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Climax bursts toy cleaner reviews

37 reviews
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37 reviews

Your toys treat you well, so treat them to the sweet luxuriousness of Climax Bursts. This lathering cleanser will take your toys to a whole new level of clean. It's moisturizing qualities will ensure their long and happy life so you can be happy too. It's a fun and easy to use cleaner that smells fantastic. My only caution regards the active ingredient.

The Climax Bursts toy cleaner was everything that it should be. All my toys look shiny and clean. It was so easy to use and worked great. The smell makes me happy and I will be buying this product again and again!

Overall, this is by far my favorite toy cleaner to use. I love the look, I love how clean the toys feel after they have been washed, and the smell is great.

Who doesn't like the wonderful look of a new toy? Well, with this soap you can have just that with every wash. It takes away the germs, makes your lovely things look better than brand new, conditions them, and smells wonderful! No more soapy residue left behind! It takes all of the junk on your toys rinse right off with very little effort. Seriously, if you have toys you need this stuff. It makes toy bath time fun!

I would recommend this cleaner to all toy users! You get a generous amount of toy cleaner at a very affordable price. It also leaves your toys smelling clean and has moisturizing ingredients to help protect your skin and the material of your toy.

I really like this product: I like the smell, the way it cleans and moisturizes, and that it is water based so it is safe for all toys.

When you're in the market for a great anti-bacterial toy cleaner that leaves your precious items squeaky clean and smelling pretty, you must give Climax Bursts a try. It may not be the best option for anyone with allergies to certain chemicals, so I've included a list for potential buyers to look into. This stuff has certainly changed my opinion of toy cleaners!

Climax bursts toy cleaner is the best way to keep all your precious toys squeaky clean. Because only a very small amount is needed when cleaning your toy(s), it will last a long time. At under $10 a bottle, it's a financially-sound way to ensure your toys will always look, feel, and smell brand new.

Climax Bursts toy cleaner is the perfect cleaner for really making sure that everything in your toy box is germ free and ready for fun. It is great for times when a thorough cleaning is needed.

I am really glad that I decided to try this. It is safe for all of my toys and conditions them as well as cleans them. I will continue to purchase this for all of my cleaning needs.

Overall this toy cleaner is a great value. I was rather disappointed by the fact that the bottle broke, but at least it made my toy box smell great!

I liked this toy cleaner and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a better alternative to soap and water. It only takes a small amount to give your toys a cleaning and conditioning, and also gives your toy a subtle aloe scent. It can also clean almost all toys, male and female.

Climax bursts toy cleaner is amazing stuff! It smells really light and fresh and contains vitamin E to keep your toys shiny and moisturized. It's antibacterial and really easy to use! I love the design of the bottle with the bubble click-top. The beads look really neat and they make washing your toys fun! I really love this cleaner and will order it again when it runs out.

Aside from the potentially unsafe factor of this stuff, I have to give it 4 stars for its other attributes. It's a really cool and effective toy cleaner.

This is the best toy cleaner on the market as far as I am concerned. It cleans and conditions your toys with a pleasant scent and an amazing price!

Overall, I love this toy cleaner. I use it on pretty much everything from silicone and vixskin to glass and stainless steel. The fact that it rinses cleanly and leaves no smears or residue is fantastic for toys that need to gleam and I would recommend you try The Climax Bursts Toy Cleaner if you are in the market for one.

Although I wouldn't mind trying out other cleaners, I am extremely satisfied with Climax Bursts. The bottle is not discreet, but it is small and easy to hide! The cleaner is the perfect texture and it seems like the small amount will last me for quite a while.

I was really impressed with this toy cleaner. I am in love with the bottle design, and thankfully the manufacturer makes sure the product is just as nice. The only complaint I have is that it is really thick in texture, therefore you may want to add a few drops of water to make the application process easier. Overall, this is definetly a cleaner I will buy again!

This toy cleaner does exactly what it states. I would advise the consumer to research the active ingredient. For now, it's your choice so make an informed one. I would like to see it change, because I love the Climax Bursts line of products. For the price of $7.99, it's worth the buy!

I think that this product is the Cadillac of toy cleaners. It has everything that you need to keep your toys in pristine condition and it even helps moisturize. I give it a A for sure. Go out buy it and try it, I think that you will be pleased.

I have zero complaints with the Climax Bursts. I believe it lives up to its claims and have yet to experience anything negative to rate it less then 5 stars. It doesn't dull the sheen of your lovely silicone dildo and doesn't leave spots on your glass plug. Your grandma would be impressed with your versatile cleaning skills. It's quite lovely.

I don't think there is a better cleaner out there right now. I always recommended this cleaner to anyone looking for something simple and easy to use. It smells fresh, goes on thick, and washes off with ease. What more could you ask for? Oh, I know! Another bottle, or two.

It's a great toy cleaner with a semi-functional container. Well worth it for the smell, consistency, and fun bursting beads.

So far, this is my favorite toy cleaner. I really enjoy the smell, the way it cleans my toys and the overall look of the bottle. The bottle is rather discreet, since it looks like a bottle of hair gel. Overall, I wouldn't change anything about this product and I am very happy I own a bottle.

Climax Bursts is a great antibacterial toy cleaner that smells wonderful, cleans great, and leaves your toy smelling fresh without leaving behind any residue. I cannot recommend this toy cleaner enough!

This gets 5 stars in my book! It does the job it's supposed to and it does it well! A must-have for anyone, from the most basic toy user to the most advanced!

I highly recommend this product because, after your toy takes care of you, shouldn't you return the favor? Who doesn't like to climax?! Seriously though, if you're looking for a toy cleaner that will get the job done for minimal amounts of money, this is the one for you. When I run out, I will be back to purchase more.

This cleaner is great for treating your toy to a burst of clean and conditioning. Well? Doesn't that toy that just brought you a great orgasm deserve a climax of its own?

Attractive packaging and excellent performance mean this product is likely to be not just my first but my only toy cleaner.

Good, especially if you need to really scrub your toys, this is a toy cleaner that every sex toy user should have in their arsenal!

If you're tired of watery sprays trying to clean your toys, then check out this awesome gel cleaner by Climax. It stays where you put it, smells good, leaves your toys squeaky clean, and the burst are fun to watch.

While hand soap and bleach are going to be a better choice for most toy cleanings, Climax comes in very handy for cleaning delicate toys.

Wonderful toy cleaner with a great fresh citrus scent. Great way to keep your toys safe and in tip top shape.

I really can't recommend this product enough. As long as I'm able to get my hands on this excellent and fantastic smelling cleaner, I'll continue to clean my toys with it.

If you're used to plain old soap and water, this works better and faster. It got toys that had driven me crazy squeaky clean in no time. It is definitely worth it. If it wasn't for the slippery cap, I'd give it a perfect score.

Climax Bursts Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is a thick, gel-like, soap that smells clean and fresh. It leaves toys residue and streak free, and lathers easily with water. It’s very convenient with its pop-top, as well as economical, since you need very little to fully clean a toy; a four ounce bottle should last a good, long time.

This gel cleanser is a great choice for the toy lover who wants to preserve their toys while cleaning them at the same time. Good for sensitive skin and far superior to plain dish or hand soap. A great investment to protect your investments.

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