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Squeaky Clean

If you're used to plain old soap and water, this works better and faster. It got toys that had driven me crazy squeaky clean in no time. It is definitely worth it. If it wasn't for the slippery cap, I'd give it a perfect score.
Gets toys very clean, pleasant smell, not irritating, requires small amount to clean.
Annoying cap, smell may be a bit much for some, requires rinsing.
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Climax Bursts Toy Cleaner comes in a four ounce bottle, with a round cap and green design similar to the lubes by the same company. The cleaner has tiny green and yellow beads with vitamin E in them to protect toys and your skin. The cleaner has a fresh clean smell to it which I quite like. It is a fairly neutral smell, not flowery or musky. If you're not a fan of scented cleaners, you might not like it; as it isn't exactly mild.

I found the cap fairly annoying to open and close, especially if my hands were slippery. The round shape made it difficult to pull, and the smooth texture became very slick when wet. I even yanked the outer round part completely off trying to open it. Fortunately it went back on easily. The cap would also shut itself if I lessened my pressure on the bottle while trying to dispense the cleaner. In short the cap just bugs me.

For those concerned about keeping this cleaner by the sink, around roommates / children / parents or others it isn't the most subtle packaging in the world. At a glance it can be mistaken for body wash or facial cleanser, but the name Climax Bursts is printed plainly down the side, and Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is in much smaller print.

If you are concerned about nosey housemates, it's probably best to keep it in a cabinet or somewhere else out of sight. And considering the active ingredient Triclosan is not meant to be ingested, or come into contact with eyes, it's probably just as well to keep it out of reach of children.

The cleaner itself on the other hand met, and exceeded my expectations. The directions instruct one to slather the toy in cleaner, wait 30 seconds, wipe, and then rinse. Because you do have to rinse it off, this cleaner is much the same process as using soap and water. In my opinion it's better than plain soap. I believe the reason that they instruct you to wipe before rinsing is simply that this stuff is crazy sudsy. When rinsing my hands off after using a large amount on a toy, almost half fills my sink with suds.

Climax bursts cleaner is water based and compatible with any toy material. A small amount of cleaner is enough to clean a whole toy. I have cleaned several toys, and my bottle is only slightly less than full. This toy cleaner gets my toys cleaner, faster than ordinary soap, doesn't leave any residue, and hasn't caused any irritation to my super sensitive skin. An all around winner in my book.
When I got this cleaner I quickly set about testing it on different materials, and under different conditions. It did wonderfully on smooth silicone, and only took a little longer to get the toy clean if it was allowed to sit overnight before cleaning. It cleaned textured jelly very nicely getting all of the bumps and cervices completely clean. It performed perfectly on hard plastic, again even when allowed to sit overnight before cleaning. The true crowning achievement for climax bursts cleaner, was how it did on my Taffy Tickler. Wow. If you have ever even touched a toy with the silicone dollops like this, you can probably imagine how hard it is to clean.

Before this cleaner I was considering designating a cleaning toothbrush just for this toy, because it took so long to get even mostly clean with plain soap and hot water. I was afraid I would end up destroying it from scrubbing so hard every time I cleaned it. The task of cleaning it was enough to repel me from playing with the taffy tickler. Using the climax bursts cleaner on it, got it cleaner than soap had managed in significantly less time. That won me over, I'm never cleaning my toys with soap again.
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  • Mamastoys
    too bad it didn't have a flip type lid..thanks for the review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Usually I just look past cleaners that need to be rinsed because I figured they weren't any better than soap but your experience with this sounds great
  • Sexalicious K
    I am nearly out of my "Doc Johnson" toy cleaner. Good review! I will order now.
  • Lynx Lady
    Thanks for the comments! I was really quite pleased with this cleaner, I'll probably try to find a lid that fits the bottle or something it help with the cap issue. Hope it does as well for everyone else as it did for me!
  • ViVix
    Great review, but if it needs to be rinsed, it's still a hassle with non waterproof toys!
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