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Silky sheets reviews

46 reviews
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46 reviews

This pheromone mist is well worth the price. It is a very refreshing pick me up for your mood. I would highly encourage people interested in this product to not hesitate at all. It's very good product and I'm happy I bought it.

Even though the product has some hang-ups with the nozzle, it's still amazing. I am not sure everyone could make use of it, but for those who could, they are definitely getting a good product. It is a little pricey for what it is, but for the uses I have for it, I don't mind dishing out the extra cash. It makes a great gift as well, as it's not a blatantly sexual item. I've given these out before with great feedback! Even with the few negative points, I still give this product five stars!!!

I think next time, I'd skip this. It's just not what I expected. Maybe if I tried a different scent, but I'm not sure I could get past the horrible texture it left on my sheets.

I am in love with this sheet mist. I will be buying more as soon as I get close to running out. It does exactly what I had hoped, it dries the wet spot(s) and sweat on my bedding. Plus it's great to use any time you just want your bed to smell a bit fresher.

This helps add more fun to the bedroom and the smell is just right but not overpowering. I love it. It's a must have for all.

I love this the feeling, love the light scent, even love the placebo effect of the pheromones. However, this also makes me sneeze like crazy if I get it near my face. This is probably part of why the can says to not spray on your pillow. Silky Sheets sheet mist might be just what you need to spice things up or at least to freshen things up for that surprise visitor!

I don't think I would recommend this to anyone. Silky Sheets Ooh La La Vanilla makes me feel like I'm about to choke and bothers my eyes.

This product delivers 100% on its promise to make your sheets feel silky and amazing! It also smells fantastic, though it might be a bit strong for some. I have also found that this spray makes a great deodorant and anti-chaffing spray when applied to the body. For the price, and with the many scents, Silky Sheets is a winner!

I was very disappointed when it came to intended use, if you can find other ways to use Silky Sheets then this could be for you. The Pheromones in the spray didn't do much for me either, basically just a powdery air freshener for me.

This spray is definitely worth it. It is a nice addition to a bedroom for a sexy night, or to cover up the sex smell.

I would suggest buying this product because it makes a woman feel more at home and comfortable in her surroundings. Let's face it, not all men have the most comfortable sheets, but this product can make even some of the most still sheets softer and silky smooth. It can turn any room into a more romantic setting because of the smell and cuts out the cliche candles!

If you're like me, and you don't do your sheets on a weekly basis, you may be interested in a product that helps keep them smelling fresh and feeling pleasant. If you are, this could be the product for you. That is, as long as you don't have sensitive skin, or mind the smell being somewhat on the overpowering side, initially.

This is one of the products I will always keep stocked at my house. If I ever open a store front, it will be one of the things I keep in every scent. I like it that much. I just really wish the matching "Passion Pillows" product was available.

Silky Sheets is one of those simple bedroom accessories, that can be easy to overlook. However, once you slide into a freshly misted bed that is silky smooth with a nice aroma, you'll get hooked on it and want to use it all the time. Some aromas may be a little strong, so start small.

If you want your room, bed, car or anywhere you can think of to smell great - buy Silky Sheets! Plenty of great scents to choose from and many ways to use it! Comes in an easy to use spray can and leaves your sheets feeling better than when you last left them!

Overall, I would have to say that it's a good product for other uses. I wouldn't purchase it for the "silky sheet" or pheromone aspect. When used for general purposes, it's a good product. I love the scent!

Silky Sheets spray is a super strong smelling, long lasting powder mist. It sprays in a light, wide mist, and covers a large area, without wasting or u=overusing product. The smell is invigorating, and can really fill a room! While it does all this, the spray does not however make sheets silky feeling. At all. Does make an amazing fabric or room spray though!

Need a quick shot of room freshener? Have a damp area that needs help? Want to freshen those shower curtains...Silky Sheets is a versatile and effective method of dealing with those pesky little issues. While it will not dry wet areas, it will minimize dampness while adding a nice fresh aroma.

Definitely regretting making this purchase. Don't recommend to anyone, but if you absolutely have to try it, try it in a bathroom or some room with floors that can be cleaned easily. It really penetrates a mattress and God forbid it gets on carpet!

Silky Sheets is excellent at basically one thing: making the sheets smell great. It fails at everything else it promises: softer sheets, sexual attractants, and fast drying of wet spots. The vanilla fields scent is amazing and does make me want to smell the other ones.

I honestly expected more for the price! I could live with the fact that it doesn't dry up wet spots at all. But if I'm purchasing a spray that is scented I WANT it to have an aroma that lasts a decent length of time with no nasty after odor. This was rather disappointing!

Silky sheets spray freshens up not-so-fresh sheets with a light fragrance and soft feel. Take it with you on vacation to make a hotel bed more sensual for a romantic getaway. Easy to use, and lasts a long time, Silky Sheets is a great buy to spice things up between the sheets.

I like this product I think that it is costly but the sheets smell great. I like that it is an alternative to febreeze to refresh fabrics and it does last longer.

This is great for anyone looking to jazz up their sheets or enjoy really soft ones with out paying so much.

No more spraying my sheets with a fabric refresher, waiting for it to dry then dusting with powder. This does it all at one time with a nice, fresh, airy scent.

This product is totally worth it based on the scent: the silky luxurious feeling it gives the sheets, and the powder that dries up dampness. However, I wouldn't buy it if you're looking for a turn-on. The pheromones are most likely a load of bull. Don't let that stop you though.

Silky Sheets is what Twitter would call The Fail Whale. Every little thing that I had hoped that it would do it didn't come through on. If anything, Silky Sheets was more of a turn-off than a turn-on. The can ended up in my husband's and my File 13 very fast.

So as I was reading this ingredients list I was wondering why in the hell Butane, Isobutane, and Propane are needed in a talc spray for your sheets?! Add the fact that mine won't stop seeping out of the nozzle and you have a very nervous momma. This is going up in the closet with the other chemicals. I don't feel like making my house explode just because I wanted to vacuum.

I really do like this stuff. It smells great. It's totally worth the money and something I use regularly and will buy again.

This product makes several claims as to it's performance. Some, such as drying up Wet Spots, did not seem to work, others such as having "Pheromone" activity were not able to be proven or disproven in our tests. However, this product does work well to freshen, deodorize and soften sheets, and set a nice mood in the bedroom before or after making love. It is a pleasant to use product, we will continue to use it, despite not all it's claims being useful to us.

This product is great for those who cannot afford a product like the Liberator Throe, but need to clean up those wet spots. I would not recommend it to those who are highly sensitive to smell, or suffer from scent related migraines.

This is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone and everyone. The scent combined with the silky soft feeling of your sheets after spraying is absolute bliss!

Silky Sheets, while it wasn't all it claims to be, was still an excellent purchase for me and I'd absolutely buy again. It truly makes the sheets smooth and fresh, a pleasure to climb between and freshens them very well after sex or a hot summer night.

Absolutely wonderful. Every time I smell this it gets me in the mood and gets my mind to racing. Great to help you relax and get busy or just plain relax.

Every person should have a bottle on the side of their bed. You have so many fragrances to choose from, so you can pick one love. At first the smell is strong, but only for a few seconds.

Is for sure worth because of all the things it offers and can be used for. The scents the feeling of what it gets put on, and the different scents you can choose from.

This is a great product for freshening up just about any fabric around the house. Use it to make the bed silky before sex, make the bed feel slightly less "sexed up" after sex, or to make the wait until laundry day more bearable in the warmer months. Just be careful how much you spray on darker sheets as the powder will be more noticeable then.

The Plumeria Silky Sheets was a great way to set the mood in a simple easy way. Makes your sheets feel silky and room smell great too! It is 4 fl oz but I sprayed a lot on my bed so I had to get more again pretty soon!

Before sex: make your sheets feel silky smooth and arouse each other with the sweet smell from this fabric spray. After sex: use this to freshen up your bedding till you gain the energy to clean!

Silky Sheets is a talc spray with pheromones meant to dry up wet spots and leave sheets silky and fresh smelling. Unfortunately, the Spring Rain fragrance leaves something to be desired.

Silky Sheets is a fun way to jazz up your bed... or to put it back in order when you're done!

Very nice product. I'm definitely planning on getting my hands on a couple of the other scents. Perfect for a girl who just can't keep her man's mess in her. I can't help it. When he pulls out, I drip a little. And then the teasing..."Woman! You made a mess again? Geez." He thinks that when his mess is in me, it's no longer his. It is too!

We have been using this sheet spray for a long time. It is a good product that I like, and even feel like I need. The price is good, how it works is too.

Silky Sheets is worth the money! It is great for removing wet spots till morning, and can also be used all around the house. The scents are long lasting and seem to eliminate other odors around the house and those related to sex. This is a must have item, and one that will not just sit unused.

I love this product and will continue to purchase. You can use it in other parts of the house just to keep things like linens smelling fresh. It makes any sheet feel like silk!

Silky Sheets is perfect for right after love making, when there might be a few wet spots here and there on your sheets. The scent is great, and it contains pheromones, which is a definite plus.

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