to push the same button. The other way is to use the remote control, working the same way. This means that you can be playful about it, and while you are eager to control the vibrations your precious one can interrupt with the remote control! Or the other way, both being quite the fun! It also means that even if the remote control doesn't work anymore (though you can have the tiny battery lasting 5-7 years replaced by We-vibe anytime!), you will still be able to use the little vrooming hook by itself! What a pleasure, such good news it is, isn't it?

We-vibe 3 by the way is said to have 40% more power than the previous We-vibe 2, and it holds charge for up to 2 hours as we know! You take the little remote control out of the beautiful white cradle, put the We-vibe in with heads down, into the matching holes, slide the jack plug into the cradle, then plug the wall outlet into the electricity. A tiny orange spot in the front, on the very bottom of the cradle will glow while your amazing We-vibe 3 is being charged. I wonder a LOT if it came with a manual (I suppose it did), because I am not finding it in the storage box now! (Where in the world did I put it if there was one inside?!) But no worries, because all you need to know about charging is right here!

Because the LED light won't stop glowing when your precious vibe is fully charged, so you will have to guess about it! The initial charge takes 24 hours, and after that you can put We-vibe 3 back into the cradle anytime you wish to, because it doesn't mind to be charged whether it's completely drained or just mildly used previously! It also doesn't have to get a full charge to be used as far I as know, and cannot be overcharged, meaning that you can leave it in the charger 24/7!

Though the tiny remote control isn't waterproof, We-vibe 3 can be used in the shower, and bath tub, but not hot tub and pool! (See the reason at the temperature info in the next section.)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy, I have found the manual now! (It was in the box of the AC wall outlet!) It mentions the lithium button cell battery and that special handling may apply when it comes to bugging the product. Indeed, you have a 1 year warranty on We-vibe 3, so you don't want to mess around with such things by yourself! No detailed charging info is mentioned though, so you must be happy now to know more than what it provided in the manual! (I looked all that info up at the official We-vibe site, so that's why I know more!) The manual is multilingual and contains some pictorial help too.

It is mighty easy to control your lovely little vibe!

To turn it on press the tiny button briefly! (If you hold it pressed you will only hear some silent mechanical creaking weirding the hell out of you!) To change the patterns you also hit the button for a moment, and 2 seconds of holding it will turn the We-vibe off. It works the same way with the remote. The manual says to push the We-vibe's button first, to enable the remote, but to tell the truth I have no idea if that is really necessary! Or maybe only because I always use the little one first, before W/we would start to use the remote. The manual also tells you to push the clitoral head's button repeatedly to change patterns, which isn't true because for me a single push always works! (It doesn't say the same repeated hit for the remote, oh well, doesn't matter.)

We-vibe 3 has a built in memory chip, meaning that it will return to the pattern you used last time when you turn it on! I wonder if that applies after charging, you will just have to see it for yourself. Also, after you have cycled through the 6 patterns it has, the next brief hit of the button will turn it off. So you can either hold the button for 2 seconds to turn it off, hold the remote's for 2 seconds to turn it off, or just cycle through the patterns until you arrive to the last one, and hit the button quick again to turn it off, or do it with the remote the same way! 4 ways to manage it means a wonderful convenience!

The patterns of the We-vibe 3 are:

1: low constant vibration
2: high constant vibration
3: medium long pulse-long break 9 times, then low quick pulsation for a short while
4: low to high rollercoaster
5: medium fast, quick pulsation
6: high cha, cha, cha-cha-cha, being 2 long pulses with a wee bit of break after them, then 3 short pulses without breaks, then a short break (for those knowing music: 1/4 rhythm, ta | ta | ti-ti | ti 7 - ta being 1/4, ti being 1/8, 7 being 1/8 break)

I must say that I feel the vrooms in the entire hook, though of course in the heads they can be felt the best. It is still amazing what a mind-blowing power such a little thing has, with its deep and rumbly vibrations! Seriously, POWERFUL, DEEP, RUMBLY! I think that the internal G-head is a wee bit more powerful than the clitoral head (called the C-head in the manual), but I assume it is because the G-spot is a little less sensitive than the clit. But no worries, because you will feel the difference on your fingers only if you really focus! That's how slight it is!

We-vibe 3 is so silent that it could probably not be heard through covers! Just stretching my arm as far from my ears as possible I already can't hear it with the tv turned on in the other room with open doors, meaning that when it nestles in your flesh it can be heard only from very close! Let's say by someone sleeping next to you, but the person in the other end of the room won't hear anything!

The remote claims to work within 10 feet (3 meters), and indeed, it seems to work in that range as long as you don't wear anything, or only some very short skirt/very thin fabric! It doesn't seem to work behind anything thicker, so jeans will definitely not work! But rejoice, because it isn't as tough as it sounds! W/we were both extremely surprised to see that whether I was sitting or walking around, and holding my body and my flesh in an angle in which you wouldn't expect the remote to work, my Master could still change the patterns anytime He wished to! Dare to experiment with it because it looks like as long as the clitoral head isn't covered by anything (except something mighty thin) it will work whatever you are doing!

W/we haven't tried We-vibe 3 in the water yet, but the official site does say it can be used in the shower and be submerged into the water of a bath! Cleaning is like a dream because of that by the way!
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

As We-vibe 3 is made of silicone and is smooth enough, it will be mighty easy to clean it!

Though silicone can be boiled or put into the dishwasher, the manual states clearly what temperatures it can be used in! It mentions "for indoor use only", and specifies the temperature between +10°C and +35°C. This means between +50°F and +95°F. (We-vibe seems to be a Canadian company, and I bet temperature is mentioned in Celsius because of the worldwide official SI system. Though, to be accurate, Kelvin is official but rarely used among common people, and Celsius is used so widely that it is accepted to be used with SI.)

Because of this you DON'T BOIL We-vibe 3 and you DON'T PUT IT INTO THE DISHWASHER! You can just clean it with warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner. The elegant plastic case and the remote can be cleaned with hot water and antibacterial soap carefully (they are NOT waterproof!), or wiped down with isopropyl alcohol.

Silicone can handle only water-based lubricants, so don't try anything else on it! As the plastic parts are NOT waterproof you want to keep them completely dry no matter what it takes!

The smoothness of the little silicone hook makes it a breeze to get it clean and deliciously yummmy, and you can just place it into the charging cradle and keep it plugged in, or store it with the remote inside as long as you wish to like said before.

Sterilizing the little hook with 10% bleach solution is also a way to get the completely non-porous little one clean, and it also means that you can share it with anyone you please! Not to mention that females and males alike can use it for hind pleasures as well, as long as they pay attention not to have it slip up and get lost inside!

You also want to remember that though there is only a 1 year warranty on We-vibe 3, the battery in the remote control will last for 5-7 years and can be replaced anytime by We-vibe! And indeed, you want THEM to take care of it, as its plastic case isn't designed to be opened!

I have been storing all the parts in the original box for reviewing purposes, and though it is much-much larger than the space needed for everything inside, I can hardly resist to keep it! I think I will just take the extra paper parts out and keep it for toy storage, fill it with other miniature goodies to accompany my precious We-vibe. I'll see...
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


I love the simple, elegant shape of the box, the shiny, sturdy hard paper construction, the compact way to put the lid on and the paper support inside! The used colors for the background and text are only white and purple, with a little bit of golden-like, grayish brown.

This applies for the purple We-vibe 3 I have of course, and for the other colors the packaging matches the shades. You can see the We-vibe 3 and the closed plastic charging cradle in the front, and an adorably cute picture of 4 legs in the air: a female's and a male's imitating the happy positioning of legs, feet and toes. You know, when you are all happy and satisfied like some well-fed pussycat, in jolly, relaxed, playful mood. They are just hanging out from under the white, thin blanket, it is truly adorable!
On the back you see the We-vibe 3 placed into the cradle, charger cap laying around next to it, the remote held in a female's hand. (Which I find very funny, because you don't use the remote while your vibe is being charged!) Some basic info is given in 7 languages, and on the bottom you see in those languages around the box: "The #1 Vibrator for Couples Worn While Making Love". (I LOVE checking all the different ways to write such things, to see how many versions there are to call vibrator in the different languages, and for example you will see 6 different ways to say #1! It is really hilarious! Oh oh, and the manual is in more than 7 languages, 10 actually! I can't read Chinese and Japanese characters though, and barely some Cyrillic characters - the rest isn't hard!)

Inside the box there are two pieces of paper to hold the cradle and wall outlet "floating", both of them having one hole or two in the center, consisting of two levels connected. The wall outlet comes in a white square paper box, and it's white just like the charging cradle and the remote.

Everything has the name We-vibe on though, so I wonder what you, dear readers think about giving it as a gift, or keeping any of the parts in plain view!

Ok, let's approach it from this direction. No naked and/or under-dressed people can be seen on the box. (Other than the two pairs of cute legs.) Nothing says with giant letters (like many other packages do) that the contents of the package are for pleasure purposes. But the word vibe pops up everywhere, both with giant capital and discreet small fonts, making it pretty obvious with the legs that it is a vibrating thing for couples!

You decide if you want to send it as a gift to someone - I still wouldn't do it in an open way for discretion, just hide it into something and send/give it that way! Letting the person know that (s)he is going to receive a pleasure toy, not wanting to have people see it (s)he would feel uncomfortable with.

Like said before, a lot of generic and detailed information can be found on the packaging and in the manual, but to satisfy your curiosity with enough knowledge you want to go to the official site!
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I like the constant highest vibration like in the case of every other vibrating item, but because of the remote and the surprisingly powerful vrooms I must admit that patterns have never been so fun for me! Nothing like the pleasure your precious one decides to please you with - and indeed, (s)he will know which pattern is being used if you follow my way, of funnily imitating the rhythm with your voice! It isn't Lelo Insignia technology indeed, but ad1) your help will replace such a fanciness; ad2) out and about nobody around you would know that you aren't just unbelievably goofy with your precious one, but you are letting him/her know what pattern the vibe inside your panties is having! (And in O/our case it really wouldn't be a problem, because you have never seen such a happy jolly goof-girl like I am!!!)

W/we haven't tried it in such a public use yet, but I will definitely mention the results in the follow-up review if W/we do until then!

I haven't mentioned by the way that such a little thing is powerful and versatile enough to be used on other body parts, like nipples for example. And let's not forget that I did write about hind pleasures, and the flexible design makes you realize that you could also use it for double penetration! Also, I do think that males having one head inserted will have the other snuggling up to the testicles, giving wonderful delight! And now my mind is just wandering to BDSM scenarios like always, imagining two females "hooked together", both of them having a We-vibe inside and the flexible arms crossing each other to hold them together. Not being able to move, having to stay close so the vibes won't slip out. That would be a fun control play I bet!

See, I have already found many other uses than the suggested use! Dare to set your imagination free, and create new ideas to enjoy your We-vibe 3!
    • All over body
    • Anal
    • Kegels


I would like to mention before anything else that though W/we have used We-vibe 3 a few times already, I always mentioned to my OnlyMaster that W/we should test it in its most intended use too. He still hasn't wanted to get to it, so I will have to include it in the follow-up review... I apologize for it, but Master's Will is Master's Will, and W/we have been having it for a long time already, it was high time to write a review about it.

I still used it with toys, and here are the results...

The external head gives so surprisingly powerful vrooms that though I couldn't give a level 5 rating (though I do know that one shouldn't expect Hitachi power from such a tiny little thing), with pressure to apply on it with a hand the powerful vrooms are enough to make me achieve full pleasure! (And my clit forged of steel is mighty picky when it comes to the vroom rates not exceeding level 4!)

The deep, rumbly vibrations are deliciously pleasing inside my flesh as well, and even the "chunkier", 1 1/2 inch thick vibes had enough space to remain comfortable and enjoyable! Though, as you may figure too, the internal head tends to slide to the side, meaning that for thrusting you have to keep in stopping to place the head back. It keeps on rolling on the dildo shape, and that's the reason why my PreciousMaster isn't entirely sure if it would be comfortable enough for Him to use with me. (And because of thrusting the inner head tends to slip out of your flesh very easily as well, meaning even more adjusting!) Just to be easy on your love I would suggest you, dear reader, that you either try it for a few moments (like W/we will do first), or bring yourself to the brink of ultimate pleasure, and then ask your precious one quick to enter you and pleasure you fully!

I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the We-vibe 3: it is POWERFUL, WITH SUCH DELICIOUSLY DEEP AND RUMBLY VROOMS! It is rechargeable and waterproof! It is remote controlled on the top of that, and can be kept anywhere in its beautiful, compact case without ever getting overcharged! Everything made of silicone and plastic, both non-porous, shareable, and completely body-safe! You can have it replaced within a year of use, and won't have to worry about the remote's battery dying because it lasts for 5-7 years and can be replaced for free by We-vibe! And that is a HUGE advantage, because O/our reason of not using remote controlled vibes is the awfully awkward little batteries! This won't be a problem anymore, and above all you can use the We-vibe 3 without the remote as well! Friggin' priceless, and I wouldn't give it for anything in the whoooooole world!!!!!!

I can only recommend it, highly! To anyone, whether (s)he is a beginner or someone who damned well has a matured taste of pleasure toys already! Whether you use it together, or just by yourself, even without any other toys, it will be wonderfully arousing and surprisingly fun to use! I really can't think of any bad qualities in it, so just grab one and enjoy it as much as you can! You won't be sorry, I am more than sure about it! Worth all the money/points!!! Enjoy it!
    • Partner play
    • Powerful
    • Smooth
Follow-up commentary
Woo hoo!!!

This loveliness is among the most precious toys in O/our C/collection with my OnlyMaster, and oh gods, please keep the economy safe so we, owners of We-Vibe 3, will always be able to receive the replacement battery for the remote!

The only more promising remote controlled vibes in the sense of batteries are Lelo's Insignia sense motion vibes, using more common batteries which exist in rechargeable versions too, and because of the available solar chargers for them We-Vibe 3 is just a wee bit less practical...

But oh my oh my, I doubt that any other remote controlled vibes would be better than this rechargeable, mighty versatile little wonder!!!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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