Silky sheets - spray by Classic Erotica - review by Peggi

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A breath of fresh (scented) air!

If you want your room, bed, car or anywhere you can think of to smell great - buy Silky Sheets! Plenty of great scents to choose from and many ways to use it! Comes in an easy to use spray can and leaves your sheets feeling better than when you last left them!
~Fantastic smell
~Easy to use
~Variety of scents
~Eliminates many odors
~Can leave residue on surfaces
~May be too strong a smell for some
~Does not absorb stains
Rating by reviewer:
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Silky Sheeets spray is a scented pheromone spray, meant to be sprayed on sheets if they've become wet during/after sexual intercourse. Made by Classic Erotica and with 8 great scents, there is a little bit of something for everyone!

Silky Sheets may be used as an air freshener as well as to remove sex stains from sheets, and in fact may work better for this use!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Silky Sheets' texture is a bit more complex than one might realize. It is an aerosol type product that you are meant to spray, but it forms a powder (and contains talc) once it lands. If any of it sticks to the cap you will also notice that it looks thick and chunky, and you have to clean the nozzle so that it doesn't make a mess.

With a light spraying, you should not notice a layer of film, powder, residue or liquid at all. If you've sprayed too much, you will have a white, powdery coating over the item in question. On the skin, should it wind up there, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and powdery, but this product is not meant to be worn.

Taste / Aroma

Silky Sheets comes in a variety of wonderful scents. To date, Eden carries pomegranate, citrus, make me blush, plumeria, pear blossom, vanilla fields, spring rain and mystical musk. Previously, I've used pomegranate, but also now own plumeria and citrus. The citrus scent is actually orange mango and smells more of mango than anything else. The plumeria smells just like a plumeria scented perfume! Both scents are fantastic, as was the pomegranate.

This product is not meant to be ingested and should you accidentally consume this product, you should call your poison control center. I am sure that if you were to taste it, it would not taste very good!

The scent of the product is pretty strong. It only takes a small amount to really make a big impact! This product works very well as an air freshener because it eats bad smells right up! It also leaves a scent in the air for a good half hour after use, if you are in an open space, sometimes much longer in enclosed areas!
    • Smells good
    • Strong smell


Performance is why I gave Silky Sheets 4 out of 5 stars, rather than the 5 out of 5 I would've loved to rate it. There are so many positives to Silky Sheets, yet there are some negatives that just bring the rating right down! Some of the pros and cons are:

Amazing (though very strong) smell
Scents accurate to their name
Scent lasts a long time
Leaves sheets feeling, well, silky!

No evidence of pheromones working
Does not absorb stains, which was the purpose of the product
Build-up can form on nozzle, which can spray off when being used
Sometimes leaves a film of powder on materials

As mentioned, there are multiple uses for Silky Sheets. We keep more than one can at a time, because we use it so often for so many different things! Some of the things you can use it for are:

-Spraying on the bed if you don't have time to wash your sheets and want one more use out of them. It leaves them feeling nice and smelling great!

-Air freshener. This works better than a lot of other aerosol sprays that you can find at the store, because it lasts longer and while it is strong, it is not overwhelming.

-Pet odor remover. If you have pets like we do, this can be great to keep the bad smells at bay. We use this when our cats use their box, because sometimes it can be a bit smelly! This is great for hiding those odors you just don't want to smell!

-Removing smell from smoke. If you are a smoker, this can be a great way to eliminate the smell. We once sprayed this in our car after it had been smoked in, and because it is such a small and enclosed area, 3 days later it was finally fading! You certainly couldn't smell the smoke at all!
    • Long lasting


Silky Sheets comes in a spray can, much like most other aerosol air fresheners would come in. The can is white, information about the product listed on both the front and back. The white portion of the can has a shimmer to it, almost like a pearl look and the can is very simple yet inviting with its description and layout. The can holds 4 oz. of the spray. The cap is clear and easy to pop off with one hand, the nozzle white and easy to spray while holding the can, all in one hand.

The can is unfortunately not as discreet as it could be. The front does list that the product has pheromones, and the back goes on to mention that it is a "sexual attractant". Aside from that, however, there is nothing leading about the can.

    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense

Special Features

This product is supposed to contain pheromones. Whether they work or not is another story. Unfortunately, the pheromones in this product are so unnoticeable that if it did not state it right on the can, I'd never have known that it was supposed to contain pheromones.


Personal comments

I appreciate the fact that this product was not tested on animals. I always have an attraction to products that were not tested on animals! Though I am not a stickler for only buying products made in the USA, I will also note that yes, this spray was made in the USA.


We enjoy Silky Sheets quite a bit in our household. I had always been curious but had never had an opportunity to try it out until a friend of mine bought some. I was a bit unsure, but after she used it as an air freshener, I knew I needed to get some! We keep several cans on hand, for different uses or to have more than one scent to choose from. We do plan to try the other scents out as well! I would've loved to rate this 5 stars, but it is supposed to eliminate or at least do something to stains which it does not.
Follow-up commentary
To date I have tried every scent of Silky Sheets and must admit that my initial purchase is still my favorite scent. Pomegranate is my second favorite scent, but plumeria wins my over every time. I've purchased several cans in that scent, and my mother ended up wanting to steal my pomegranate scented can!

We still use this mainly as an air freshener, though on occasion I will spray our sheets to get an extra day or so out of them between washing!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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