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This gel cleanser is a great choice for the toy lover who wants to preserve their toys while cleaning them at the same time. Good for sensitive skin and far superior to plain dish or hand soap. A great investment to protect your investments.
Very thick gel, Vitamin E to preserve toys, no smell.
"bursts" can be tough to clean off, non-discreet packaging, looks like other Climax Burst products.
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I am ashamed to say that although I am a frequent toy user, I am a reluctant toy cleaner. Of course, if you enjoy your toys and care about them enough, its important to keep them clean and cared for - especially those more expensive pieces that you want to keep in the best shape. Often, antibacterial cleansers can either be way too scented (no one wants to put overwhelming smells on their "special place", especially if one has sensitive skin) or way too harsh on delicate toy makeups like silicone or porous materials (Dial soap dries out my skin, let alone my toys). Another challenge I always face is that non-waterproof toys are very difficult to control when wet, and I've ruined quite a few motors due to careless cleaning. Climax Bursts is definitely a solution to all these problems, and more.

Unlike regular soap, this cleanser has a thick, gel like consistency. This not only makes it so that a very small amount can handle a huge toy (think, The Hard Rammer ), but makes it especially easy to control where the cleaner goes (meaning no soapy blobs hanging out on your counter top!). The "bursts" part of Climax Bursts is tiny orbs of Vitamin E. These pop as you clean your toy, and keep the toy moisturized so it doesn't dry out. While I don't really see the purpose of these (why not just include the Vitamin E in the gel itself?), it does ensure a thorough job of the cleaning process, since you have to work a bit to get all the pieces of the orbs off. Because of the thick consistency, it makes cleaning non-waterproof toys a more exact art, although it does take a good deal more rinsing to get all the residue off as opposed to using simple cleaner.

This antibacterial cleanser also has little to no smell. When you pop the top of the interestingly designed dispenser and take a whiff, there is a faint tinge of alcohol, but no added fragrance. This is nice because I personally prefer my favorite toys to smell like nothing except my toy drawer, and often times fragrances can also leave a strange taste after cleaning that can linger on until the next use. However, Climax Bursts leaves a clean smell that isn't really a fragrance so much as the toy simply being clean. Also, the aforementioned Vitamin E properties leave a noticeable difference in my toys that aren't just hard plastic.

There are a few downsides to this product, however. While it is generally discreet, you definitely can't leave a product that says CLIMAX BURSTS in large letters on it. I understand that it is an adult toy cleaner, and that Climax Bursts is the brand name, but I just think it'd be really nice to have a toy cleaner that I could leave on the counter. Also, going along with the brand name, the Climax Bursts name logo, as well as the bottle shape and size (including the pop top) all match other Climax Bursts products to a tee, the only difference being the color of the product. Since you can't leave it on the counter, I can foresee a problem if you own more than one Climax Bursts products and have them in the same drawer. I plan on trying out some of their lubricants now because I'm so happy with my cleaner, but if kept right next to the lubes there could an issue (don't want to put cleanser where you meant to put lube).

Other than those small little issues, I really think Climax Bursts is a very very great product for toy cleaning and preservation. Even though it is not as convenient as wipes, and is a little more expensive than basic hand soap, it is an important addition to any toy collector who wishes to be able to use their toys over and over again.
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  • Victoria
    I think the orbs definitely help in making sure you've adequately rinsed - it's a kindof indicator that all residue is gone. Good review!
  • DrNike69
    The orbs make me think of that mouthwash for kids that turns your plaque colors so you make sure to brush it all off lol Big smile Thanks!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    "The orbs make me think of that mouthwash for kids that turns your plaque colors so you make sure to brush it all off lol Big smile Thanks! " OMG ME TOO! lol
  • 0
    Thanks for your review!
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
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