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Silky Sheets? More Like Powdery Disaster!

I was very disappointed when it came to intended use, if you can find other ways to use Silky Sheets then this could be for you. The Pheromones in the spray didn't do much for me either, basically just a powdery air freshener for me.
Smells Good
Decent Price
Leaves Behind Residue
Didn't Work For Intended Use For Me
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The concept of Silky Sheets is to dry up that wet spot that you tend to get from love making or wild sex sessions.

Intended Use:
The intended use of Silky Sheets is to lightly spray over your wet spots for sex to help dry them up and leave your bed with a silky feeling. Set the mood with this wonderful product since it contains Pheromones.

Other Uses
Air Freshener
Shoe Freshener
Diaper Pail Freshener
Linen Freshener
You can use Silky Sheets in so many ways other then its intended use. Anyone can use Silky Sheets but be aware that the scents I have tried Pear Blossom & Plumeria have been pretty strong scents.

When to Use?
I think I pretty much covered this in the ways to use it, pretty much any wet spot you want dried up or a scent covered grab your Silky Sheets. Make sure just as with most sprays that you are holding the can 12-18inches from the surface you are spraying.
    • Bridal gift
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

For me I learned the not so wonderful texture of Silky Sheets as you noticed I mentioned in my opening statements that you are suppose to be able to spray this on your sheets an leave them with a silky feel to them, WRONG answer on that one. When I used my Silky Sheets for its intended purpose it turned into clumpy yuckyness to say the least. It is easy to dispense since it comes in a spray can with an easy push button sprayer. If you have dark colored sheets I would recommend spot testing so you aren't left with a white film or white spots on your bed. I had dark pink sheets that ended up with white spots on them from the powder residue from the talc in the product. While the product appears to come out of the can clear it doesn't I have noticed on my can that there is white residue left after spraying it, if the wind catches it there is a string of white dried up powder.

This product does contain mineral oil so spot testing would be recommended for this as well, I personally haven't had any issues thus far while using this product.

When I have cleaned off the spray nozzle I have noticed that the powdery substance does have a smooth silky feeling to it on the skin but not when it comes to spraying surfaces.
    • Silky
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

I love the smell of Silky Sheets the scent usually lingers around for about 30 minutes or so if you use it as an air freshener. The aroma can be relaxing depending on the scent you choose, I have used the Plumeria and Pear Blossom my fave out of those two would be Plumeria. The Plumeria reminds me of some of the lotions that have Plumeria in them.

Taste-This is NOT intended to be ingested so I wouldn't recommend tasting it!!! If you happen to get it on your hands and put your hands in or near your mouth you will get a not so good taste of a powdery scent.
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


I have had my can of Silky Sheets for about 6 months an I used it a few times a month. I still have almost a full can of it, so this should tell you that a little really does go a long way. To remove the product from your sheets,linens or other surfaces either wipe down or toss in the washing machine. For items such as beds and carpets that can't be put in the washer you can simply vacuum those surfaces thoroughly to remove the talc powder left behind. The best part of the product for me was the fragrance that lasted a good amount of time when used as an air freshener.
    • Allergy concerns
    • Long lasting
    • Not compatible with all materials


Packing is simple, Silk Sheets comes in a white aluminum 4oz can with a simple label on the front disclosing that it is a Pheromone Sheet Spray. The can is white with the label attached, labels come in different colors depending on the scent. Instructions can be found on the back of the label as with almost all liquid products if you follow the directions properly you shouldn't have any issues. The dispensing of this product is done with a push down nozzle where the product sprays out.

Ingredients:Alcohol denat., talc, propane, isobutane , butane, fragrance (parfum), mineral oil (huile minerale), copulandrone (parfum), copulandrone alike, (parfum) reconstituted andronone (parfum)
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Recyclable

Special Features

Contains Pheromones


My experience with Silky Sheets has been an okay experience, I don't have anything over the top to say or really anything all that negative about it. One main thing I did NOT like was that it was sprayed on the bed just as directed but I was left with thick,clumpy,nasty mess on my bed from trying to use this to dry up the bed. In the end towels were needed to clean up the powder mess and to cover the wet spot.
Follow-up commentary
This has since made its way to the trash about a week ago. I was trying to use it for an air freshener as it smelt good. I had boxes sitting in my living room while I was redoing my room and I kept getting a whiff of Plumeria an couldn't figure out why! I started moving boxes back into my room and discovered the can was leaking. I didn't investigate how or why but it was around the top part (not the spray nozzle), I pulled it out of the box that it was standing straight up with nothing on top of it and it was all over my hands. It has been picked up by the garbage men and is probably laying in the dump. I have no desire to purchase this product ever again.
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