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The one huge downside for this was the price, but it does pay for itself as long as it is well taken care of. The final thing I loved was the durability. Most toys I have break not long after I buy them but this one, because of the simple design, is almost impossible to break unless physically trying.

All-in-all the Salsa seemed like it was going to be a perfect match for me; it met all the criteria I had set for a vibrator. Unfortunately the problems with the charger were just too much for me, so it's back to researching so I can find something that will be a better match for me. Better luck next time...I hope.

Salsa is a wonderful vibrator! She is small but powerful, quiet, and easy to travel with. She will become your star player in your drawer.

I feel like a fool waiting so long to get my Salsa. It makes all of my previous vibe look like a joke. Seriously strong vibrations with a vibration pattern for everyone. All around fantastic vibe.

If you've been looking for a powerful bullet to add to your collection, then the Salsa is for you. Discreet and travel friendly - after you get the Salsa, you'll want to take it everywhere with you, should the urge strike.

If you are looking for the King of all bullets you should checkout the Salsa from the deep strong vibrations to all the patterns to choose from this one can't be beat. Salsa is enjoyed when I am riding solo or with my partner we both enjoy it. I just hate that I can't get the 2 hours of play that others report getting from their's.

The Salsa is absolutely worth it, the design is fabulous, sleek, smooth and discreet making it overall an awesome product. The power of this product is amazing and will have you squirming and wanting more and more of it.

Tired of mild clitoral vibes, but don't want to give up the convenient features of one, such as being rechargeable, waterproof, and a compact size? Salsa has the zest you've been craving. It's perfect for those who appreciate both power and ease of use.

Salsa is a small vibrator with a sleek design and vibrations that pack a serious punch! It's the perfect toy to take with you when traveling, and because of its small size, you and your partner will not be one bit intimidated by this baby! I would recommend this beautiful bullet vibrator to everyone!

After reading other people's reviews and seeing the ratings for the Salsa, I had to have it! I waited for months for "the best clit vibe on the market" to come back in stock. I finally snagged myself one and was extremely excited, waiting days for it to get here. I had high hopes for the Salsa. Sadly, it didn't live up to what I was expecting.

The Salsa is one of those clit vibes that has a reputation. One hears that it's everyone's favorite. If you like to use a vibe on your clit by itself, or if you like to use one in concert with an insertable toy or a partner, this will probably meet your needs and meet or exceed your expectations. It's waterproof, rechargeable, convenient, ergonomic, quiet, and has strong, high-quality vibrations with a variety of settings. What more could you possibly need in a clit vibe?

I have no idea why We-Vibe has discontinued the Salsa. It is, by far, the most intense vibrator I have ever experienced.

I won't touch my battery operated vibes ever again. The Salsa has swept me off my feet and stolen my heart! Sure, I still want to try other 'dancing' partners, but I don't need to. I doubt you will either.

Just as dynamite comes in small packages, so does the power of the Salsa. You’ll be hard pressed to find a vibrator of comparable size, with vibrations that are just as strong. It’s simple, small, discreet, quiet and packs a punch. What more could you ask for?

If you want the power of a Hitachi in a small discreet vibe, you have found it. Powerful the Salsa is truly a dream come true. With 8 vibration settings and multiple pattern options, Salsa is sure to have something for everyone. Also, Salsa is water proof and perfect to take along in the shower. Rechargeable, you never have to worry about batteries again. In every way, Salsa is the perfect toy.

The Salsa does double duty as a masturbation toy and a couple's toy, and does both extremely well. It just may be my new favorite vibrator.

I’m glad I got my hands on a We-Vibe Salsa before it disappeared entirely. We-Vibe is continuing to produce the Tango, a similar-sized vibrator with a slightly different shape; unlike the Salsa’s pointed tip, the Tango features a tip that’s flattened on one end, similar to a lipstick. Given that the Salsa’s pointed tip gave me such intense pinpointed pleasure, I’m not sure I would have had the same experience with the Tango version.

The Salsa is small, sleek, powerful, and rechargeable. If you've always thought you didn't need a bullet vibe, the Salsa will prove you wrong. It's great both solo and with a partner, especially if you have a partner who's intimidated by larger vibrators.

I am truly blown away by the Salsa. It's sure to please most anyone with a clitoris and it even solves the 'buzzy or rumbly?' debate. You can have it all!

I love this vibe! Had it not been for the diminished charge after a year I would give this vibe a 5 star. However, I waited over a year to review, and that may be good for some of you who maybe looking for a long lasting toy. 5 stars for while it lasted, 4 stars because it only lasted a little over a year.

With the price comes great reward. Investing in a great bullet is worth it and I think this is the best one out there, especially for beginners like myself. It exceeded my expectations upon first use and continues to match the high expectations I have for the product. If you're seeking power, look no further. But if you're seeking size with that, this definitely isn't it.

I wish I could give the Salsa a higher rating, but 5 stars will have to do. I love it's strong, rumbly vibrations and it's pinpoint stimulation. It's rechargeable so you never have to worry about running out of batteries. It's small enough it can be taken with you on your travels and it works well during partner sex. What's not to love?

A New Way to Salsa

The Salsa vibrator by We-Vibe is a perfect marriage of performance and convenience. It is waterproof, rechargeable, and boasts 8 powerful functions while still remaining small and quiet. The last vibration function is the Salsa's namesake, as the pulsing pattern matches the same beats of a salsa song. Its lovely, discreet nature would make a nice gift as well.

This one is a winner, It is one of my top three clitoral vibes. I cannot say anything bad other than my numb fingers but that is not a problem compared to the pleasures that the Salsa gives to me!

I Like It Spicy!

Power queens, rejoice! We-Vibe Salsa is sure to please even those with a clit of steel! This super powerful, rechargeable vibrator is compact, quiet, and has 8 incredible functions that are sure to blow you away! With its versatile qualities, it's sure to be a hit whether you're on your own, or are 'vibing' together!

Despite my middling rating and mixed review I'm giving the Salsa, I'm glad I got this. My other toys are incredible when I use this bullet with them. It was worth the investment for me, for all the unusable toys that are now not only usable, but heavenly orgasmic chunks of silicone joy. This was just not the be all and end all rumbly bullet of joy that others have described when used on its own.

The We-Vibe Salsa is an amazing clitoral vibrator that is powerful, rechargeable, and waterproof. It is a fantastic toy for anyone, from beginners to advanced users, and a great addition to any toy collection.

Whether you are adding the latest technology to an already bulging toy chest - or just starting out, a powerful clitoral vibe like Salsa is a must. Look at the Salsa as an investment not an expense!

Okay! I'm gonna dodge tomatoes! Because I'm going to say it! I think Salsa is better than MiMi! *runs form the massive mob waving pitchforks and torches*

This is a great toy for anyone who want a strong rumbly toy. It's rechargeable, and just a great toy to have in your collection.

A great little vibe to keep on hand for where ever you go. You do get a lot of bang for your buck, but for the size and the simplicity of the device it is a little bit on the expensive side. If you have genital piercings this most probably will NOT be the device for you.

The Salsa is an excellent bullet to purchase. It’s rechargeable, powerful, and very small. My only issue with it is that the power decreases when pressure is applied. If this doesn’t bother you, I’d suggest this bullet. This issue drives me nuts because I like putting pressure on my toys. However, I still really like this bullet and use it a lot. It’s great and easy to pair with a dildo! I recommend it if you’re on the hunt for a powerful rechargeable bullet.

Salsa is truly amazing and features many settings so you're sure to find one that works for you even if you require some heavy vibrations like myself.

I really like the We-Vibe Salsa, it's great to use inside your existing bullet toys to give them an extra boost, or to be used alone by both men and women. The only downside is that the charger could use some slight design improvements.

If power is what you crave and noise is what you dread, this is a perfect choice for you. The Salsa is a great investment to avoid replacing buzzy bullets that run on less-than-desirable batteries. It's a great clit vibe in general, and I highly recommend it.

If you only need or want one clitoral vibrator, this is definitely one you want to choose, especially if you're not super sensitive!

If all rechargeable vibrators had a motor this powerful and rumbly then I would be a lot less jaded against luxury vibes. Lelo's Mia is a little bit bigger than the Salsa or Tango but even the revamped version is still only half as powerful and not quite as rumbly.

Spice Up Your Toy Box!

The Salsa is a great addition to anyone's toy box. You can use it by itself, or use it to power up another bullet-operated toy!

I give this toy the highest praises! It packs incredible power for such a small size, making it a great choice for anyone who finds it hard to orgasm! There are eight different speeds, and the ones with patterns are unique and arousing. Despite the incredible power, it is discreet, small, and quiet. Because of the variety, quality, and sheer strength of the vibrations, I would recommend this toy to ANY woman!

This toy is definitely in my top 3 for clitoral vibrators. I highly recommend this toy to those who want something small, discreet, and POWERFUL. It is a bit pricey, but in my opinion, it's worth it.

Bullet lovers rejoice! Salsa's features bring the heat. This little toy is ahead of the pack and poses a compelling triple threat: a full 5 vrooms, rechargeability, and a body-safe smooth plastic body. While not without its flaws, the pros of the Salsa far outweigh the cons. This toy is true to its appearance: if it looks like you'll love it, you probably will.

The salsa has to be one of the best vibrators I've ever used. The salsa is perfect for beginners and the advanced. With pattern memorization, you do not have to worry about flipping through the patterns if it is mistakenly turned off. The salsa is quiet, and the perfect partner toy. She is rechargeable, so you never have to worry about batteries. The we-vibe salsa should be apart of everyones toy collection.

This is definitely the least favorite of the three new products from We-Vibe, but only because we rated them first, second and third!

Ladies, if you've been searching for the perfect clitoral vibrator that is powerful enough to satisfy yet discreet and quiet then the We-Vibe Salsa is the perfect choice. With it's 8 modes of function there is something for everyone here. You won't be disappointed with this choice, you will also save on batteries because Salsa is rechargeable! Great for all levels of users.

You would be hard pressed to find a better vibe! It’s compact, easily cleaned, quiet and strong. The We-Vibe Salsa shatters the old saying that bigger is better.

The We-Vibe Salsa is a rechargeable vibrator that is compact, but packed with power. It is designed for you to pin point the targeted area and apply pressure to that area. He does have a short battery life, but for the power you get he is well worth it purchase.

If you've always loved the design of a bullet, but haven't loved the weakness of the vibrations, consider upgrading to the Salsa. We Vibe's luxury bullet vibrator boasts serious power and less buzzy vibrations than most bullets on the market. Those on the more sensitive side might want to pass, but others should be adding this little vibrator with a kick to their collection.

Super Spicy Salsa Has Me Dancing All Night Long!

Salsa will definitely take you for a ride. Its super strong vibrations are equal to that of MiMi's and its size makes it perfect for travel. Power queens will love this, but size queens may not. If you are looking for a good clitoral stimulator this will do the trick. If you are looking to fill you up, however, this may not be for you.

The Salsa is a perfect 10: Powerful, quiet, and discreet. Between that and a 1 year warranty, put it on your dance card!

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